Book Review: The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) (2014)

by Brian Wright
Book on kangaroo trial of Doreen Hendrickson sheds light on our truth…

Witchcraft… and liberation. [Reviewed by the author.]

Reposting from original date. For an update on Doreen with links to all the important sites and pages to help, please visit this page. — Proprietor

Since 2007, when I read Pete Hendrickson’s Cracking the Code, I, Brian Wright, have acknowledged and asserted my non-federally privileged status with respect to the federal ‘income’ tax. And believe all Americans to whom the ‘national excise tax’ does not apply should stop paying it (as a patriotic duty)… libertarians especially! Further, libertarians must learn and spread the immediately liberating and healing truths that Pete Hendrickson has unearthed… to hardstop the DC gangster state NOW.

As a personal friend of the Hendrickson family, I was caught up in the struggle to help Pete’s wife Doreen resist the vicious, arbitrary aggression by the court upon her for refusing a federal judge’s order to commit the felony crime of perjury. I attended her sham contempt trial in Detroit, for five days at the end of July 2014, and was moved to write this book—a journal of her ordeal and primer of the ideas for which she was persecuted—for her liberty… and ours. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Grave Injustice to Doreen Hendrickson

Drawn from the Prophet’s comments in the The Truman Prophecy

WitchcraftInterlode: The Motor City Witchcraft Trial

Notes on trial to a World Net Daily reporter, by Hiram Chance.

The great libertarian scholar, Albert Jay Nock, wrote, “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” And that statement wholly represents my impression of the proceedings against Doreen… not to mention previous outrages of justice committed on her husband, Pete.

I knew from day 1—from the blatant, self-righteous hostility of the judge, from instructions to the jury, from the open collaboration of the judge with the prosecution, and, later, from obvious judicial tampering with the jury—that the fix was in. This was not a court of law, but a tribunal of Soviet-style justice: guilty regardless of anything. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Doreen Freedom Files

Ongoing efforts to free Doreen Hendrickson from the clutches of Leviathan

TaxToonToday I want lay out a set of documents and activities that Pete and many others in the educated tax and general liberty movements are putting together. We earnestly hope they do the job, that is lead to the exoneration and liberation of Doreen Hendrickson from the recent sentence of a malevolent prosecutocracy that is running amok nationwide. First the appeal is in progress. Second the attorney has sent a motion to the district court to modify Doreen’s sentencing on exclusively 5th Amendment grounds, which I’ve uploaded here. Third, led by Pete, we have been constructing a petition for submittal to high Michigan officials—chiefly the head law enforcement official in Michigan, Attorney General Bill Schuette; this will be accompanied by a background description, which Pete has composed and is uploaded here. And fourth, individuals are sending their own letters of appeal to Michigan officials to interpose on Constitutional grounds, such as the missive by former Troy mayor, Janice Daniels, which I’ve uploaded here. Continue reading

Guest Column: The Doreen Hendrickson Statement

… on the occasion of her sentencing (formally called an allocution)
Full statement on the site here

Editor’s note: I attended the sentencing hearing, and like the trial, it was one of the most outrageously contemptuous acts toward anything decent or human that I’ve seen any pack of public officials take part in. Nor have I led a particularly sheltered life. The fix was in, the federal mob bosses had handed down their orders to their nonentity enforcer-drones in justice and on the bench: “we’re going after women now, next month it will be children and invalids.” Doreen was in the crosshairs.

Well, we’ll see about that.

Hell’s a poppin’ out here in real people land: we have an appeal in progress, a major Pontiac Tribune video in the works, and are going to pressure Michigan public officials to do their jobs to interpose on behalf of protecting the Constitutional liberty of one Michigan’s premier leading ladies… and thus the rest of us who live in the Wolverine State. But tonight I simply want to present key excerpts from Doreen’s allocution; from her lips to God’s ears.

Stand up and cheer, then circulate EVERYWHERE. Go to the original page and respond to the call to action.— bw. Continue reading

A Convenient Truth: Cracking the Code

After the unconscionable attack on Doreen, now more than ever…

CtCJust as a preliminary announcement, the author of the liberating, watershed book—that removes forever the burden of federal ‘income’ taxes on all Americans’ direct earnings—has suffered one of the most horrific attacks by a pack of renegade, law-debasing hoodlums in the so-called federal justice system: they pounced upon his dear wife, Doreen, for refusing to commit perjury on federal judge Nancy Edmunds’ unlawful order. It took two sham trials (a hung jury in the first one) for judge Victoria Roberts and her DOJ prosecution tag-team to mis- instruct and browbeat a cowed jury into a wholly ambiguous conviction in August last year. Then on Thursday, April 9, this week, Roberts sentenced Doreen to 18 months in federal prison. Doreen has 60 days to self-surrender, but only 30 days in the event she continues to refuse the unlawful judicial order to falsify her sworn tax statements. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Let’s ‘Bring It’ to the Doreen Hearing, April 9

Pete Hendrickson’s wife facing sentencing following heresy conviction

screenprintNow is the time to step up en masse. I’ve already included as a guest column former Troy major, Janice Daniels, rallying of the forces of local-cum-national freedom. And in my book on the trial, The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s), I propose gathering at least a thousand individuals to flood the courtroom and the city of Detroit:

“Think of it a minute: tens of thousands of Americans have recovered tens of millions of dollars in hard-earned wealth thanks to Doreen’s husband’s discoveries. Discoveries on account of which the government is willing to horrifically attack Pete’s wife: to send a message to people like ourselves—to the tax-truth community at large. The feds want you to stand down.

“Instead, stand up!

“Wherever you live in the country, figure out a way to get to Detroit and the Levin Courthouse on April 09, 2015. It’s easy, parking across the street is $10 per day, that’s a couple of lattes. Get the latest information from What do you think will be the impact of having a thousand people queued up outside of the courtroom milling around in the hallways?!”

[Note: the sentencing hearing has been postponed for no reason, twice. So please keep checking at until the scheduled time.] Continue reading