Brian’s Column: Time for the 9/11 Justice Movement

And by that I mean independent, fully empowered grand juries…

HIdden… and of course, fully informed petit juries who exercise their authority over judges and prosecutors. So it’s been a long haul and a slosh thru the muck in the various truth movements, especially the premier one: 9/11 Truth. What, it will be 15 years this coming September, and so far no legitimate suspects have even faced indictment! No fully empowered, independent grand juries have been empaneled at either the federal or state levels. As a consequence, the 9/11 Truth movement shows signs of internal strife and nobody appears to be moving forward with focus to apprehend and prosecute the criminals who did the deed.

After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_ReducedWhat follows is a Facebook post reply I made on a thread in the I am the Face of Truth Group deftly run by Claudio Marty et al. It concerns the general issue of ‘Judy Wood,’ whose proponents tend to take an adversarial tack to the standard Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911T) more ‘official story’ inside the 9/11 truth movement. I’m personally relatively new to hearing the Judy Wood theory(s)… but it’s been my general impression that partisans of Wood are dismissive of the body of work that has been produced by AE911T and other allied researchers. Here is my post today:

As a matter of strategy–and we’re discussing the World Trade Center devastation only–we need to focus on the least common denominator of factual data that everyone agrees with, which I believe is a) WTC7 was intentionally demolished using standard controlled demolition techniques, b) WTC1 and WTC2 look like at least partial controlled demolitions perhaps augmented or integrated with other destructive technologies, c) the structural steel and other debris from the destruction of the towers was hauled away and intentionally destroyed, and d) nanothermite and iron microspheres were found in the dust (also molten metal persisted for weeks under the debris pile–tho I understand some in the DEW (directed energy weaponry) camp contest this, so we can leave it out of the initial brief).

Another_19Based on these generally accepted facts–some even accepted even in the official story community–we have enough to petition an independent federal or state grand jury(s) to investigate–hear testimony, question suspects and witnesses, subpoena government officials, etc.– and bring indictments. We also have reasonable assessment of those who had motive and means and opportunity to perpetrate the crime. A starter list of suspects (for the whole of 9/11) is provided by Kevin Ryan’s excellent book: Another 19 (

I am not in a position to do this, but if we have an attorney who understands the basic principles of legal grand juries–meaning the hidden fourth branch of government charged with monitoring and indicting ‘gross official misconduct’ and with full authority over all the officers of the court in that jurisdiction (–then please, if you have time, bring other people together to help you, not everyone needs to be an attorney, write up and submit a petition to any grand jury or judge in a jurisdiction where Americans have standing. Which means pretty much any federal court jurisdiction and several state court jurisdictions.

Let’s have someone else who buys into this idea go ahead and initiate a FB Group (e.g.. 9/11 Grand Jury) and/or Website, then get going on bringing the crime of 9/11 to a grand jury. Such an empowered, independent grand jury(s) would be charged with hearing all evidence. So if other causes besides what AE911 and more conventional truth workers have researched have legs, they will see light before a grand jury of our peers… then later, upon indictment/ presentment, before trial juries.

In the meantime, I agree with David Slesinger, there is no need for either ‘side’ to cast aspersions on the other. We can all discuss the various theories fairly and dispassionately. The truth will out. It is high time that the 9/11 Truth movement (and the general truth movement on several other high-crime assaults of the government-corporate complex) morph into the 9/11 (and other) JUSTICE movement. We have enough information to bring all the legitimate suspects of the crime to trial. Let’s quit talking and set that up.

Anyone for initiating the Facebook Group 9/11 Grand Jury?

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1 thought on “Brian’s Column: Time for the 9/11 Justice Movement

  1. This is exactly what we need. I run the Facebook page “Pass H.RES.14 (28 pages on 9/11) to bring awareness to a bill moving through Congress to release important covered up 9/11 information. Mainly, this is for total transparency, not to point fingers until these pages are released, analyzed, and investigated. I would love to help if I can.

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