Brian’s Column: After 911 Truth, Chapter 7

The Share it Forward System

“The proper definition of a man is an animal that writes letters.”
― Lewis Carroll

What follows—thru chapter 11—is my description and advocacy of a unique letter-writing program, that I have referred to mainly as my 9/11 Truth-Letter Closure campaign (911TLC). Where a ‘letter’ may be either written correspondence using paper and envelopes (or cards) via the US mail or, really, anything else that resembles such: email, chat message, forum post.

The diagram below is the context diagram for 911TLC.


The TLC campaign is a simple literary one. Also a persuasive effort. Participants (of which I, the author, shall be earliest) will be typing and sending these messages, one at a time, to their suitably organized lists of contacts—with the aim of convincing each message’s recipient to do three things:

Objects of the TLC ‘Letter(s)’

  1. Read or view at least one ‘truth work’—The biggie: we truthers suffer the eternal problem that our peers simply fear to cast their eyes in the direction of the naked king; we need to convince a critical mass to ‘boy up’ for reality.
  2. Publicly declare oneself for 9/11 Truth—90% of those who honestly consume a truth work are persuaded that the official story is false, and we need a proper investigation to bring indictments. They need make this conclusion public.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire and return to sender—A key measure of progress toward reaching our TLC goals: Questionnaire will be brief, pointed, establish whether recipient will do B) or C), what they know about 9/11 attacks.

We’ll have a handful of letter templates and a standard questionnaire to work with. I want to say a few words about the Context Diagram and then briefly discuss the letter objective B) above—i.e. what does it mean to ‘publicly declare?’

The Context Diagram

… is fairly self-explanatory, but I want to especially emphasize the nature of the target ‘nontruth’ (secondary) audience. In the diagram, the general population is depicted as the large oval, which contains A: Respectable-Establishment at the top, a Flux area, then at the bottom B: Ballast-Remainder. The great majority of individuals whom we can convince and who have influence (re: the fraud of the official story) lie in that top region.

It’s rather intuitive, the diagram, and I don’t want to suggest that, say, education or economic wherewithal are predictors of thinking for oneself. Perhaps what I’m saying is that more literate people are susceptible to alternative explanations—and generally we want to attract people who have better conventional social standing… because they will accelerate the spread of truth.

Public Declaration

What I want is for those who see that the authorities are lying (and that responsible insiders must be brought to justice) to say so to their friends, write a letter to the editor or public official, buy my book, share testimony. To ‘boy up’ and call the king naked.

Dataflow Diagram

Here is an overview of the 911TLC campaign or project, laying out the steps in the process for those who want to ‘sign up.’ Workflow_Diagram

You may be able to tell from these diagrams that I’ve done some engineering or IT systems work. J ‘You’ are the Audience A1 Primary block at the top. Here’s the plan:

  1. You receive the book, perhaps at a meeting or because you heard about it and bought it, or someone gave it to you.
  2. 12, we want to duplicate the process to two others. Accompanied by a brief note A2 referring to instructions.
  3. 13, often ‘you’ will buy the books, paying forward. Brief Note A3 handed or sent to your second share-ee.
  4. ‘Sign up’ at the Website, and locate or develop a 911TLC ‘Committee of Correspondence’ (ref. Chapter 11). Website will develop thru spring 2015.
  5. Each of the Primary A’s takes time to make specially organized lists of their contacts based on four categories:
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Huckleberries
  • Notables

The listmaking process is covered in the next chapter.

  1. Compose and send your ‘letters,’ individually, to people on your lists. The process is described in Chapter 9.
  2. Showing the main objective, that is, eliciting a response from your recipient in the form of a questionnaire, and ideally (not shown numbered) ‘turning’ the recipient toward declaring for the truth and even becoming a ‘Primary’ in the TLC system.
  3. This step is the Primary’s followup. Builds a database.
  4. The Primary sends questionnaire results on to the Website ( where participants share this info, also what’s working and what’s not (letter tailoring, whether using email or snail mail, social media, and so on).


The 9/11 Share it Forward system takes a literary approach; The system makes it very easy to be comfortable with that. Similar to prospecting in a business, you identify who you’ve got the best chance of selling or recruiting… also some elements of network marketing through the propagation of After 9/11 Truth.

How are missionaries or evangelists successful? They spread the good word and close the deal. Get out there. Quoting Ziglar again, “you help people get what they want.” Then like Maslow, show them how the higher needs are met with truth. Lead by example. Get going in a positive, systematic, outgrowing manner.

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