Book Review: We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo (2015)

Free thinkers question the ‘French 9/11’
by Dr. Kevin Barrett

HebdoOne of the things that makes We Are Not Charlie Hebdo unique is its timeliness. And for that we may thank the indefatigable Dr. Kevin Barrett—defrocked University of Wisconsin professor who embraced Islam in the early 1990s and, following the 9/11 Attacks, very quickly figured out that the official story was poppycock [his outspokenness for the truth led to persecution by a group of Republican state legislators and thus his firing]. Unlike the truth work that followed the 9/11 Attacks (which took several years to get started in earnest among minds of stature), Charlie Hebdo, a Barrett-edited compilation of several respected public figures and researchers, within only a few months after the January 7, 2015 attacks.

“A breakthrough in the study of State Crimes against Democracy (SCADS): Never before have truth seekers countered [an official false-flag story] with such a comprehensive response to a likely false-flag operation so soon after it happened.” — David Ray Griffin

So what is the official story of Charlie Hebdo?

On January 7th, 2015, around 11:30 a.m. local time, a shooting took place at the Paris offices of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Twelve people were reported dead, including eight Charlie Hebdo employees and two national police officers. Two days later, in an apparently related incident, hostages were taken and five people (including the gunman) were killed at a Hypercrasher (Hyper Kosher) supermarket.

The two shootings, which left a total of 19 people dead, were followed by an orchestrated campaign of mass outrage.The phrase “je suis Charlie” (I am Charlie) became a worldwide advertising brand name vaunting support for free speech and opposition to violence.

 Author-editor Barrett points out at the very beginning:

“But as I followed news reports on the Charlie Hebdo affair, I quickly noticed disturbing signs that something was amiss. The first discordant note was the virtually simultaneous, perfectly choreographed blossoming of demonstrations that soon included millions of people holding virtually identical signs displaying the exact same slogan in the exact same font: ‘Je suis Charlie.'” [It reminded Barrett of the Edward J. Bernays’ (father of modern mind control) orchestration of the 1929 Torches of Freedom demonstration by American women that led to doubling of sales of cigarettes for his tobacco company paymasters.]

Then more anomalies to the official story:

“By January 11th, 2015, the day of then gigantic demonstrations, I was no longer identifying with Charlie. I had seen the French government preposterously claim that it would not have caught the killers but for the serendipitous fact that one of them conveniently dropped his ID card in an abandoned getaway car. I had also read about the suspicious ‘suicide’ of Helric Frédou, the police investigator who had discovered a hot lead… and then, shortly after refusing an order to drop the case, was found dead with a bullet in the head. I had seen the video purportedly showing the killing of the police officer Frédéric Boisseau with a point-blank AK-47 shot to the head—except that it appears that Boisseau was not shot at all, but rather that the ‘terrorist’ fired a blank round whose cotton or paper wad struck the pavement a few feet away, revealing that the ‘killing’ had been staged. I had seen credible news reports that the Rothschilds bought the money-hemorrhaging Charlie Hebdo a month before the killings… and, thanks to the killings, made a ‘killing.’ A few weeks later, I saw French political leader Jean Marie LePen call the event a false flag by the French intelligence agencies—and then get beat up, and have his house burned down, in apparent retribution.

“In short, I suspected I had been duped. My emotions, and the emotions of millions of  people around the world, had been manipulated. The Charlie Hebdo affair appeared to have been yet another bloody public relations stunt orchestrated by the forces of what Peter Dale Scott calls ‘the deep state.’ It looked more like Operation Gladio, NATO’s false-flag terror program that butchered hundreds of Europeans in attacks falsely attributed to leftists during the Cold War. With the disappearance of the Communist enemy in 1990, Operation Gladio morphed into Gladio B, a false-flag wave of terror designed to demonize Islam and accomplish various geostrategic objectives. I thought it likely that Gladio B, perhaps aided and abetted by elements of Israeli intelligence, had struck France. The brilliant, careful, detailed investigative journalism of Hicham Hanza at supplied evidence confirming those impressions.

“But whether or not I am right, Charlie Hebdo Orthodoxy needs to be questioned….”

Which gives you the background and context for the some-25 incisive articles from Barrett, and a number of bright lights from all different perspectives of the general truth community, including: Webster Tarpley, Barbara Honegger, Anthony Hall, Paul Craig Roberts, Alain Soral, Imran Hoesin, Rabbi Michael Lerner, and former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. The book reads well and quickly,

In addition to the hard analyses—alternative scenarios are speculative by the nature of deep state secret operations—that demolish the official story and point toward the usual suspects of the Western Cabal psychopathy, NOT Charlie Hebdo offers a bonus rarely seen these days: [thanks in particular to Barrett] readers acquire a factual understanding and background of Islam instead of the malevolent caricature that’s practically universal on the street. Read up. The sources are solid, and it’s just refreshing to get a view with no obvious agenda.





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