Guest Column: Orlando Gay Community

Caught in the crossfire on an international stage
by Kevin Brant, excerpted from Facebook post to General Truth News

OrlandoCasting about on the Web and social networks, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the ‘Orlando incident’ is extremely fishy to say the least. I particularly appreciate this serious attempt to provide background. From a well-reasoned post on Facebook by Kevin Brant. — Ed.

Is there more to this story than meets the eye?

Evidence and recent history suggests yes there is:

A 2014 Human Rights Watch Report found that government agents were ‘directly involved’ in most high-profile US terror plots:

“Nearly all of the highest-profile domestic terrorism plots in the United States since 9/11 featured the ‘direct involvement’ of government agents or informants, a new report says.”

Why do governments inflict terror on their own population?

Because “acts of terror…benefit those in positions of power.” They drive the narrative, they narrow the parameters of the debate, they focus our collective conscious on the specific interests of the governments and oligarchs behind the attack which can be both domestic and foreign.

Why do we suspect that this specific incident is part of a larger, well documented, pattern of state-sponsored terror?

Because we know that the official story is not true for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Too many bullets were alleged to have been fired in the time allotted
  • Reports of multiple gunmen which we have seen in other false flags attacks
  • The alleged gunman’s ties to and contacts with individuals and organizations involved in previous acts of state sponsored terror

These have been documented by a number of serious researchers and scholars including Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., Wayne Madsen, an independent journalist with experience in naval intelligence and at the NSA, investigative reporter Jon Rappoport, researcher Craig McKee, and so on.

More than anything, “The thing that sets off major alarm bells right from the beginning is the familiar and immediate association of a violent ‘terrorist’ with radical Islam… The links to Islam are incredibly common in so many blatant false flag operations, particularly since 9/11. When an act of ‘terror’ is immediately linked by authorities and the media to Muslim extremism it is almost enough to lead one to assume the event is a false flag in support of the completely fake ‘war on terror.’”

This type of demonization of Muslims as radicals in false flag attacks by the mainstream media is as predictable as the placards at a Westboro Baptist Church picket of a gay funeral.

Do the people behind this attack have any connections to the antigay culture wars of the 1980s and 90s? This appears to be the case:

The culture wars were largely conducted by Christian Zionists, which were coordinated by The Council on National Policy (CNP). The CNP was founded by Tim LaHaye in 1980—one year after the War on Terror was first proposed at the Jerusalem Conference sponsored by the Netanyahu Institute in 1979.

LaHaye’s Christian Zionist Left Behind series (the Scofield Bible of the 1980s) galvanized an evangelical fervor for Israel’s genocidal policies, a campaign of intolerance, and an enthusiasm for war in the Middle East by focusing on End Times theology (Membership in this highly secretive CNP has included Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Oliver North, Ed Meese, John Ashcroft, and Elsa Prince—the mother of Erik Prince who founded Blackwater.)

The propaganda surrounding the Orlando attack is Zionist in nature and appears to be a case of Israeli or Zionist so-called pinkwashing. These propagandists use the public’s aversion to antigay bigotry and violence (fueled by Zionist rhetoric and bigotry) to build support and enthusiasm for the Israeli/American genocide of Muslims and Arabs currently underway in the Middle East. Creating the problem, controlling the reaction, and offering a solution is the classic Zionist strategy. Propping up both sides of the conflict is a defining feature of the War on Terror—a phrase Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu coined in 1984.

Do we know exactly what happened at the Pulse in Orlando?

No, we don’t. Many experienced researchers are investigating this attack by combing through the available data.

Do we have any idea of what may have happened based upon examinations of previous state sponsored terrorist attacks?

We might. Kevin Barrett edited and helped write the book, We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, which analyzed and spelled out what really happened in the Paris attacks in 2015. Analysis and research can take weeks, months or years before all of the pieces finally come together. During the time period that ensues, the general public often loses interest in the original attacks and the mainstream media fails to report these later findings when revealed. This analysis of Charlie Hebdo is what good research can produce once the evidence rises to the surface:

“The Orlando, Florida, nightclub mass shooting that killed dozens of people on Sunday looks like another false flag operation carried out by Blackwater mercenaries, not by Muslims,” says Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American academic who has been studying the events of 9/11 since late 2003.

Is there a clear precedent of government orchestrated waves of terror involving a variety of government, intelligence and military agencies which were undetected by the general public over a long period of time?

Yes, there are many including the so-called Strategy of Tension behind the Operation Gladio terrorist bombing campaign which involved a variety of governments and government agencies orchestrated over decades. Gladio was eventually revealed by FOIA requests in Italy. This is often referred to as NATO’s secret army and aspects of the current wave of terror are often referred to as Gladio B.

The shooting in Orlando, Florida, is not about homosexuals… or Muslims or assault rifles.

It is about waging aggressive warfare overseas, empowering the domestic police state, and electing a warmongering President.

Dr. Graeme McQueen, founding member of the Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster University, Canada and author of The 2001 Anthrax Deception, argues that the prime suspects in any such case should be intelligence agencies.

Don’t crazy people do crazy things that produce mass casualties? Yes they do. Michael Aydinian, a British writer who, has written about Zionism and its role in terror and world politics addresses both of these issues in his post:

A proper update on the Orlando shooting
by Michael Aydinian

I want to get one thing straight: mass killings aren’t all false flags for there are bound to be random acts of madness, as I pointed out yesterday: Anders Breivik massacred 77; Andreas Lubitz murdered 149 when he crashed Germanwings Flight 4U9525 into the French Alps. I made the point too, since Muslims weren’t involved, the media were unable to plant a terrorist spin upon these wretched events….

The same mean spirited rhetoric which produced the culture wars of the 80s & 90s appear to be underway now but this time the target is Muslims. It is the Clash of Civilizations Zionists have been working to achieve.

Why would the mainstream media hide the truth behind these attacks? Who controls the media?

What is I Am Face the Face of Truth? (FOT) and why are we interested in the Orlando attacks?

FOT is an international coalition of world citizens interested in ending the wars which have been fueled by 911 lies. We are dedicated to exposing the truth behind the headlines and we believe that 911 truth is the key to that endeavor.

Read the rest of this seriously researched column by Kevin Brant on Facebook.

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  1. The Likud Party, Jerry Falwell, Zionism & 911

    “From the moment that the Likud party government took power in Israel in 1977, a top priority of the Jabotinskyites (advocates for Greater Israel ed.) was the forging of a long-term strategic partnership with leading Christian fundamentalists in America, who were profiled as susceptible to a rabidly pro-Israel theology. In 1978, the Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs sponsored the publication of a book, American Fundamentalism and Israel: The Relation of Fundamentalist Churches to Zionism and the State of Israel, by Yona Malachy.

    Begin invited The Reverend Jerry Falwell for his first official visit to Israel, 1979, his government gave Falwell a gift — a Lear Jet.”

    “The same year that Falwell received his Lear Jet, 1979, he formed the Moral Majority, an organization that changed the political landscape in the United States.”

    The cofounder of the Moral Majority, Paul Weyrich, was a PNAC signatory.

    “The War on Terror is essentially an Israeli war strategy. It was first promoted on the world stage by Benjamin Netanyahu and Menachem Begin (of the terrorist Likud party) at the Jerusalem Conference hosted by the Netanyahu Institute in July 1979.”

    The Secret History of Jerry Falwell

    On 911, when Jerry Falwell & Pat Robertson were busy pointing the at gays and lesbians for the 911 attacks, not only did he not mention his relationship to Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu–he also failed to mention his lucrative business relationship with the illegal drug smuggling owner of the “terrorist” flight school in Venice: Wally Hilliard–where Mohammed Atta “learned to fly.”

    Jerry Falwell: The Father of Modern Christian Zionism

    Bill Berkowitz
    The Electronic Intifada

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