Brian’s Column: After 911 Truth, Chapter 2

Refresher 9/11 Truth Course: Bundle with a Bow

911_Knockout“The false narrative of what happened on 9/11 can no longer be supported or sustained by any reasonable person.”
— Christopher Bollyn, open letter to Pope Francis, March 25, 2014

This chapter is from my column on boldly entitled, “After 9/11 Truth.” I had been thinking that in terms of the logic and argument and sheer magnitude of evidence, it’s all over but the shouting. So why not seal the deal and do what Frances Kendall and Leon Louw did to South African Apartheid in 1987,[1] write a book assuming its inevitable demise?

Make 9/11 Truth a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Of course, one should never assume victory in the middle of a fight, because then you can let your guard down and lose it. But in regard to learning the truth about the 9/11 attacks, we’re at the tail end of the fight and the Big Lie has run to the corner of the ring all bloodied and waiting for the official decision. It’s really all over but the count… and the forces of the truth movement stand at the threshold of a major, species-saving victory. There’s just so much evidence now, and the books, studies, and videos keep on comin’. I name but a few principals. Note to letter writers: a key objective or your appeal is that its recipient read or view ONE of these:

  1. Anatomy of a Great Deception, watershed video to convince family and friends, by Detroit entrepreneur David Hooper.
  2. Experts Speak Out, still the most complete video on the World Trade Center forensics, from AE911truth.
  3. The New Pearl Harbor, debunks debunkers, touches all the bases, magnificent complete answer by Massimo Mazzucco.
  4. Behind the Smoke Curtain, powerful evidence of explosives whodunit at Pentagon, w/Satyagraha, Barbara Honegger.
  5. Quantum Trek, fabulous read on the spiritual calling of 9/11 Truth and the journey to realize it, by Pamela Senzee
  6. 9/11: Let’s Get Empirical,” best yet short written summary of the 9/11 reality all phases, Dr. David Ray Griffin.
  7. Loose Change, made by very bright young men on a shoestring-budget, good production values, wide appeal.
  8. Solving 9/11, book showing unmistakable Israeli govt. role, names and companies, culpabilities, Christopher Bollyn.
  9. Another 19, watershed book on legitimate 9/11 suspects (for empowered grand jury), UL whistleblower Kevin Ryan
  10. Black 9/11, video montage of specific insider crimes, many financial, narration by activist truth physicist Jeremy Rys.
  11. Demystifying 9/11,” article whodunit trilogy in Veterans Today by Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former dir. Army War College.
  12. RT Network story, off-mainstream-media assertion of 9/11 as false-flag act of state terror, reference to CIA lie pattern.

I’ve listed them in the approximate order I would, myself, conversationally recommend them to a casual contact. The order has no significance regarding how important each is. Because they are each DYNE-O-MITE in their unique way, most of them I regard as magnificent ‘statue-at-Independence-Hall’ achievements for which humankind will remain forever in the creators’ debt.

Note: Very rich environment, now. Brilliant new works almost daily. Failure to list here does not mean disrespect.

Truth Work Bullet Briefs

Taking it from the top. [By the way, as you fine tune your appeals to particular persons, be aware of the kind of work that will be more likely to convince a given person to let go of the official story (OS) illusions. (Also, I am writing a summary outline-transcript for all the truth works, referenced in Appendix A.)]

1. Anatomy of a Great Deception …………………………. David Hooper

Hooper is a Detroit-area based entrepreneur-turned-filmmaker who had accepted the official story until he asked an innocent question in 2011. Led to further questions… and rejection from friends and family. To preserve those relationships (and his sanity) he made a ‘show me’ blockbuster. Convincing them all.

Table 2.1: Highlights: Anatomy of a Great Deception

A personal catharsis, gala movie premier Ref. groundbreaking work: prof. Steven Jones
Collaboration with AE911, addl. evidence WTC focused truth for common sense crowd

2. Experts Speak Out……… Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

ESO is the flagship film produced by AE911 that does a complete demolition of the official ‘con’ theory of World Trade Center destruction—based on pure science and forensic evidence.

Table 2.2: Highlights: Experts Speak Out

Brilliant intro on civil liberties and lives lost WTC evidence destroyed 400 truckloads daily
Weaponized thermite explosive residue Direct downward free-fall requires explosives
NIST denies explosives, molten steel Assesses psych. resistance issues many face

3. The New Pearl Harbor………………………………. Massimo Mazzucco

The most complete documentary on the whole enchilada of 9/11: towers, planes, hijackers, defense stand-down, Pentagon, Shanksville. Features decisive point-counterpoint with worldwide leading OS apologists (‘debunkers’). I love this movie, its passion.

Table 2.3: Highlights: The New Pearl Harbor

Noting 12 parallels to Pearl Harbor attacks Air defense stand down via war games on 911
Suspects ‘piss-poor’ pilots, imposs. flights No evidence hijackers at any of airports on 9/11
All black boxes missing or invalidated Impossible sea level flight speeds > 500 mph
Of 85 Pent videos 1 of 2 released ‘altered’ Shanksville, G. won’t say where are plane parts
WTC destruction: Asbestos removal opp. NIST: “no temps high enough to weaken steel”

4. Behind the Smoke Curtain……………………… Barbara Honegger, MS

Ms. Honegger has produced the singular demos for what did happen and what did not happen at the Pentagon, on 9/11, and why it matters. She takes a relentless light-saber to the motives and high-perps responsible for Pentagon and 911 attacks.

Table 2.4: Highlights: Behind the Smoke Curtain[2]

Insider to A Russo: ‘Event’ => ME takeover Pentagon attack req. to get fury of US for war
OS: Flight 77 engines would gouge lawn OS: 9:38. Vs. 9:32:30 ‘White Plane’ 150’ north
Mult. > =5 primary explosions inside Pent. Evidence: bombs targeted investigators, offices
F77: ‘FDR/radar plane,’ certainly military Pent/WTC both explosion w/plane strike cover
Who? Neocon(Nazi)/Israelis: power ‘r’ all Only Satyagraha (truth force) can def. such Evil

5. Quantum Trek…………………………………………………. Pamela Senzee

A refreshing change-of-pace 9/11 essential: Pamela and her friend Rena Patty journeyed by bicycle across the United States as a ‘vision quest’—though she also had hard evidence to deliver. (I proudly helped Pamela publish QT in 2013.) Complementing friend Barbara Honegger re: Satyagraha, Pam’s transcendent ordeal shows how Truth requires of us open consciousness, that we can and shall attain. Inspiring, insightful, like a series of letters from a friend that you can’t wait to read… what happens next?

Table 2.5: Highlights: Quantum Trek

Quantum physics: blueprint for + change Bicycle cross-country => Creative Nonviolence
Journey to heal and reveal, truth is the cure Yoga ‘I am the Wave’ face the pain, endure, win
Footnotes: exact, ref. doco of the diabolical Ad astra per aspera: to the stars thru difficulty

6. 9/11: Let’s Get Empirical…………………………. Dr. David Ray Griffin

As I was just coming into the movement, having watched a video called Where’s the Plane?, I read a series of books by Dr. (like the Sun) Ray. They sealed the deal for me. Dr. Griffin is a scholar’s scholar, his arguments cut with simple language and the skill of a surgeon. Deceivers have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. “Empirical” is a 24-page summary paper that wholly convinces any who prize sterling scholarship and logic über alles.

Table 2.6: Highlights: 9/11 Let’s Get Empirical

Offl conspiracy theory ‘a priori,’ presumptive Alternative based on empirical data, evidence
Faith in official reports, media statements Tests show 911 cellphone calls were impossible
Molten metal for 3 months; molten concrete Why would Flt 77 be targeted at Pent Wedge 1?
Debris, incl engine f. F93 spread over miles Ray’s book Debunking the Debunkers vs. PM lies

7. Loose Change………. Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas[3]

Took the Internet by storm when it first came out in April 2005. Loose Change was initially conceived in 2002 as a narrative feature film about three friends who realize there is a coverup of the events of September 11th. Reportedly a billion views. (!)

Table 2.7: Highlights: Loose Change

Op Northwoods, 1962, 911-like false -flag op Willie Rodriguez, others, 2dary explosions WTCs
93 nada in Sville. Actual Cleve., 200 pass.? FBI Moeller, 9/28/01, no legal proof of hijack IDs

8. Solving 9/11……………………………………………. Christopher Bollyn

Although Honegger’s presentation nails the neocons and their Zionist Israeli counterparts as prime movers in the 9/11 insider plot(s)—as a veritable, diabolical neo-Nazi cult—Bollyn brings together several missing pieces from the direct Israeli role in key parts of the operation… as well as evidence of advance planning.

Table 2.8: Highlights: Solving 9/11

‘Greater Israel’ ‘Biblical borders’ mission Detailed, specific foreknowledge of event/attacks
Israeli txt msg service Odigo advance warn History of false-flag terrorism incl. USS Liberty
Fdr. Israel intel, in 1980, predict NYC attacks Full-spectrum dominance of US/UK pols/econ
Only one MSM investigation of 911; buried Chertoff resp. at FBI for destroying 911 evidence

9. Another 19………………………………………………………….. Kevin Ryan

Extremely pivotal at this time in the movement, Kevin Ryan’s assembly of a minimal, essential list of legitimate suspects in the 9/11 plot provides what we the people need to petition the courts—federal and state—to empanel an empowered grand jury with full authority to investigate and indict without government interference.

Table 2.9: Highlights: Another 19

Cheney and Rumsfeld, top operational dogs More toward the qui bono, and US side of plot
BCCI, UAE, KuwAm, Stratasec, SAIC, Ptech Wolfowitz, Chertoff, Zakheim, etc. neocon no list
Excellent source for military stand-down info Ryan, UL whistleblower, fired for email to NIST

10. Black 9/11…………………………………………………………. Jeremy Rys

Follows on from Ryan above, succinct itemization of the financial crimes in progress along with the 9/11 attacks. Rys is a physicist (site: who fearlessly asserts the facts, which he promises to bring to the doorstep of any scientific apologist (of whatever credentials) in debate… anytime, anywhere.

Table 2.10: Highlights: Black 9/11 (Money, Technology, Motive)

Same resp. for 2008 bailout, behind 9/11 Corrupt network of elite financial criminals at work
9/1991, Bush 1 etc., $240B. Project Hammer 911 bombs target investigators of money crimes
AIG a net, founded via OSS, black ops fund 911 apologists spunoff, clever disinfo propaganda
911 Comm. set up to fail, a priori, Zelikow WTC7 house probe orgs, 1st cleaned up, destroy

11. Demystifying 9/11……………………………………. Dr. Alan Sabrosky

Dr. Sabrosky, a US Marine former director of the Army War College—along with Christopher Bollyn on my truth work list—cites strong evidence of a deep Israeli/Zionist role in the planning and operations of the 9/11 attacks. The series of columns is extremely thorough and well-written, highly recommended reading.

12. RT Network Story…………………………………………….. RT Network

This story is the first I recall seeing that aggressively made the case that 9/11 was a false-flag act of state terror. Much of the anchor narrative directed toward the campaign that AE911 was conducting at the time.

So there we are.

Debunking vs. Apologia

In any conflict of ideas or debate or false-flag act of terror, those who propose a theory, argument, or cover story have the burden of proof. Technically, therefore, in regard to the 9/11 official conspiracy theory—which is the only theory on the table that anyone asserts as true for purposes of government policy—people in favor of the OCT are apologists, not debunkers. While the so-called 9/11 truthers are the debunkers/falsifiers.

Further, the OCT stands as invalidated or falsified if only one contradiction is true. Ref. Appendix A for link to list of refutations.

Therefore, the so-called debunkers are debunked.

9/11 Truth: Good for America

Note that every other Big Lie, or what I have come to call the Threat Matrix,[4] is done like a dinner once 9/11 Truth destroys the Death Star. Honorable Claudio Marty—field marshal of the vital marketing banner site over at—has composed the following image showing at a glance that as 9/11 Truth wins, the people win… on all the important fronts.


Especially: 9/11 Truth Ends Poison Skies—Look Up!

We must not forget that the same gangsters and psychopaths who brought us 9/11 are working toward a New World Order in which we the people are ‘nonessential personnel.’ Yes, we’re talking democide here—the polite phrase is ‘depopulation agenda.’ Of particular urgency: the Western Cabal has been conducting massive stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (toxic spraying) for more than a decade.[5] [It’s simple. They stop or we die.]

[1] After Apartheid: The Solution for South Africa, F. Kendall and L. Louw, ICS Press, 1987.

[2] While watching for the 3d (outlining for this book) Ms. Honegger’s Behind the Smoke Curtain, I refer the reader to a very important reference work she cites: Toronto 9/11 Report.

[3] Bermas is writer/director, Alex Jones producer, of an outstanding, comprehensive, and grimly entertaining video on the New World Order, Invisible Empire. Available on YouTube.

[4] Ref. Appendix A for the Threat Matrix and the Good Neighbor Libertarian solutions.

[5] Ref. and

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