Help Mark Baker, Patriot

Patriots to help Mark Baker fight Michigan tyrants… again
Please pitch in, courtesy Shane Trejo, 10th Amendment Center

Mark_BakerMark Baker is in trouble. State bureaucrats will not leave him alone. They stormed onto his property AGAIN yesterday with search warrants based on some trumped up charges.

A patriotic activist, Stefanie Simmet gave a more detailed explanation of what occurred on Facebook:

“The Michigan Department of Agriculture showed up on Mark Baker’s farm this morning with a search warrant, accompanied by the Michigan State Police. They left after Mark informed them that he wanted witnesses, and that he had friends on the way. The warrant is good for 3 days, and we expect them to be back, and possibly for Mark to be arrested. They’re obviously looking for something, and we have a sneaking suspicion that they just might find something…

Approximately 8 months ago, someone caught 2 DNR agents, who used snowmobiles to access Mark’s property, on Mark’s property illegally while the family was away. They were seen coming out of one of Mark’s barns.

When Mark reported this trespassing, he contacted Rep. Moolenaar to ask for an investigation into such lawlessness. Rep. Moolenaar contacted the DNR, who of course, denied everything.

Mark’s sheriff, Sheriff James Bosscher (Missaukee County), has refused from the get-go to protect Mark’s Constitutional rights against the tyranny of our DNR and Attorney General Bill Schuette, and would not get involved whatsoever. The County Sheriff holds all the power and authority to prevent this lawlessness, and he needs to DO HIS JOB !!!”

Baker also released a video last night explaining in his own words what took place. He urges people to keep level heads during these trying times. He will be releasing more videos on his Youtube channel in the days to come.

In the mean time, we need to ring the following bureaucrats’ phones off the hook, and demand that they protect Mark Baker’s rights. Demand that they uphold their oath to the Constitution, and stop the petty senseless persecution of Mark Baker. Demand that they end their illegal war on Food Freedom and small farmers for good:

Sheriff James Bosscher: 231-839-4338
Senator Darwin Booher:  517.373.1725
Attorney General Bill Schuette:  517.373.1110

Please spring into action, and tell others to do so before it is too late.

God Bless,
Shane Trejo
State Director
Michigan Tenth Amendment Center

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