Book Review: The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) (2014)

by Brian Wright
Book on kangaroo trial of Doreen Hendrickson sheds light on our truth…

Witchcraft… and liberation. [Reviewed by the author.]

Reposting from original date. For an update on Doreen with links to all the important sites and pages to help, please visit this page. — Proprietor

Since 2007, when I read Pete Hendrickson’s Cracking the Code, I, Brian Wright, have acknowledged and asserted my non-federally privileged status with respect to the federal ‘income’ tax. And believe all Americans to whom the ‘national excise tax’ does not apply should stop paying it (as a patriotic duty)… libertarians especially! Further, libertarians must learn and spread the immediately liberating and healing truths that Pete Hendrickson has unearthed… to hardstop the DC gangster state NOW.

As a personal friend of the Hendrickson family, I was caught up in the struggle to help Pete’s wife Doreen resist the vicious, arbitrary aggression by the court upon her for refusing a federal judge’s order to commit the felony crime of perjury. I attended her sham contempt trial in Detroit, for five days at the end of July 2014, and was moved to write this book—a journal of her ordeal and primer of the ideas for which she was persecuted—for her liberty… and ours.

[Rather than an evaluation per se—which would of course tend to be subjective—I’m going to simply post the foreword (to give the reader an idea of the content) then provide a paragraph or two of assessment of whether I can honestly state I met the goals I had set in the writing.]


The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) is a diary of the so-called trial of Doreen Hendrickson in federal court for criminal contempt for ‘refusing to obey a lawful order of a judge.’ [The judge commanded Doreen to perjure herself on a tax form by entering a specific value in a specific line of a specific government form… which, of course, Doreen, being an honest, brave woman, refused to do.]

Doreen is the wife of Peter Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code (CtC): The fascinating truth about taxation in America (2003). This book has gained quite a following across the country for fluently yet painstakingly demonstrating that the federal so-called income tax, while constitutional, simply and solely applies to Americans whose earnings are due to exercise of federal privilege—via fed employment, officeholding, and the like.

If your earnings are not federally privileged, you are by law a nontaxpayer, entitled to full refund of payments made in error or in ignorance of the statutes/code. Naturally, full awareness of tax truth by Americans—and, more important, assertion of that truth en masse—will put some serious crimps in the champagne and hors d’oeuvres budget of the Washington partygoer class. Thus, the royal-robed judiciary, as well as the odioous bosses of the prosecutor automatons at Treasury, are excreting 20-inch Frisbees at such a prospect.

The federal mafia has been conducting hits as best they can on Mr. Pete for a decade; they’d certainly kill him if they thought the people would not notice. Too late. He’s as strong and feisty as ever. So unlike any ‘honorable’ mob, the federales strike like cowards against his family, his wife. Their case is devoid of legal or Constitutional principle; it’s mob rule pure and simple, foisted on us for show via a tampered drone jury.

This is a small book: 1) some background of CtC, 2) my diary of the witchcraft ordeal itself, 3) some followon nuts and bolts, ending with a call to legs… to stand for Doreen… and CtC liberty.

Brian Wright
Novi, Michigan, USA, October 6, 2014

Intent of the Book

… and whether I hit the target I was aiming at. Well, that remains to be seen, certainly, whether the goal is fulfilled in reality—a good part of which is to spread the good word and make a few ducats (half of which go to Doreen’s liberation and support fund, and to the general effort of the educated tax community to share their liberating discoveries with all Americans). But the goal of the book before the successful spread of the knowledge is simply to bear testimony to a) the truth of what Doreen was persecuted for and b) to Doreen herself, and her needs as she struggles under the burden of a complete travesty of the American justice system.

Frankly, I believe The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) has delivered splendidly on both counts: To give the background and context of why Doreen was facing this ludicrous (and treasonous) contempt charge, I provide a primer in pamphlet form of Pete Hendrickson’s liberating tax discoveries—mostly by applying content directly from Peter’s scrupulously researched and stellarly written articles on the federal ‘income’ tax that appear on his site, Then before moving to my diary of Doreen’s ordeal in July, I again condense from losthorizon documentation the sequence of federal harassment/ suppression that Pete and his dear, valiant wife have had to deal with for 11 going on 12 years.

Jabba[From the daily journal of the trial, in part 2, you will then get a feeling of being in the courtroom. The closest analog I can come up with to that experience is one of the opening scenes (I think) from Return of the Jedi (1983), episode VI of the Star Wars series where Jabba the Hutt has Princess Leia all tied up in that gold bikini (hubba hubba), and Luke Skywalker goes to rescue her, but gets caught and sentenced to immediate death by Jabba… so the scene I’m thinking of comes after the one on the right, which I’m showing anyway for, well, salacious reasons.:)

In the pertinent scene, Luke has to walk some kind of plank over this gaping hole in the earth, which is actually a some big worm that will eat him alive over a span of decades—something like that—then just as Luke, with bound hands, is being led to the gangplank, Luke tells Jabba that he, Luke, will spare Jabba’s life if Jabba will let him go now. Of course, Jabba chortles, then the Force comes into play, etc., etc. Long story. The Detroit federal court with Judge Victoria Roberts and the Munsters (US attorneys from the DoJ) are like this slovenly, vicious blob, Jabba. And they have no clue about how they and their ugly cruelty are on the threshold of evaporating in freedom’s imminent clean sweep.]

The final chapter is a combination of appeal to the freedom movement to support Doreen in her hour of need (particularly by attending her sentencing November 20, 2014), embrace Satyagraha (Gandhi’s global truth force) Liberty, consider Pete and Doreen Hendrickson’s rightful place in the truth movement, and to get off its collective butt to assert the clear message of Cracking the Code: that the ‘income’ tax does not apply to direct earnings. canstockphoto7415683[And unless we work for or enjoy property from the feds, our earnings are direct.] Shout it from the rooftops. Tell your friends in the UAW who still have jobs. Use the 1040 form as it was intended: to correct wrongfully withheld payments to the federal government for full refund.

Like Cracking the Code, Witchcraft Trial(s) shows how to break the chains that bind us. But each of us individually must support the strike. It only works if we all see it and say it. And do it. Now’s the time.

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