Special Column: “General, I’m a civilian, I outrank you.” — Jim Rockford

Gigatax hike Proposal 1 goes down in flames, ‘regime change’ to follow…

RockfordOne of the most significant phrases from any film or TV series episode was uttered by private detective, Jim Rockford (The Rockford Files, 1974-1980), in response to a high military official who tried to order him off a case. May 5, 2015, will go down in history as the day when the voters of Michigan stood together and told a bat-feces crazy, malevolent, arrogant, and indolent state government: “Lansing, we owner, you servant.”  [aka, “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore!”] Today’s unprecedented, monumental act of self-assertion sends breath-shattering shock waves to the gut of self-styled ruling oligarchies, at all levels, around the world.

Four… to… Friggin’… One!!!!

This just in: Latest totals as of May 6 pm: Y: ~350,000 (19.9%); N: ~1,406,000 (80.1%)

Like the gunfire from colonial militias at and near Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, April 19, 1775, or the famed rebellion against property taxes of the late 1970s in California, (Howard Jarvis’s Proposition 13), the crushing of Proposal 1 may very likely become the death knell of the Old World Order… which has gotten by with its predations by using the smoke and mirrors of bought media dictating “think and do this” to a complacent population.

Complacent and compliant no more! There’s a BIG new sheriff in town. Today I feel proud to be among my fellow Americans in the Wolverine State, who exercised such good sense en masse, DESPITE BEING PROPAGANDIZED INCESSANTLY BY ESTABLISHMENT POLS AND THE VAST MAJORITY OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND BUSINESS INSIDERS—EVEN THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ENDORSED PROP 1—ALL ACROSS THE STATE! That’s what’s so amazing. The forces behind Prop 1 outspent opponents by millions of dollars, at least 100:1, running scare-tactic ads that warned failure to vote correctly would impale children and school-bus-driving mothers with projectiles of rebar-festooned bridge chunks.

Quick Background on Proposal 1

Actually Proposal 15-1, is a 46,000-word CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT, implementing 11 legislative acts, to raise the Michigan sales tax to 7% from 6%, hike gas taxes 10 cents per gallon, increase vehicle registration taxes and fees, and enact other taxes that bring the total extraction to $2 billion (~$800 per family) per year… to pay $1 billion to ‘transportation,’ $300 million to ‘schools,’ $100 million to local governments, $260 million for the Earned Income Tax Credit, and $340 million ‘elsewhere’—including mass transit initiatives, preferred-industry development funding, new affirmative action rules for state contracts, reading programs, etc. More sleazy, sloppy gulps at this free-for-all punch bowl than at the office Christmas party!

Why a constitutional amendment? Because back in the tax rebellion era (late 1970s), the Headlee Amendment was passed to prevent the state government from increasing its revenue by more than the then-prevailing percentage. And the current mobsters in Lansing wanted way more ducats than Headlee would allow. So in the dead of a late December 2014 night, at the end of the legislative session, with all the special interests putting up their stockings with cheer—writing the verbiage—to be filled by Santa Government, the legislature produced this Rube Goldberg turkey.

We shall see what happens now.

I know that my legislators, particularly my state senator, worked to put the proposal on the ballot. All the establishment reps and senators were on board. But nobody wanted to be known as being for it. My senator’s attitude was, “Here, my worthy constituents, you figure this one out, a lot of our friends want some cash, and the roads need fixing for sure, but this measure has nothing to do with better roads, and like Nancy Pelosi said about Obamacare, ‘We have to pass this so you can figure out what’s in it,’ so Merry Christmas, and please don’t ask me to support the bill in public, because frankly I don’t have a clue, my leaders told me I had to vote for it, it was after 2 a.m., I needed a drink bad, and was anxious that The Gentleman’s Club on Michigan Avenue wouldn’t take last call.”

Oddly, the scenario described may have a lot more general truth to it than we realize.

Final Thoughts

My guess is the political class in Michigan—and I include the dinosaur media and the various business or union interests who dine finely, sometimes directly, at the public trough—is literally in shock. Nor will they recover quickly. Especially for Republicans who supported the proposal, this mammoth vote of ‘no confidence’ means the abrupt and final end of many careers. The schedule for liberty forces to take over the party in Michigan just advanced to the next election cycle. Prop 1 support will be an albatross that primary voters will not forget.

InShockRINO (Republican in Name Only) Rick Snyder can kiss his presidential ambitions good bye, in fact he’ll be lucky to win any public office above dogcatcher. The corporate world he came from will take him back, but the HR department of his own company(s) will have to resolve the private investigator’s footnote: “Becomes deluded with excessive power. Possible, perhaps ideal, candidate for running unscrupulous-televangelist division.”

Beyond Michigan, and looking at the Global Junta—the Men of the Power Sickness in all their royal Bank of International Settlements splendor—they press forward evermore urgently on their full-tilt boogie mission of total domination (ref. the Threat Matrix below). This result from the commoners of Michigan will put a bona fide hitch in their gitalongs.

ThreatThe 4-to-1 ravaging of what was supposed to be a slam dunk, guilt-shaming wealth extraction operation by the 1% speaks volumes to demented men whose sole purpose in life is to wield maximum perverse power over others. I recall a telling moment on William Buckley’s Firing Line after Proposition 13 was passed in California in 1978. England’s Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time, Denis Healy, was being interviewed. When the talk turned to the tax rebellion in California, Healy had the look of a deer frozen in the head lamps, perspiration everywhere like on Tricky Dick’s upper lip in TV debates vs. JFK. He… one of the most connected and powerful insiders in the world… was… absolutely… terrified.

toto2That’s what’s happening now in the boardrooms and secret-society salons at the top of the oligarchy. “Those colonists weren’t supposed to rebel, damn them!” “Why do beach bums even care about property taxes?” “Nine-to-one against a simple sales tax hike in some counties!” And to top it all off, the Chipotle food chain is going GMO-free, mothers are banding together against vaccine slaughter, people are locking down their analog power meters, NOBODY believes the official story of 9/11… or any other official story. Finally, Toto has pulled back the curtain on all the Wizard’s atrocities, with Dorothy reading us the riot act in no uncertain terms.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Why? Because the Jim Rockford in all of us—at least today in the magnificent state of Michigan—is asserting his natural authority, exposing Dracula to the harsh reality of daylight: “President, Judge, Senator, Journalist, Academician, Scientist, Physician, etc., I’m an American sovereign individual standing on First Principles, I outrank you.” And what you’re doing is crap, up with which I shall not put. 🙂

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