Brian’s Column: The Truman Prophecy, Excerpt #13

From Part I: Dorothy Scarecrow: Fed Grand Jury on Geongineering

Truman_Front[Excerpt from The Truman Prophecy, due for publication 12/25/15.]

Federal Grand Jury on Geoengineering, Sacramento, California. Clarkson Hodges after a key conference call with Chance and Brother Al in late March of this year, contacted his local Californian, Dane Wigington, prolific leader of [Or perhaps Dane—after reading the Prophecy—initiated the contact to Clarkson via Chance/BroAl.]

In any case, they arranged to meet, early April, in a restaurant in Redding, Northern California. They were to discuss submittal of a petition to the most proximate sitting, actual federal grand jury (in Eureka, CA)—also believed by Hodges to be overseen by the most uncorrupted and Constitutionally knowledgeable district court judge—to investigate and indict federal and state government officials, as well as corporate and labor accomplices, for attempted manslaughter of Northern California residents, specifically, and Californians in general.

“Nice to meet you, Clarkson,” said Dane

“Likewise, Dane, it’s an honor. I so appreciate your yeoman’s service in the cause of clean, healthful skies, free from directed high-energy electromagnetic assault via HAARP[1] and other geoengineering programs. Your Website is the gold standard for the movement.”

“Clarkson, we’re meeting because I’m very interested in your ideas of popular assertion of First Principle rights by means of independent, fully empowered grand juries. Well, as outlined and described by Hiram Chance in The Truman Prophecy,” Dane began. “Also, of course, in your works.”

“Yes, let’s see what we can do,” replied Clarkson.

Dane continued, “From the research I’ve done to this point, and what I’ve collected from others over the past decade, we know beyond a reasonable doubt that these geoengineering programs exist and that they are crimes against humanity of great magnitude.”

“Fine,” Clarkson said, “we’ll need to assemble a formal letter with citation of federal law or First Prniciples violated, evidence of the violation, persons suspected of having a hand in the violation, and identification of witnesses for testimony. How long do you think that will take?”

Dane scratched his chin a minute, then replied, “I can get you all that. But I do see a problem with identifying suspects, namely, the evidence shows the toxic atmospheric spraying (TAS) is being conducted covertly—with a very high level of secrecy—by the military, probably under direction of NATO and the Air Force. Similarly, the HAARP electromagnetic blasts occur under extreme clandestine military control.”

“Basically, what we need to do in these kinds of circumstances is to identify for the grand jury the probable causative agencies and their publicly documented leadership,” offered Hodges.

“Makes sense,” said Dane, “we basically let the GJ sort these matters out. You say this Eureka subdistrict court is managed by a liberty-oriented judge?”

“Yes, I know him personally. Joseph Wayne. He’s a former California state superior court judge who has run for public office on the Libertarian ticket. He understands the fundamentals of grand juries as a fourth branch of government, and tries to assure ‘his’ grand jury functions autonomously without interference from federal judges, prosecutors, or other likely corrupt officers of the court.”

Dane agreed, “Sounds like we will get a true independent grand jury expression with the Eureka court. I guess we can handle corporate complicity the same way as government official misconduct in office: specify companies we suspect of participating in these secret programs and bring in their top executives to testify. Let me get back with you with a draft of the letter with evidence attachments.”

“Good, see you in a few days.”

Clarkson met with Dane the next week, and they spent some time hammering flat the formal petition. Because court procedures regarding grand juries were not rigorously identified in these days of suppression of ‘the people’s institution’ .AND. because Hodges was on positive terms with Judge Wayne, they decided they would be hand-delivering the certified letter directly to the judge’s office, themselves.

They all met in chambers on the last day of April 2016.

“Very nice to meet you, Dane, after all this time,” said the judge, offering his hand, “how are you?”

Dane was taken aback at such courtesy and favorable attention. “Fine, sir, thank you for taking this petition forward.”

“Well, I haven’t stated that I will… yet,” remarked Wayne, “but I know Clarkson’s work, and his book, and the public service work of hundreds of informed, conscientious citizens to remove the vast corruption from the judiciary of what may now be called the IL-legal or the IN-justice system.

“And I know more than a little about the geoengineering ‘high-crime assault’ as Hiram Chance refers to the felonysuite… thanks a lot to living here in California, indeed as a neighbor to the esteemed, overworked Dane Wigington.” J

“Wow, what can I say… thanks,” stammered Dane.

“Same here,” said Clarkson.

“Consider it done,” concluded the judge. “I’ll forward your petition to the grand jury straightaway, with commendation. I’ve seen your work before, Mr. Hodges, and yours, Mr. Wigington. I know the petition will be exemplary—and even if it were not, I don’t feel it is my role to interfere with communications intended for the citizens’ grand jury.”

Clarkson and Dane were stunned with elation. They felt like exiting the judge’s chambers with a formal bow, as Horatio Hornblower might perform following an audience with the queen. They positively beamed their farewells to Judge Wayne.

On Wednesday, May 11, 2016, notice was received via the register of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California that its Eureka court grand jury would investigate “Various Geoengineering Crimes by Federal Agencies and Corporate Associates on the People of California.”

Various mainstream and alternative media outlets reported that, due to the size of the case, referring judge Joseph Wayne expected to be asked by the sitting grand jury to empanel a special grand jury. And to suggest a suitable nongovernmental attorney to act as independent counsel.

Many gilded wazoos began quivering in earnest.

[1] High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

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