Brian’s Column: The First Principles’ Grand Jury …

… and General Remediation Program for America of 2015

HIddenAs we come to the need to properly investigate and indict persons in the US establishment and its global gangster cohorts for the 9/11 high-crime in particular and for all the major high-crime assaults on our lives and liberties in general, we’d better get it right. Which means a proper grand jury of our peers with full authority over other officers of the court to help it do the job.

Note: The 2003 Cato Institute column, “A Grand Façade: How the Grand Jury Was Captured by Government,” paints a scary picture of how—contrary to being a force for freedom and means for mitigating bad government—the modern grand jury, with government prosecutors taking it over entirely, becomes a dangerous threat to liberty… because it is not subject to offering constitutional protections that apply to criminal defendants in petit jury trials. Thus the grand jury is being used as a sword against the people and a shield for the government. Exactly backasswards.

We have to turn the grand jury by taking it out of the hands of government prosecutors. This is interesting history here from Wiki:

In the early decades of the United States grand juries played a major role in public matters. During that period counties followed the traditional practice of requiring all decisions be made by at least twelve of the grand jurors, (e.g., for a twenty-three-person grand jury, twelve people would constitute a bare majority). Any citizen could bring a matter before a grand jury directly, from a public work that needed repair, to the delinquent conduct of a public official, to a complaint of a crime, and grand juries could conduct their own investigations.

In that era most criminal prosecutions were conducted by private parties, either a law enforcement officer, a lawyer hired by a crime victim or his family, or even by laymen. A layman could bring a bill of indictment to the grand jury; if the grand jury found there was sufficient evidence for a trial, that the act was a crime under law, and that the court had jurisdiction, it would return the indictment to the complainant. The grand jury would then appoint the complaining party to exercise the authority of an attorney general, that is, one having a general power of attorney to represent the state in the case.

The grand jury served to screen out incompetent or malicious prosecutions. The advent of official public prosecutors in the later decades of the 19th century largely displaced private prosecutions.

The way this sounds is the complainant in the early decades, or its representative, when successful, acted as the “general attorney” to conduct the prosecution at trial. Also that complainant was the principal actor before the grand jury viz. issuing the complaint and presenting the evidence, conducting the investigation under grand jury authority.

We jury power activists can work with this. What we have to do is selectively neuter and do away with public prosecutors. And elevate the knowledge of the average citizen, certainly a handful of them (or special group of citizen protector attorneys) who can learn to conduct investigations and trials/indictments. Ergo, my first cut:

First Principles’ Grand Jury and General Remediation System of 2015

That appears to be the biggest problem. Coinciding with the diminishment of public prosecutors (except for perhaps genuine crimes of one person against another), we also need to radically reduce the number of laws, especially federal laws and jurisdiction. My basic idea:

  • In complaints where the government is the complainant vs. a person–such as bringing indictments for real man on man crimes–all constitutional petit jury protections apply to the accused and he is afforded full defense of his choosing or by public defender.
  • In complaints where the citizen(s) are the complainant vs. the government, government officials do not enjoy petit jury constitutional protections and in fact government attorneys shall not be present to argue for officials before the grand jury; all officers of the sitting court jurisdiction shall be at the disposal of the grand jury.

Right now we have a workload issue, also an education issue. So many crimes that are not crimes and do not belong before a court of any kind. (Think the War on Drugs, the Federal Tax Industry, the Inquisitorial and concentration camp processes of the War on Terror.)  We also have a huge backlog of government corruption crimes.  Here’s what I propose:

  1. An immediate moratorium on all federal prosecutions (except for crimes for which federal jurisdiction has been specifically enumerated in the Constitution) and on all state prosecutions except for cases in which aggression (robbery, murder, rape, assault, theft) or fraud occurred by one person or group of persons upon another person or group of persons.
  2. Going along with 1), immediate rescindment of prosecution and expungement of persons’ records for all federal and state crimes in which aggression (robbery, murder, rape, assault, theft) or fraud did not occur by one person or group of persons upon another person or group of persons and release of said individuals from prison or probation, if they are under state supervision for such ‘crimes.’
  3. Initiate federal legislation for empaneling special grand juries to investigate and indict high-crime assaults by government and associates, wherein federal judges “shall issue,” i.e. shall empanel upon complaints from citizens–passing a citizen-based review panel or comparable body to eliminate frivolous complaints–and which grand jurors (chosen randomly among registered voters) and other parties necessitated by grand juries shall be compensated at an ‘adequate’ rate plus expenses for a period not to exceed 18 months. [Adequate rate: ~ $500K per year; this will encourage people to want to clean up government.]
  4. Ditto 3) for state legislation as a uniform model. Only for state cases have juror compensation rate to drop to ~$200K per year and period not to exceed 12 months.
  5. Abolition within six months of all national security organizations that violate the Constitution prima facie: DHS, TSA, CIA, NSA; also within six months removal of federal government monopoly money and credit institutions to enable transition to fully private, voluntary banking and cooperative (non-corporate-state-privileged) financial services institutions.
  6. Reduction within six months of US military expenditures to 50% of their present amount. [This will still leave the US with a warmaking establishment larger than the combined expenditures of all other countries on the planet… thus making future substantial reductions imperative.]
  7. Reduction within one year of US domestic expenditures to 50% of their present amount. Note: a large percentage of current expenditures on unconstitutional programs such as Obamacare will be immediate; other entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare, also unconstitutional but longstanding, will be more slowly transitioned to cooperative, non-state-privileged methods determined by free persons in concert.
  8. One of the special grand juries enfranchised by 3) shall be to investigate and indict personnel responsible for wealth transfer and extraction from the productive class of American citizens from the time of inception of the Federal Reserve System; these individuals and corporations have connections to the international banks who control the money and credit systems of the West and who have expropriated $trillions from productive citizens who are entitled to damages in the form of reparations (from the personnel owning these international banks) as a consequence of the wealth transfer and debauchery of the currency.
  9. Note I did not mention the federal ‘income’ tax in this listing as an item to be rid of, and there’s a very strong reason for that: Pete Hendrickson, in Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America, has shown beyond all reasonable doubt that the federal income tax is an excise tax inapplicable to those of us who do not enjoy federal privilege. Thus, government employees, government officials, employees and officers of government corporations, and so on, shall continue to be subject to the tax; everyone else is not subject to the tax and shall not be paying it… as tens of thousands are already not doing without any adverse effect.

So there we are. Basically the moratorium on prosecutions and the reparations and the budget reductions, etc., compensate a million-fold for the outlays to compensate jurors for their time off from earning a living. People will gladly stand in line to do their civic duty, and we shall clean up government in a New York Minute. 🙂

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