Guest Column: Obama Sheds Fake Tears for Wrong Victims

Obama Sheds Crocodile Tears in Push for Gun Control
Infowars, January 5, 2016

NobamaPresident Obama really tried to sell his sorrow and grief during his most recent speech on gun control, in a pandering display that should go down as one of the greatest theatrical performances in political history.

After a long introduction to his unconstitutional gun plans filled with pregnant pauses for effect, absurd jokes and misinformed stats, the Commander-in-Chief, as in previous instances, broke down into fake tears.

“Every time I think about those kids [at Sandy Hook], it gets me mad. And by the way, it happens on the streets of Chicago every day,” the president said, evidently acknowledging that the city with the toughest gun laws in America has a high homicide rate.

In 2012, Alex Jones called the president out on his fake crying during his gun control push shortly following the Sandy Hook school shooting.

“This is pure exploitation by the corrupt ruling class that wants to disarm us,” Jones said.

As pointed out in another video report, Obama never sheds a single tear for the hundreds of children killed by CIA drone strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and other parts of the world.

Nobody_DiedEditor’s Note: The good news is nobody appears to have actually, you know, died at Sandy Hook (and Obama knows the Sandy Hook incident was a false-flag act of state terror in the form of a FEMA drill using crisis actors at a school that was not operational at the time nor had any students). So the O’s tears, however fake, are probably tears of joy that he may be getting away with another evisceration of our liberties under cover of manipulation rampant perceptual-emotional consciousness.

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