Article: Open Letter to Governor Don Siegelman (#24775-001)

Sharing a special relationship that I hope to continue when he’s out
by Brian R. Wright

Note: Democratic Governor (1998-2002) of the State of Alabama was selectively, maliciously, and (demonstrably) criminally prosecuted by the federal judiciary for an appointment of a major campaign contributor to a nonpaying position on a state board—no funds went to the governor personally. [If every political figure were prosecuted for a quid pro quo response to a campaign contribution, there would be no political figures. The miscarriage of justice occurred under auspices of Karl Rove and the US Justice Department running amok with spite of the widely popular Siegelman for impeding the Republican gang’s power plans for Sweet Home Alabama.]

Further, Siegelman received an outrageously harsh sentence of seven years in the Oakville, Louisiana, federal facility. He’s due out in February; supporters are asking Obama to issue the governor a full pardon; Siegelman’s ordeal has received mainstream media attention over the years, including coverage by 60 Minutes. A documentary movie is near to being funded as we speak, entitled Atticus and the Architect, that promises to be a bombshell. It may actually result in the prosecution and conviciton—for criminal conspiracy to deprive liberty—of the notorious Bush operative and dirty tricks sadist, Karl Rove… aka “The Architect.”

Please help with the final days of fundraising to produce this extraordinary film!

My own awareness of Governor Siegelman’s case emerged a few years ago, and my support of him stems from consideration of the fact that we are all in this corrupt system together and if such blatant injustices and high-level corruption can happen to a former governor they can sure happen (and do happen) to you and me. Plus, I am just drawn to stand up for a good man of such notoriety for humanitarian reasons. The toll on him and on his wonderful family is simply staggering. I have sent him notes where he has been caged, and I sent him a Christmas card. I have also donated small amounts on numerous occasions to his cause.

His response to my Christmas card…

… is shown here:

My Open Letter Response

By way of making common cause for humanity…

Dear Don,

All I can say is thank you for such warm sentiments coming from one of my major heroes. Especially on Christmas. My heart goes out to you and to your kind heart, who even now, thinks beyond himself and how to extend the blessings of simple justice to those who don’t hail from elevated circumstances in life.

Can’t remember if I sent to you my own modest experience with the criminal so-called justice system, There Must Be Some Mistake, but it’s like a grain of sand on the beach compared to what you’ve been through. By the time you receive this, I hope you’ve been pardoned, but worst case you’ll be out in February. [I did send a note to the current whack- a-mole in the White House, a member of your party after all.]

But that’s it, isn’t it? It’s not a matter of what party you belong to, the establishments of either one, once in power, have become so corrupt and out of control that the people they’re meant to serve have no voice… to ensure basic reason or compassion. I’m working on some ideas and an activist political philosophy called Trumanism to secure just these things. And part of the equation, I feel, is a new Declaration of Independents.

Maybe one day we can compare notes. All I can say is you remain an inspiration to me and to all victims of the terminally corrupt state prosecution establishment, and to all men everywhere facing such horrendously evil attacks with dignity and courage.

Bless you, Don, and all your family and those fighting for freedom’s cause. At the end of the day, we shall certainly be victorious.



Brian R. Wright

PS: Because of your ordeal and what you’ve learned, I know you’ll be an outspoken advocate of criminal justice reform, especially on the federal and state drug laws and other statutes that infringe on basic First Principles liberties. We need to end these consensual crime laws. As the great Peter McWilliams put it in his book, Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do: The absurdity of consensual crimes in our free country. [The authorities actually killed him, so by comparison, I guess, you get to live to fight another day. Please consider the libertarian view, though I’m not advocating the Libertarian Party anymore.]







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