Special Column: Still Time to Stand Up for Doreen Hendrickson

… and truth, liberty, and justice

IMG_20140721_090844Really, people, the issue in this case goes far beyond the suppression of liberating knowledge of the tax law. We have a bizarre case before a (second) jury where Doreen stands accused of criminal contempt of court for refusing to follow specific instructions from a federal judge to knowingly and intentionally falsify a tax form (which is an affidavit asserting what one believes to be true under penalty of perjury).

Yes, right here in River City. If Doreen is convicted, then by the precedent of the Motor City Witchcraft Trials, you or I or anyone can be forced to state, say, “I am a terrorist,” on pain of incarceration… with torture in the offing. And just like admitting one is a witch, you may receive a lesser penalty: e.g. hanging rather than being stoned to death. Seriously, if Doreen is not acquitted anyone will have to obey any raving fiat of a federal judge or face indefinite detention and undefined arbitrary punishment. That means US, knuckleheads.

The Real Problem…

… is only a handful of persons of liberty stand in Doreen’s corner. I’ve been down at the federal district court for two days now, initially as an observer and supporter, and now as a potential witness. As I tried to rally the troops to the cause in my column last week: “Make our presence the social event of the season! Free the Hendricksons (everywhere)… from pure statist misconduct and harassment! For Doreen, let’s create a flash mob with standing room only and fire marshals blocking the doors. One for the books. The Motor City Justice Crusaders.”

Sadly, those who have so far supported Doreen in her dire hour of need—I kid you not, this is a Kangaroo court with a capital K, before a control-freak judge and prosecution with the moral conscience of the Israeli Army at a Gaza day-care center—number approximately one set of fingers and one set of toes. That’s right. Do the math. Most of these individuals are from the ranks of Pete Hendrickson’s Cracking the Code network, and only one or two of them actually live in Michigan! The few stalwarts come from as far away as Kentucky:

  1. because Doreen and Pete are their friends
  2. because Pete as the David rising up effectively against the Behemoth inspires them
  3. because they take pride in doing their civic duty to protect a wonderful human being
  4. because they know if we don’t hang together we’ll all hang separately

Please, please, please: Take a minute of your day tomorrow and come down to the Theodore Levin Federal Courthouse, 231 West Lafayette Blvd., whose directions are below. The jury has been selected, the prosecution team has fielded two witnesses, with one to go. Tomorrow is the day when Doreen makes her case by questioning the main prosecution witness and producing her own—Doreen’s witnesses will mainly be corroborating that Doreen truly believes what she believes, thus will not lie under oath. And confirm some factual matters on the tax issue.

Of course, full acquittal should be a slam dunk… in a rational world. But we’re in Legal Lala Land, and those who master soap-opera/consensus will be in the driver’s seat. Doreen cannot afford a Gerry Spence, who would make mincemeat and a laughing stock out of the Justice Department/Court in the eyes of the jury. So we need to appeal to the jury with numbers of supporters, so they can see that the real world consists of millions of persons just like Doreen… and not a handful of pathetic, bulbous bureaucrats who as children sought social status by torturing puppies and kittens.


… however briefly. Just come for 15 minutes. Someone said the world belongs to those who show up. Well, the world of liberty sure does. Please, Michiganians in particular: Show up! Show up! Show up! Tomorrow should be the end of it. The jury needs to see you and know that hundreds and thousands of good people will not be chained by ignorance and lies. It will only take a few hours of your time. We must do everything we can to prevent this travesty of justice. (With just a little more support, we can easily have two to three jurors vote to acquit. Enough that the DOJ and the court will not come back again with unending prosecution attempts.) Or guess who’s next? It’s very easy to get to the courthouse, and parking is right across the street. Details below:

The judge this time is Victoria Roberts and her courtroom is Room 226.  The parking lot directly across from the building is the most expensive; last year it was $10/day.  There were a few lots a block or two away in the $7/day range.  Only attorneys are allowed cell phones; even Doreen cannot take hers in, though she’s their equal in this case. [Another case of gross official misconduct for the grand jury?!] No firearms or weapons of any kind; Doreen had to return her 1-inch blade multipurpose tool to my car once.  For bus routes, perhaps SmartBus and DDoT.

Schedule for Wednesday, July 23, is 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. This is when to show up.

The courthouse:


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1 thought on “Special Column: Still Time to Stand Up for Doreen Hendrickson

  1. This entire debacle called the income tax battle is beyond logic and reason. All that a discerning Sovereign American has to do is read the Constitution to realize that the federal/national (public servant) government – we the people are the government – does not have one (1) iota of Jurisdiction over that Sovereign American.
    In 1980, when I became aware that I was a Sovereign American, I began to do both intensive and extensive research. I met many of the alleged patriots and I also met Hendrickson family. As my research began to enlighten me I realized that I was NOT “one required” and quit submitting any and all forms that might/could/would/or did imply or infer that I WAS “one required”.
    There were a few confrontations but eventually I was left alone.
    The (Michigan) state returned all monies withheld from the time that I quit filing forms and also included interest for, as they stated, “they over withheld”.
    It is imperative that all Sovereign Americans, that do not desire, either willingly or unwillingly, to participate in the mendacious fraud that OUR government employees have perpetrated, prepare and file an affidavit that clearly states that they never willingly, knowingly or intentionally entered into any form of contract, adhesion or otherwise, with the federal/national government, therefore ‘it stands to reason’ no jurisdiction has been granted. It also must state the the undersigned, or whatever, had never knowingly, willingly or intentionally waived or acquiesced any of his/her unalienable Rights, therefore, again, “it stands to reason” that no jurisdiction has been granted and that the federal/national government has no jurisdiction.
    The affidavit MUST clearly state what his/her position on this earth is and be prepared to clearly present that position: I did and I am left alone!!!!!!
    The unfortunate fact that MOST so-called Americans are followers and that is why the powers-that-are have been in control ever since the Founding Fathers provided us with OUR government – The Tenth Amendment!!!!

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