Brian’s Column: While the Would-Be Emperors are Diddlin’

… Syria is about to blow up

syriaAnd there’s nothing either the Donald’s people or the Hillary’s people are going to do about it. If anything, especially Clinton, they want to throw fuel on the fire. Here’s Paul Craig Roberts (PCRs) column “If Trump Were Sexually Interested In Men, It Would Be Politically Incorrect To Say Anything About It.” And an important passage from his guest columnist, Stephen Lendman:

“Tireless Russian good faith efforts [for peace and cease fire in Syria] failed because Washington and its rogue allies want war, not peace, Syrian sovereign independence destroyed, not preserved, US-led Western puppet governance replacing democratic rule.

“Syrian UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari bluntly explained blocking Russia’s responsible resolution “confirms for the hundredth time that those who stood against it have no political will to fight against terrorism…to achieve inter-Syrian settlement.”

“Russian UN envoy Vitaly Churkin, current Security Council president, called Saturday’s session “one of the most bizarre…in (SC) history” – two dueling resolutions proposed, knowing neither would be adopted.

“America, Britain and France used Saturday’s proceedings to politicize their imperial interests – opposing vital Syrian/Russian vital efforts to free Aleppo from the scourge of US-backed terrorists, wanting them protected, free to continue mass slaughter and destruction, supported by Pentagon-led “coalition” warplanes.

“Things seem headed inevitably toward East/West confrontation, Obama laying the groundwork for Hillary next year, looking increasingly more likely. War between the world’s two dominant nuclear powers may follow.

America’s rage for dominance threatens everyone, everywhere. Hugely dangerous flashpoint conditions in Syria may spark explosive nuclear war putting humanity’s fate up for grabs.

“Imperial madness may kill us all – yet public ignorance and dismissiveness remain mindless of the greatest of all possible threats.”

And as I offered via an email to friends:

‘The oligarchs’ want war and Trump in effect protests too little; it’s clear the dominant cabal inside the New World Order has picked Hillary as its window mannequin and are banging the drums madly against any alternative… for whatever reasons will appeal to its ‘PC Jerry Springer Show’-like patrons.

‎But PCR is apparently oblivious to the Dark Horse represented by the Libertarian Party presidential ticket, Gary Johnson and William Weld (JW). Whatever the machinations of the consumate pol Weld—and here is a passionate flaming arrow launched Weld’s way by Justine Raimodo over at—a JW presidency (with an emphasis on the J) would give humanity a breather. Failing that, I’ve decided I’m placing my hopes on benign intervention by powerful aliens.

Only partially jesting about alien intervention. I’ve been quite open about my judgment that what I call Other Intelligent Beings (OIBs), a different life form from homo sapiens, are either among us or in the solar system neighborhood or both. Indeed, evidence shows that whatever sorts of beings they are, they have a real bug up their butts about nuclear energy and war—government documents are replete with instances of OIB vessels disarming or preventing the operation of nuclear weapons.[1]

Truman_Front_NewThe fight of us Indiecons[2] against collective mind and its totalitarian offshoots is never lost, it will persist so long as the Men of the Power Sickness parasitic infestation remains with us. To be sure, the MOPS disease (power-cabal collective mind) has had a long run, but signs are strong—on so many fronts of Independent consciousness—that the syndrome has run its course… which, most disastrously for us good guys, might materialize in the so-called Samson Option of World War III.

The long and short of it then is that we’re very near the end of days of the whole globalist ‘New World Order.’ The criminals that compose the MOPS have nowhere else to run: all they can do is what they’ve always done. Like a pathological liar has to keep lying, they have to keep committing crimes—at home and abroad—while deceiving the general public. As I’ve said elsewhere, too, “they are running out of lie space.” If Donald wins, or Hillary, nothing changes, except I believe the Donald will yield to the people taking charge much more easily than she will. Watch the Thrive video, contribute to the final downfall of the MOPS syndicate.

Just hope nobody pushes the nuke-war self-destruct button. [I don’t think they will: a) we have enough real people on the inside now that someone will blow the whistle before nuke escalation happens, b) the MOPS know their are only so many luxury underground bunkers, and those are assigned to the higher-ups; any low-level MOPS in a line command position is going to think twice before taking action that amounts to suicide, c) even if someone does try to push the button, the benevolent OIBs will stop it.]

At this point, I’m not even worried about the super statist and Big Brother wannabe Hillary taking office. My goodness, she’s a health wreck and, what’s more, she’s a transparent criminal and traitor that at some point the people themselves will insist she be indicted and convicted for her crimes. I’m not even worried about the impending economic collapse (which the old guard media will blame on whoever’s in office) because at this stage we have sufficient Indiecon awareness to ease the transition to a Billion+ Points of Light Society by securing $trillions in reparations from the banksters.

IOW, don’t worry, be happy. All anyone can do is keep pushing for truth and justice.

[1] No, I don’t follow the subject to the extent that several of my respected truth allies do, but I can point you to an excellent book by Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel entitled After Disclosure. Also to Richard Dolan’s celebrated presentation in 2011 in Amsterdam. These will open your mind on the subject… if it is the least susceptible to being opened. [Failing that, check out the Thrive movement of Foster and Kimberly Gamble.]

[2] Human beings of independent consciousness. See my novel, The Truman Prophecy. I also refer to us as Independents… which has the problem of being confused with a purely political definition. Indiecons have actually solely been responsible for the continuation of the human species, being tricked or enslaved into supporting the dominator subset of ‘human beings of collectivized consciousness’ (Collecticons). [Note: for a marvelous literary treatment and resolution of the ‘being tricked’ aspect of the Indiecon archetype unwittingly sustaining its Collecticon opponents, ref. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.




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