Brian’s Column: The Threat Matrix

… and the Good Neighbor Libertarian Sunshine Action Table

SunshineWhat I want to discuss today are two related concepts:

The Threat Matrix—A discovery I developed in my book Leaving the Sandbox pertaining to how the Global Junta is now pressing a full spectrum of assaults on humanity that can be categorized and prioritized for purposes of removal… and the corresponding…

… Good Neighbor Libertarian (GNL) Sunshine Action Table—Conceived of as a multipronged ‘bucket brigade’ where ordinary citizens[1] and libertarian leaders cooperate to douse the flames (roll back the emergency threats)… each of us according to our own judgment of what most threatens us and our families.

I’ve come to believe that to defeat the coordinated assault of the Junta on the lives and liberties of the people, we who are most aware of the nature of those crimes must seize the moral high ground of Gandhi’s Satyagraha (global truth force) in a manner that is as ‘effortless’ as opening a door to let in the light. The sunlight image is perfect for the resistance, because what’s at root of the attack by the Men of the Power Sickness is the subterfuge and fog of mind control: symbolized by what I’ve called the Barrier Cloud.

BarrierThe Barrier Cloud is an obstacle of darkness. How does one penetrate darkness? By lighting a candle. Actually, in our time, lighting millions and millions of candles.  That’s exactly what ends the Threat Matrix.

By design, the GNL plan creates a billion points of light… each of us breaking free of the domination of the past with its blind obedience to authority. All we need to do is pull back the curtain of the Wizard of Oz. Just say NO! Also consistent with a very powerful planetary remediation movement called Thrive. Indeed, my recent work, extending thru November, is devoted to making the task as straightforward for the average fellow as a walk in the park… or striking a match. The graphic below expresses what’s coming.


The above summarizes the GNL movement, how it will meet and  efficiently, ‘effortlessly’ remove the many crimes of the Threat Matrix,[2] one good, caring citizen at a time.

GNLThe book, Good Neighbor Libertarian, will follow the presentation I’m developing—for funding and outlining purposes. GNL book will be a recruitment and training manual showing caring, nonpolitical citizens, as well as dedicated libertarians, how to quickly populate public official bodies—mainly city and township councils—with large numbers of warm bodies (NOWs) dedicated to removing emergency Threats… then becoming part of the community rebuilding effort. The GNL project will be implemented in two phases: the first will be in Michigan in intended collaboration with the LP of Michigan.

Stay tuned, and stay positive. What we are up against will not survive the light of day. And opening the door to our own awareness to let in the sunshine IS ALL WE HAVE TO DO! 🙂

[1] By citizen I mean the sovereign individual as residing in a particular government boundary.

Threat[2] The Threat Matrix is explained briefly in Leaving the Sandbox and will be more fully described in GNL book. I expect to see some refinement in the following listing (also called the Dirty Dozen), but the categories cover most of the real and pressing threats we now face as a species. Remember they all evaporate in the simple light of day as the people awake en masse. Note that each of the categories is thoroughly substantiated by—also warranting a major action center in the Thrive movement—references from the alternative media. The mainstream media is instrumental in creating these threats. Mainstream journalists have been bought off almost without exception.

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