Brian’s Column: The Truman Prophecy (2015), Foreword and Acknowledgments

Notes on the title, key metaphors, plot, structure, and characters

Truman_Front_2_for_ColumnRight away, many will ask what’s with the title, The Truman Prophecy? Okay, what happened is one night, shortly after I’d decided to write this—my ‘liberation’ (and first) novel—I refresher-watched the movie, The Truman Show (1998).

It depicts the life of a young man, Truman Burbank, (Jim Carrey) who has been raised since birth as the unknowing star of a television show—with actors, crew, sets, ubiquitous miniature recording equipment, on a domed stage visible in deep space—broadcasting 24/7 to billions of admirers worldwide.

!!Movie Spoiler!!
To make a long story short, Truman figures out what’s going on. In the climactic scene, fan-deified director Christof (Ed Harris), who adores his creation, implores Truman to stay on the show (enjoying a comfortable life in an idyllic community). [Though things have changed, haven’t they? Now that Truman knows.]

Truman has just conquered his intentionally conditioned fear of water and piloted a sailboat thru a Christof-ordered storm to the edge of the stage. The bowsprit penetrates the canvas horizon ‘sky,’ dramatically proving his artificial world. Truman disboards and walks along a warning track to a stairway, then up to an exit door through the canvas some 10 feet above water level.

It’s at this point, in conversation with Christof—witnessed by the whole world—Truman hears the full description of how his life has been LARGELY contrived. He understands then why his deep ambitions, mainly to travel (specifically to Fiji to be with the girl he’s fallen in love with), have been thwarted.

Truman gets it.

What does he decide?

With his cheerful greeting phrase repeated daily in the show, Truman takes a bow and exits the Grand Cage … THE END.
!!End Spoiler!!

My mind then raced with the epiphany that Truman’s deception-and-deliverance is a microcosm of the broad swath of decent, caring humanity: We’ve been wholly manipulated by puppetmasters for their own aggrandizement, and for amusement/ benefit of unseen, unchosen audiences.

Yet many of us retain our precious individual dreams. Once we realize that we’ve been manipulated—by oft-comforting illusions—into surrendering them, a large number of us will take the risky step toward asserting our nature as independent human beings (Independents). Hence, The Truman Prophecy.

Positive and can do.

Foundations for optimism:

My big picture of the world today parallels what I’ve discovered in the Thrive movement, founded by Foster and Kimberly Gamble, and in their remarkable video[1] (now having been viewed 34 million times, in 27 languages). I also have gained indispensable insights into mind control via a short video from, entitled “Rule from the Shadows, Part 1” (please locate on YouTube).

What these two sources convey is the mechanics of the world domination process and our practical response to it… esp. how we as cooperating, free individuals will flourish by extirpating this giant barnacle on the ass of progress from the world. I see many additional signs of success in our common goal.

The other central metaphor:

As readers will see, I’m using quite a number of figurative or symbolic references in the course of putting my story together—from the 1955 movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers to Hans Christian Andersen’s fable, The Emperor’s New Suit. But by far the major parables I’ve drawn from the 1939 classic movie The Wizard of Oz: especially the interactions of Dorothy, Toto, and the Wizard.

This book germinates from my early inklings of the general truth movement, particularly the ‘Greatest Deception’ of the 9/11 attacks, then as the demolition of that official story led to others—toxic skies, staged incidents, vaccines, GMOs, ‘smart’ meters, etc.—I came to see the foundation of tyranny in the public’s deception and in the Old World Order of those doing it.

Moreover, I noted that many if not most of those I knew in the liberty movement were reluctant to dispute the official mainstream fairy tales. Indeed, one day a fine lady I’d done a project with in the Free State (New Hampshire) asked me point blank, “Brian, what does truth have to do with liberty?” And I was taken aback, then… because I had no ready answer.

Now I do:

Long form: Those who would rule us and take away our freedom must have moral legitimacy in our eyes, which they can only create by deceiving or defrauding us. Thus they maintain a Grand Illusion—like the Wizard of Oz’s calliope of phantasms—in order to manufacture perceptions and corresponding emotions in the masses… so that people will turn to them as rightful rulers.

Short form: People are a lot easier to hammer flat when you soften them up into believing your BS.

Knowledge of the truth, by disrupting the propaganda machinery, ends the process in men’s minds that produces statism and tyranny. But truth alone does nothing to engender liberty: people must assert the truth, then prosecute the aggressors that the lies protect. Dorothy, when she sees what’s behind the curtain that Toto retracts, reads the Wizard the riot act.

In other words, to ‘get home’ (achieve liberty), the people must bear witness to Toto (be willing to see the truth) and ‘Dorothy up’ (effect justice). Q.E.D. (quod erat demonstrandum: which was to be proved). J

Regarding novel stuff:

The Truman Prophecy is a story of fulfillment—thru the spontaneous cooperative actions of a blossoming cadre of truth and justice activists—of a spiritual, psychological, and political movement. What I call the Independents’ Movement (IM) … its major worldwide launch and milestone coinciding with Independents’ Day (ID), November 8, 2016 (election day).

The novel begins on 11/7/16, Declaration Eve, then flashes backward incrementally by year:

  • Part 1 (2016) covers the ‘Dorothying up’ phase, or bringing of justice, popular symbolic gestures, and personal transformation of people as Independents
  • Part 2 (2015) is the Toto (truth) phase serving as the foundation for Part 1, cultivating the conceptual faculty, and providing evidence to the grand juries
  • Part 3 (2014) provides the context and forging of the Prophecy on the advil of freedom’s struggle—thru so many brave souls and patriots the Prophet has known and learned from.

Then achieving the threshold release of ID, which chronologically follows Part 1 and Declaration Eve and ushering in an era of awakening, liberty, abundance, health, humanity… and cleanup of Old Word Order debris.

I have a radiant vision of my ideal world: I call it a Billion+ Points of Light Society. Which I truly see rising from a prerequisite building block of my desgin: the Worldwide Society of Independents.

These visions are way more than fictional concepts.

They are real and will be achieved.

At the same time, taking a page from motivational speaker Mike Dooley,[2] no dream ever materializes exactly as dreamt: Hold firmly a general ideal… then hoist sail toward it daily—without worrying whether every little thing conforms just so. Embrace the present logical action, don’t obsess over the details.

Fulfillment of my fictional ‘Prophecy’ will likely not closely match the steps that occur to get humankind to the New Paradigm of peace, freedom, and abundance. But it could.

I’m using a blend of fiction and nonfiction to set forth the movement, sometimes in naming of characters whose real parallel is a key author aligned with the liberty movement. Up front, yours truly is the manifestation of Hiram T. Chance (aka the Prophet); Kelly Mordecai is the real author and inspiration for the character Clarkson Hodges; Pete and Doreen Hendrickson are this world’s parents of the character I’ve named Karen Stevens.

Finally—and this could turn out to be a key discovery outweighing the value of the book—I think, in the course of writing, I’ve stumbled upon a spiritual ‘magic move’ that enables every individual worldwide to break free of the violence cycle decisively. Like David Lee’s Gravity Golf discoveries for unleashing effortless power, this ‘magic move’—learned with modest practice—will end the Men of the Power Sickness and their Death Star operations tomorrow. [Refer to ‘The Prophecy’ under Part 3.]


To the many brave souls carrying on the fight for truth, justice, and liberty, and people who have helped me, I’m sure I’ll leave someone out. In no particular order: David Lonier, Shane Trejo, Dennis Marburger, Pete and Doreen Hendrickson, Katie Hendrickson, Rose Wright, Arleen Kuehn, Dick Kennedy, Dave Hooper, Randy Szabla, Pat Heller, Jim Dodson, George Meegan, Ayumi Woodman, James Lee Valentine, Dr. Tanya, Claudio Marty, Michael Atkinson, Dale Haviland, Gordon Bird, Brett Elkins, Rip MacKenzie, Jason Brandenburg, Jon Rappoport, Brother Karl, Dean Hazel.


[2] (under the Dream tab). Dooley talks about “the Secret behind the Secret.”

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