Brian’s Column: After 9/11 Truth, Chapter 4

Stepping up to Satyagraha

“To confront Evil of this MAGNITUDE, facts alone are not enough.
The 9/11 truth movement is, and must be, the heart of a growing global ‘truth force’ (Satyagraha) initiated by M. Gandhi on September 11, 1901.
— Barbara Honegger, MS, Behind the Smoke Curtain

SmokeMany thanks to Ms. Honegger, whom I look forward to the pleasure of meeting. Her comments at the Town Hall Theater in Seattle, January 2013—which became the dagger video: Behind the Smoke Curtain—are the origin of my own discovery of Satyagraha.

Indeed, the idea of a smoke curtain (official deception) is integral to my Barrier Cloud concept just discussed in Chapter 3. The dispelling of that obstacle thru deep spiritual resources—that I point to in the BC monograph—also folds in perfectly with the cosmic moral force of Truth as the ultimate remedy to political, even as Barbara demonstrates, “Diabolical,” Evil.

As Gandhi conceived Satyagraha, it is simply the broad integration of ‘right reason’ with the lifebreath aims of humanity (morality) to undermine the pretensions and legitimacy of the ruling class. Legitimacy being the key concept… and what Satyagraha destroys thru indirect means.

Moral Legitimacy

A year or two ago, a woman I had worked with in the Free State, disparaged the budding 9/11 truth movement among libertarians, commenting to the effect that we shouldn’t get wrapped up in truth so much, and instead focus on liberty.

Her comments struck me deeply, and I’ve chewed on the relationship between truth (and justice) and liberty ever since.

Just today, I finally came to the resolution of the conundrum: Yes, I had always properly sensed that liberty and justice are the ‘soil and water’ without which the Liberty Tree perishes… but isn’t that mere poetry? Further, I grasped that governments, and the mobs they feed, tend to commit their acts of aggression (injustices) covertly, then cover them up with lies.

True, and I’m happy with the logic, syllogism closed.

But what enables them to get away with it?

That becomes the question du jour, and its answer is a revelation we in the generalized truth movement can run with: Namely, the Men of the Power Sickness have long recognized the vital need to create in the minds of those they wish to control the illusion that the rulers are the pinnacle of ethics, even divinely inspired.

Hence, moral legitimacy, the king as God’s final Word.

Think of the parable of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

The power of Satyagraha comes from showing that what is false cannot be legitimate. 9/11 Truth is the central vector that goes straight to the core of the entire carefully constructed, brick-by-brick illusion of moral righteousness and collapses the House of Crimes in one fell swoop.

So this is the way we want to go. In fact, I originally conceived this book as a Satyagraha ‘depth charge’ to drop in the engine room of the Death Star. [Think of Luke Skywalker making the final run with the proton torpedo to his target… in the original 1977 Star Wars (Episode IV: A New Hope).]

‘Effortless’ Satyagraha

While people have several ideas as how best to conduct the business end of Satyagraha, my thinking and preferences are as follows: To me, Satyagraha is a sustained act of ‘effortless power’ (which I discuss more fully in the next chapter). It’s Toto pulling back the curtain on the Wizard of Oz.

More down to earth, it’s we activists in the 9/11 Truth movement acting as Dorothy to put Toto up to going over there to check out the controls of that wicked stage and sound system. Then, being willing to accept the truth of what’s revealed.

Dorothy could have said, “Whoops. doggie, get out of there, don’t bother that nice old man. That’s the Mighty Wizard, and by golly, we owe him, we need him. He’s our Divine Protector.”

But she decided to see the obvious and scold him into at least being a better wizard. Sure. the analogy is tenuous: In the movie, the Wizard is just a short little old man who doesn’t want to lose all the perks of this snowjob he fell into; in our real life, the deceiving controllers are sadistic psychopaths who have killed and enslaved gazillions… because they like it.

The similarity lies in the fact that, once understood, each has no power whatsoever without our consent. Effortless power isn’t truly effortless, rather it lacks violence or stress. We have to make an effort, in concert, to effect Satyagraha.

Humane Thrust

Concerted effort, on the ground, for a noble cause. [Recall the barn-raising scene among the Amish in the movie Witness (1985).] This is the key to effective Satyagraha, in general. My own specific barn-raising described in this book, the Truth-Letter Closure (TLC) campaign, is something we all can do.

Let go of the “he-said, she-said” and preoccupation with the ego’s compulsion to always be intellectually correct. Climb out of the rant-and-rave trap (with which I’m personally very familiar as a former addict) that alienates more than attracts.

Sources of Truth

It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.
— Ben Franklin

As the movies Thrive and Invisible Empire make clear, we stand at the end of a long chain of abuses and usurpations—today a high-tech, image-rich extravanganza of behavioral conditioning that started when we went to kindergarten. We’ve been carefully cultivated to fly the flag, love our authority (via the network anchors), and not ask questions. It’s time for a change. I suggest in the online references appendix a number of alternative sources to aid us in breaking the trance, losing the Barrier Cloud.

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