Brian’s Column: The Truman Prophecy, Excerpt #4

From Part 2: Toto: Curtain 2: Linchpin (9/11)

‘The Second Little Boy’

Emperor[Excerpt from The Truman Prophecy,
due for publication 12/25/15.]

Back when he received them, Neil responded to Chance’s heartfelt personal letter and to the After 9/11 Truth book and to the Architects and Engineers’ 9/11 Truth DVD just as Neil normally had all the years they’d known each other: he completely ignored them.

Exactly how nearly ALL Chance’s former Rocket Shop colleagues and contacts reacted: “Chance is a super nice guy, but a nut, a conspiracy junkie, not to mention a radical libertarian who discusses concepts—like the Constitution, civil freedom, ending the Fed, indicting government officials for illegal wars, torture, environmental assaults—that no one needs to deal with in these enlightened days of consensus reality and the sacred mainstream media.”

“Plus, he thinks the government’s conspiracy theory of the 9/11 attacks is a transparent lie… not to mention a physical impossibility.”

And that’s for contacts who do more than just roll their eyes and grunt disdainfully upon hearing Chance’s name.

Only on this occasion, some months ago, when Neil received the personal letter, something told him that he might care to read it again. So he didn’t toss the material, he kept it… for a moment like this.

Neil admired Chance, despite the long ago excess that hurt people Chance cared about and led to divorce and all the rest. How many people did Neil know who were willing to lay it all on the line in public, taking a stand based on reason and principle that was so unpopular?

Even if Chance was dead wrong, the intellectual and moral courage he displayed was off the charts.

Neil liked Chance, too.

There wasn’t a mean, low, or dishonest bone in the man’s body. Geez, and what he had gone thru—losing his dad in ’78 at 54, then his brother in ’07 at 56, having to care singly for his mom and her kidney disease for five years thru all the dialysis and the terminal heart-lung-stroke incidents… his sister, her family, and his brother’s family excommunicating his mom (and Chance) thru all the end-time travails.

Chance had even specially acknowledged Neil in a 2003 book on network engineering that Chance had coauthored. Why? Because Chance wanted to publicly give a nod to Neil’s ‘extraordinary-to-the-point-of-magical’ solution to Chance’s Rocket Shop bête noir of oil consumption.

Yet, all this time Neil cleaved unto the Blue Pill ways so second nature by now. Despite his extraordinary abilities and the often awestruck regard of his peers, Neil was uncomfortable taking the lead in challenging any ‘official knowledge.’ It was so much easier to stay Blue Pill compliant, not question, not challenge, hoe his garden.

Neil suspected if he did look independently and in detail at a forbidden topic, like 9/11, and if he took issue with the king’s men’s position, then—at least for the dozens of his engineering colleagues and contacts all around the country, the world even—there would be a mad rush to Neil’s view. The official king’s men’s position could easily collapse in a heartbeat.

Just as the Hans Christian Andersen’s fable, The Emperor’s New Clothes: A group of insider charlatans posture to the king and to his people that the king’s suit of nothing is actually such fine-threaded gold that only loyal subjects can see it. Works fine until the First Little Boy (~Chance… and the millions of 9/11 Truthers) asserts the obvious.

But the next step in the story is often forgotten. What happens is adults surround the First Little Boy and indignantly berate him for disloyalty and bad eyesight.

At which point, presumably because a Second Little Boy (~Neil and his cascade effect) confirms the obvious reality, the bubble bursts. Because of the Second Little Boy, then, all the ‘Blue Pill’ subjects trade their fear of offending the authorities for their fear of being thought stupid by their peers.

Neil—because of his newly aroused concerns that the American imperial Big Gahunas are almost certainly on a doomsday mission self-destructive to, well, everything—has etched in his mind the following action-risk table:

Neil Action Outcome Outcome
1) Do nada re 911, take SS[1] job. Species ends in five years.
(Live the ‘Life of Riley’ until the end.)
“ “ Species ends in 10 years. 5%
“ “ Species skates by somehow > 10 years. 1%
2) Do nada re 911, not take SS job. Species ends in 10 years.
(Live ‘Red Green Show’ life ‘til the end.)
“ “ Species ends in 15 years. 10%
“ “ Species skates by somehow > 15 years. 5%
3) Attest 911 truth, not take SS job. Species ends < 10 years. (Poor but free for Neil, FEMA camps for most truthers.) 40%
“ “ 911 2d Lilttle Boy cascades truth, justice,
brings Free Society, species flourishes.
“ “ 911 2d Lilttle Boy => truth, justice, holds the line, forestalls species’ end 5-10 yrs. 20%

So there it is. Neil says to himself, “If the 9/11 official story is a lie and if the 9/11 attacks were planned and executed by SS forces of the global deep state (Western Cabal)[2] then the above table is a very good guess of risk/reward or risk/penalty.”

He continues to himself, “As of this five minutes, the most rational decision by far is a) to ascertain whether 9/11 was an inside job whose perpetrators need to be indicted—as Chance and millions of others insist—and b) [assuming a) is true] to take action #3 in the table above.

Neil goes to find the materials from Chance’s mailing.

Note: As Neil follows the requests of Chance’s letter, he is a positively responding Respected Denier (RD) in the Toto system. Moreover, because of Neil’s public stature and influence, he is a positively responding Super Respected Denier (SRD).[3]

Rereading the letter, he starts with the first paragraph:

Polls show more and more people believe that the official story (OS) of the 9/11 attacks is like the Emperor’s New Suit, something that we’re supposed to believe that violates the obvious. From cursory research, at least 15 insuperable contradictions exist to the official story.

The underlined takes him to a link that lists these ‘insuperable’—Chance now and then, just for fun, would still fling out a 50¢ word sending readers to their dictionaries—flaws. And here’s that document:

15 Major Contradictions of the 9/11 Official Story[4]

World Trade Center Buildings (Evidence of Explosive Demolition)
  • The existence of molten metal pools that persisted for weeks.
  • Large amounts of residue from high-tech, military-grade nanothermite explosives.
  • Gravitational free fall symmetrical disintegration of the towers => explosive demolition.
  • Reports by eyewitnesses (and by recordings) of multiple, large sequential explosions.
Regarding the Alleged Hijackers
  • From detailed review of camera footage (taken 24/7 in all public areas of all three airports), none of the 19 suspects was found anywhere at those airports that day.
  • Some of the hijackers (same image and name) are known to physically exist after 9/11.
  • All hijackers were ‘piss poor’ pilots in even single-engine training aircraft.
Aircraft Behavior
  • Impossible sea-level speeds, far in excess of 757/767 engine or airframe capabilities.
  • Impossible cellphone calls from anyone while in flight at those times on those planes.
  • No serial-number-validated flight or cockpit recorders of the flights; the government reports that the (indestructible) recorders of planes that hit the towers were not found. (!)
Official Behavior
  • 9/11 war games in progress and not called off until after the attacks were complete.
  • Evidence of sabotage and intentional creation of confusion by several officials, dereliction of duty by others, causing failure of (routine and common) aircraft interception.
The Pentagon
  • Of the 85 videos in government possession, one of the only two released was clearly doctored to eliminate aircraft or projectile image.
  • No evidence of a Boeing 757 in the debris field; like WTCs, secondary explosions, suggesting impact by aircraft was cover for true method and purpose of attack.
Flight 93
  • Complete absence of ‘whole-plane’ Flight 93 debris in Shanksville, PA, field; debris from Flight 93 scattered over miles; FBI says it has 96% but won’t disclose whereabouts.
Wholesale Destruction of Evidence Authorized by Public Officials

Officially withheld, preplanned, and deliberate destruction of evidence; documented specific 9/11 preparation and foreknowledge by persons in US and US-allied military, intelligence, and foreign policy establishments.

Neil had to admit that these were indeed fatal flaws in the official story… if true. [Actually if any of them was true—because each falsified a central tenet—, by the laws of logic and science, the entire Official Conspiracy Theory was false.] For confirmation of the contradictions, the page referred readers to the list of ‘truth works’ that Chance had identified at the outset in his book, After 9/11 Truth.

Returning to Chance’s letter of persuasion, Neil read the third paragraph:

Michigan author Brian Wright has [I have] written a book, After 9/11 Truth, which summarizes 12 leading 9/11 books and videos… then presents a plan to encourage—via individual written messages to respected OS-accepting peers—to read or view at least one truth work.

Neil located then put Chance’s book aside for reading in the next day or two. [It was only 50 pages or so, and appeared to get right down to business.] Clearly a key part of the book was the digest of 12 leading works[5] highly respected in and representative of the serious 911 truth community. The listing is as follows:

9/11 Truth Works

  1. Anatomy of a Great Deception, watershed video to convince family and friends, by Detroit entrepreneur David Hooper.
  2. Experts Speak Out, still the most complete video on the World Trade Center forensics, from AE911truth.
  3. Behind the Smoke Curtain, powerful evidence of explosives whodunit at Pentagon, w/Satyagraha, Barbara Honegger.
  4. The New Pearl Harbor, debunks the debunkers, touches all the bases, magnificent complete answer by Massimo Mazzucco.
  5. 9/11: Let’s Get Empirical,” best short written summary of the 9/11 reality all phases, Dr. David Ray Griffin.
  6. Quantum Trek, fabulous read on the spiritual calling of 9/11 Truth and the journey to realize it, Pamela Senzee.
  7. Loose Change, made by very bright young men on a shoestring-budget, good production values, wide appeal.
  8. Solving 9/11, book showing unmistakable Israeli govt. role, names and companies, culpabilities, Christopher Bollyn.
  9. Another 19, watershed book on legitimate 9/11 suspects (for empowered grand jury), UL whistleblower Kevin Ryan.
  10. Black 9/11, video montage of specific insider crimes, many financial, narration by activist truth physicist Jeremy Rys.
  11. Truth Jihad, inspiring book of defiance by former University of Wisconsin professor and follower of Islam, Kevin Barrett.
  12. RT Network story, off-mainstream-media assertion of 9/11 as false-flag act of state terror, reference to CIA lie pattern.

Again, a mighty impressive listing for everyone, Neil thought. No time for Neil to become an avid truther… for 9/11 or anything else. So he’ll pick and choose. The short summary work by David Ray Griffin looks worth checking out at Neil’s leisure. Chance provides a clue in his letter:

[Probably the best overall introduction to the 9/11 truth oeuvre is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’s Explosive Evidence, Experts Speak Out (ESO) … often available for free view on YouTube.]

A recommendation from one engineer to another. Neil’s first truthwork will be the Experts Speak Out video.

Finishing up the letter, Neil reads:

If you agree with the overwhelming forensics and logic, I ask you to declare so publicly. And consider joining me—please contact me for followup—in actively sharing the knowledge forward… by going to the site, subscribing, activating, and working with the exciting team we’re building.

Finally, if you will fill out the questionnaire and download/return it to me, it will help us to measure progress toward our common goals of justice and liberty. Thank you. Feel free to contact me to discuss ESO or any other truth work. If I can’t answer your concerns, I’ll find someone who can.

The questionnaire that Chance refers to is a postcard inside the envelope he sent. It lists 10 questions with a yes or no answer box.

9/11 Questionnaire

Did you know that…

  1. World Trade Center 7 (which was not struck by airplane) was fully demolished on 9/11/01 at 5:20 p.m.?
  2. WTC7 fell at ‘free-fall’ speed directly downward onto its own footprint, indicating standard demolition via explosives?
  3. Molten iron persisted at WTC Ground Zero for weeks after 9/11 (also molten concrete present)?
  4. Large amounts of US defense-lab-weaponized thermite explosive residue were found at GZ?
  5. Detailed review of airports’ 24/7 camera footage shows none of ‘the 19’ was in airports on 9/11?
  6. It is impossible for the ‘Boeing 757/767 airliners’ to have flown at the sea-level speeds reported?
  7. F175, F11 (WTC flts.) recorders ‘not found’ (!!), F77 (Pent.), F93 (PA) withheld or unusable?
  8. War games on 9/11 (some simulate hijack planes into bldgs) not called off until after attacks?
  9. No evidence of Boeing 757 in Pentagon debris, substantial evidence of secondary explosions?
  10. No evidence of F93 aircraft in Shanksville field, FBI: “has F93 won’t reveal whereabouts”?

Clearly, the questions are set up to solicit yes answers from those who have done any reading or research of the events of 9/11 outside official sources … OR to evoke a “No, I don’t know this, but I’ll check into it since apparently these facts are not disputed by anyone.”

Neil checked out the questionnaire card. The only question he knew of was number 1, because Chance had mentioned it. He’d also heard of the molten iron. But from where he sat now, he would definitely have to answer No to all the questions. He just did not know.

He was particularly interested in question (fact) #3 and #4, because use of high-tech weaponized thermite would indicate preplanning and intent from a central state with sophisticated technology. Also, because of Neil’s familiarity with the aerospace industry, questions (facts) #6 and #7 were of interest: They suggest, respectively, that the planes could not have been standard Boeing jetliners and that the black boxes have been withheld or tampered with.

“Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do.

That evening, with his wife Angie, Neil watched the Experts Speak Out DVD from AE911. More blockbuster revelations, making Neil sheepish that he’d looked away and Blue Pilled out the alternative analyses. Experts Speak Out makes a powerful statement about the reasons all the questioning matters:

  • Our world changed that day.
  • 2,744 lives lost in New York… and counting.
  • 1 million lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq… and counting.
  • 6,000 US troops lost in the War on Terror… and counting.
  • $4.5 Trillion: War on Terror cost to US taxpayers… and counting.
  • Precious civil liberties removed by
    • the Patriot Act
    • Military Commissions Act
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
    • National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)
  • Today Americans [everyone else, more so] are…
    • subject to search and seizure without a warrant
    • detained or imprisoned indefinitely
      • without charge
      • without evidence
      • without a lawyer
      • without a trial
    • tortured, and/or assassinated…
    •  … merely for being accused of being associated with terrorism.

The intro finishes with (paraphrasing), “Looking away from the real evidence of 9/11 is morally and intellectually indefensible.” Then the video does an outstanding job of presenting that evidence and the science… focusing on the destruction of the three towers.

Calling for “a new investigation.”

Neil and Angie looked at each other. She was as moved as he was. “Chance is right, we’ve been lied to. What do you plan to do?” she asked him.

“I have to man up, honey,” he replied. “But it’s going to be a major change in the way we look at the world, and probably in the way our world looks at us. The Manistee job is out. I’m going to read Chance’s book, follow up with more of the references, to beef up my knowledge, but I’m joining the Red Pill team officially in a few days.”

“You’ll bring a LOT of others with you, too,” Angie said.

“I expect so,” he replied. “Best case scenario—with about a 40% chance—is to go for it, all in. My status is what Chance’s system calls ‘2d Little Boy,’ meaning my changing sides may be a tipping point resulting in imminent end of Leviathan.”

“Meaning a possible window of high vulnerability,” she replied. “It doesn’t matter, you’re doing the right thing and I’m standing by you thru thick or thin.”

“Love you, babe. Stand tall. I’ll get with Chance tomorrow to design the public declaration,” Neil finished.

Next day the two men talked on the phone. They agreed that the best initial declaration would be for Neil to follow up on the same letter Chance had sent to Neil and all the Rocket Shop associates (in email form). Neil would email to that same distribution list—that is, to their company email addresses—a short paragraph as follows:

Some weeks ago, Hiram Chance sent to us an email message that referred us to a book he had written on 9/11 which summarized 12 other works that show the official story of 9/11 is untrue. He also asked that we examine some of these key works and if we find them valid, to publicly make known our convictions… then to share the information forward. I’m sending this message to indicate that I have looked at all the materials and agree with Chance on 9/11 and that we need a fully empowered grand jury(s) to convene and bring indictments of all legitimate suspects.


Neil Hansen

9/11 Toto Affiliate Wrap Up

[1] SS = Secret Squirrel = ‘Intelligence (Intel)’

[2] Self-identified and self-publicized name: New World Order (NWO)

[3] When the Prophet first constructed the Toto Correspondent system, he had not anticipated that a positively responding SRD could be so influential as to be a super-lotto-winning tipping point in the entire war for a gven Toto truth. Thus Neil is about to become the lever moving the 9/11 Truth world toward victory… from which, qua linchpin, all the other truth victories will shortly follow. Can you say Hallelujah and Amen, Brothers and Sisters!?

[4] Official Conspiracy Theory: “19 named-and-pictured Arabs commandeered four jetliners, and in the absence of any defensive measures by the Air Force, caused the demolition of three NYC skyscrapers, damage to the Pentagon, and a mysterious sink hole in Pennsylvania.”

[5] From After 9/11 Truth, Chapter 2.

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