Brian’s Column: The Delta Declaration

Myers-Briggs lookalike with an eye toward positive change

Continuum_Vector_2Let me begin the column with a figure that I developed in the course of writing After 9/11 Truth: The Death Star in Ashes, Humanity Rises. Chapter 7: Share it Forward begins with the above graphic that expresses the cardinal mission for us who seek the paradigm shift into a Billion+ Points of Light society. You can also see the Dark Side’s intent. While I was attending Pete Hendrickson‘s Declaration Day celebration here in Southeast Michigan this July 4, I met a man who described a system for classifying individuals according to their penchant for wanting to control (alpha), accepting the control of others (beta), and kind of a Randian individualist who neither wants to control or be controlled (gamma). The Website he pointed me to is located here. [These are more political behavioral classifications than the Myers-Briggs personality types, and arguably more useful generalizations.]

Beta to Delta to Gamma

And here’s a significant excerpt from that Web page:

Many people have made the Beta-to-Gamma transition. One great example of this was the American Revolution. Note I am not referring to the war, or even rebellions like the Boston Tea Party, I am discussing what John Adams called “the real revolution.” Here are his comments to his friend Thomas Jefferson years later:

“What do we mean by the Revolution? The war? That was no part of the revolution; it was only an effect and consequence of it. The revolution was in the minds of the people, and this was effected from 1760-1775, in the course of fifteen years, before a drop of blood was shed at Lexington.”

This revolution in the minds of the people was a mass Beta-Gamma transition.

TypologyWhat I’ve been considering lately in conjunction with my novel in progress, The Truman Prophecy, asks just how do we, the cause-oriented leading gammas—which I’m calling, duh, deltas—move the large numbers of betas toward gamma (i.e. toward the psychological independence required for species survival) who have been massively brain-controlled since birth by sophisticated technology of the deep-alpha psychopaths. To better look at the numbers, I came up with the classification scheme shown in the figure on the right.

I can see the wheels a turnin’ for those who have been trying to follow my thought lines for years. “There he goes again. Who’s going to care about these abstract figures?!” Exactly. These figures are more or less for my own eyes only, to aid in my solution of the Big Universal Problem (BUP)… which is alpha-driven aggression throughout society. I’ve tended to create such figures without any appealing means for most persons to benefit from the knowledge they contain. I’m about to change all that. Yes sir.

The Ayn Rand Analogy

Think for a minute about Ayn Rand, who was both an author and a philosopher. Her philosophy—a damned fine one, too—is known as Objectivism. Do you think for a minute Ayn Rand would have become one-millionth as popular as she did (or her ideas been seriously considered) had she confined her writing to political and philosophical analyses? To writing articles for newsletters or books on the importance of egoism and capitalism and reason and romantic realism? Of course not. People care about people: Kira, Leo, Andre, Howard Roark, Dominique Francon, Francisco D’Anconia, Dagny Taggart, Eddie Willers. Or they like to see villains like Ellsworth Toohey and Floyd Ferris get their comeuppance. And exciting plot-based action. If you stir people’s imaginations you will capture their hearts and minds.

At a Free State Porcupine Festival one year (2011?), Kevin Innes, who had become a friend of mine after his outrageous jailing by the federales in connection with the prosecution of the Liberty Dollar confided to me: “To reach people you have to tell them a story.” Then years ago, when visiting my brother’s family, his little boy (~5) and girl (~6) are running around making a fuss, being pills. I happen to find an appropriate book then offer to read to them from it out loud. It was like night and day: after the first sentence, they’re sitting by my side in rapt attention for perhaps 20 minutes. I never forgot that. It’s in the human DNA, this need for exercising the imagination… in words.

That is, in words that connect and mean something personally. Finally, my dear mother, who passed away in early 2013, was after me since the 1990s to write novels. She said, “Brian, you’re wasting your time (and people will never come to you) by writing analyses; nobody reads these things. You have the ability to write stories. Do it! [If you build it, they will come.]” (Mom was fond of the John D. MacDonald series, Travis McGee and his ensemble. She also appreciated The Rockford Files on TV, and then later on, Murder She Wrote, starring Angela Lansbury.)

Declaration of Intent

So… Mom… Kevin… all my potential exercisers of verbal imagination… I’m going for it. In my own unique way of course… nothing detective on my maiden voyage… but soon. As for the starter project, I’ve mentioned it with a ‘leader’ story already via my column “The Truman Prophecy.” Who knows? I may indeed have the ability. I know I feel the need and the destiny. I see so many causes and noble endeavors that cry out for support. But the people are whipped, sapped, underfunded… by wicked intention. Firing the imagination kindles the true source of power that we still have as human beings. When we recover that, we can fill our tanks to give us all the conventional power that we need to end the Barnacles.

Anyway, that’s my intention. Time is of the essence. November 2015 completion.

[For all my friends in all the causes that I currently take part in, please realize that by suspending some of the major energy directly for these immediate causes I am not abandoning them. Rather, I’m going in search of a cavalry of my own conception that will help us all to win the war against a formidable adversary with few weaknesses.]


Brian Wright

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