Guest Column: Extremist Overreaction Syndrome

As public political discourse descends to new lows,
what is a common-sense person to do?
by Paul Jacob [Common Sense]

JacobThis is a recent column by my good friend and fellow independent Web columnist Paul Jacob, pertaining to the Trump phenomenon. It’s short and to the point, so I’m posting the entire piece, with a hearty recommendation to subscribe to Paul’s daily column—which is always erudite, efficient, and practical. He’s also timely, every weekday 9-10 a.m. Eastern Time. Subscribe here.

Well, not go over the deep end.

What is that end?

Maybe it is Trump Anxiety Syndrome, the haunting fear that Donald Trump may become the next president.

Hey, I don’t support The Donald, but I always try to avoid syndromes.

Besides, I know many of his supporters. They are not as crazy as folks on the left think they must be. Indeed, East and Left Coast elites think that Trump is Hitler, and that his supporters are Nazis and white supremacists — as per a Saturday Night Live mock TV ad, just aired this weekend.

That’s way off, and those with common sense to apply should stop the demonization. It is not winning over Trump supporters.

Indeed, one plausible theory about the rise of Trump mania is that it is a reaction to previous unhinged leftist sneers and extremist excesses.

Extremes breed extremes. Calling someone who hates Nazis a Nazi might even make them hate Nazis less. Smart people don’t encourage that.

So, you oppose Trump? Seriously? Then, let’s consider emphasizing reason over bile. Avoid ad hominems and demonization. Left, right or center, the only workable Trump opposition will be done with facts and arguments . . . that address the real, legitimate concerns that led to Mr. Trump’s popularity.

And maybe try a bit of charity — at the very least to his admirers.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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