Brian’s Column: Donald Trump (Re)visited

A plus and minus perspective on the Trumpster as president, for libertarians

TrumpA sage, or at least hopeful, comment on an Infowars video—somewhat misleadingly entitled “Trump’s 9/11 Truth Moment at RNC Debate in SC“—I put up on Facebook:

“I wasn’t going to vote at all but I keep seeing the same crap being done to Trump that they did to Ron Paul, so now I am going to vote for him.”

The only briefly mention on 9/11 in the SC debate was “The WTC came down in his brother’s reign. Remember that. [Boos—it was a handpicked Republican insider crowd in South Carolina!] That’s not keeping us safe.”

But the bigger comments on 9/11 came from October 2015: “Trump said that ignores a crucial fact—that George W. Bush failed to stop the Sept. 11 attacks. Worse yet, Trump said on Oct. 20, 2015, that Bush knew the 2001 attacks were coming:”

‘His brother could have made some mistakes with respect to the actual hit because they did know it was coming and George Tenet, the head of the CIA, told them it was coming,” Trump said on CNN’s New Day. “So they did have advanced notice and they didn’t really work on it.’

Then more of an analysis, again from Infowars, where Alex Jones interviews longtime Republican liberty-conservative insider, Roger Stone: How The Elite Plan To Steal The Election From Trump. Speaks to the points of a brokered convention and the establishment neocon wing of the party trying to block the popular winner, which  certainly looks like it will be Trump. This was just before the Iowa primary. [A brokered convention now looks unlikely thanks to Jeb Bush leaving the race.]

I watched Trump’s key statements from the SC debate, and, frankly, he was masterly: on Iraq, on 9/11, on jobs, on the debt, on special interests, on identifying with the workers, and even on immigration… except of course for ‘the (ludicrous, not to mention a humanitarian and environmental atrocity) Wall’— that Cheney and friends have already built a large percentage of. But you also have to be able to separate, more than other candidates, what Trump says for stage effect and what he really intends to do. [I’d hope to count on his disdain for expensive boondoggles.]

He connects, he shoots straight, he speaks to the common working man, he’s at least more antiwar than any of the other candidates of both parties, he doesn’t seem to think that US foreign policy should be dictated, or at least not entirely, by Tel Aviv and AIPAC (the Zionistas). He came out against executive orders that Obama is using to create a total full-spectrum Orwellian state. The worst I can think of him is he’s protectionist. As counter, he’s the only candidate who’s shown any interest in telling the TPP and its NWO thugs to take their con and shove it.

AND he’s sliced the thin end of the wedge into breaking the dam of the mainstream-media-induced, consensus-reality, zombie-trance-ignorance syndrome holding back the general truth movement. Donald Trump may be the little boy pointing out that the Emperor wears no clothes—on all the global truth force issues, not just 9/11.

As counter to the view that Trump will open things up and lead to truth-and-justice-based government, let me post a well-written FB comment from Eileen Coles, a respected 9/11 Truth citizen-analyst:

Donald Trump’s friendship with the Clintons and his position as a wealthy high level land owner in NYC means that he regularly rubs elbows socially with people like the Rockefellers and “Lucky” Larry Silverstein – those who are very likely by their silence complicit (at best) with the events of 9/11. So this begs the question – why is he posturing as a 9/11 Truther? Why is he working to attract Truthers to his voter base? Why in the wake of the convenient deaths of people like Barry Jennings and Janette MacKinlay is he willing to put his life on the line to defy his wealthy and powerful friends?

The answer is more complex than it appears. Over time, the raw emotional wounds of that day have healed, however badly and slowly. People are now starting to look at 9/11 more rationally, more calmly. As such they are noticing the logical gaps in the official story and our movement is growing by the day.

The famous quote from Ghandi applies here – first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you. The perpetrators of the 9/11 war crime have reached the fighting stage because there are now too many of us to either laugh at or ignore.

The perpetrators of the 9/11 war crime have committed numerous subsequent false flags toward the goal of both terrorizing and disarming the American citizenry. The inevitable response to this from the American people has been to look at “the original and still the worst” false flag – 9/11 – in a more critical light. 9/11 Truth is starting to go mainstream. The perps can’t afford that, so they’ve come up with a way to derail the movement entirely.

Trump is not expected to win the Presidency. He’s an extremist fascist clown even by GOP standards, and it’s being said that he’s basically doing this to galvanize support for his friend Hillary. The very fact that he’s marching around like a fascist blowhard but is so very chummy with the Clintons should be setting off EVERYBODY’S alarm system. But if you really need to see the “bad weirdness”, think about the odd fact that Trump is mysteriously capable of getting away with bringing up 9/11 Truth in his campaign, in the mainstream media, on national television, and nobody’s tried to kill or otherwise silence him yet.

Why bother to engage in this ridiculous performance? It ends up being more about his voter base than it is about him. Trump’s supporters have one thing in common – they’re all ANGRY. And if there’s one thing this cabal understands and can work with, it’s cannon fodder who are ANGRY. This is much more about the people Trump is trying to herd than it is about him.

Some time either before or (more likely) after the American Presidential election, one or more of Trump’s disgruntled and angry voters will be volunteered by the powers that be to become the next lucky winner of the “bad guy du jour” false flag patsy contest. It becomes glaringly obvious that 9/11 Truth will conveniently fit into this equation. They can’t ignore us anymore. Laughing at us isn’t working either. So now they’re going to fight us. They’re going to make it very, very dangerous to be a 9/11 Truther. They’re going to enact another false flag, and this time we get to be the bad guys. They’re going to blame it on us.

One or more of Trump’s angriest 9/11 Truth supporters will be selected for assassination, as surely as Adam and Nancy Lanza were. They will posthumously be found to have been “insane”, “on SSRI medication”, “white supremacist”, and of course part of the 9/11 Truth Movement. A lot of this will be complete bullshit, but dead people don’t get to tell their own stories. Just ask Nancy and Adam Lanza. Or Tamerlan Tsarnev. Or Aaron Alexis. Or Myron May. Or Barry Jennings. Or Janette MacKinlay.

In the wake of whatever atrocity the cabal’s soulless, brainwashed crisis actors vociferously commit in the name of 9/11 Truth and blame on their chosen patsy, the Department of Hopeless Insecurity will then OUTLAW 9/11 Truth. Being a member of the movement will be tantamount to an act of terrorism. The harassment and illicit domestic surveillance we already have to endure will ratchet up a thousandfold. They will try to silence and intimidate us with this tactic, which I guarantee you all is well into the planning stages as we speak.

And then she refers to a Washington Post column here. Which I brought up to my friendly neighborhood Free Stater, who’s supported Trump for months now. His response:

Washington Post, Brian. Big investment in smearing Trump. He is what he is. We’ll see if the Post is right, or if he’s a real destroyer and disrupter. Here’s hoping it’s the latter.

Then I responded:

Agree with you, Tim. More or less. None of the candidates is worth a bucket of warm spit when it comes to civil liberties (or truth). But he’s the closest in the mainstream parties. And he seems to give some rationale for many of his positions, not just kneejerk. He definitely connects to real people, actually a lot like Bernie Sanders in that respect. The election will be a major success if it knocks out the Clintons and the Bushies, which appears to be a genuine prospect now.

Also, the LP—love ’em or leave ’em—can add some major stirs to the pot.

But I really don’t think Trump will finally crush us, as the others certainly will… he knows that tyranny is expensive, and I do believe he’s amenable to learning… unlike any of the other real prospects. There’s much that’s good, potentially much that’s bad. I also don’t think the power will go to his head like the others, or like the effin’ dictator wannabe in office now. He may even end many of the assaults of the Threat Matrix ( We’re running out of time on all of these genocidal attacks on Americans and humankind.

My guess is that, if he wins the nomination, Trump will win in a landslide on Election Day… if he is not Breitbarted or Scaliaed. But the precautionary warning is that Trump will not have the balls to call the Emperor naked, i.e. seriously lay waste to the NWO by simply being honest… because for one thing, he’s an insider… or at least he certainly was one. And a major friggin’ one, too. Sanders throws a wrinkle in Hillary’s plans, but if she retains control through her enormous superdelegate advantage, the scenario of Trump facilitating a renewed Clinton regime (by essentially throwing the election with overspeak) becomes realistic.

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