Article: Time to Redouble our Efforts

Donald Trump will need major help to see the light of liberty
Ron Paul, Campaign for Liberty

“So what does Donald Trump’s election as President mean?”

When a close friend of mine asked me that question shortly after the results poured in on election night, I tried to be as fair and objective as I could.

It means the American people are angry. With the rejection of Hillary Clinton, it means the American people are telling Washington, D.C. and its apologists in the press exactly where they can shove the status quo.

It means you and I are facing some real opportunities — and some very real dangers.

The American people have spoken, and they are fed up with business as usual.

But now the question becomes — will Washington listen?

Brian, with many crucial battles and opportunities awaiting us, I hope I can count on you to renew your support of Campaign for Liberty IMMEDIATELY.

You see, what happens next will decide whether or not 2016 ultimately proves to be an awakening toward freedom in America — or its death knell.

Frankly, I’m afraid it could go either way…

After all, the President-elect isn’t someone who has spent years building a track record in political office that you and I can scour to try and figure out his next steps.

And we cannot rely on a Republican-controlled House and Senate to reject Mr. Trump’s dangerous proposals, or stop him from cutting deals with incoming Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer.

In fact, the GOP congressional leadership will actually work to pass every one of Mr. Trump’s anti-liberty proposals, just like they did the last time Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the White House!

One reason is that many liberty activists assumed their liberties were safe with a Republican Congress and President, so they stopped working to hold them accountable for their actions.

As a result, members of Congress felt free to vote for anti-liberty bills they would never support if a Democrat President and/or Congress proposed them.

We cannot allow this to happen again!

The good news is, not only has Donald Trump been an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve…

…He promised to make passing Audit the Fed part of his first 100 days’ agenda!

Donald Trump’s election could also mean the restoration of a sane foreign policy, ObamaCare repeal, massive tax cuts, and perhaps a Supreme Court Justice or two who aren’t openly hostile to constitutional government.

But it’s going to be up to you and me to ensure he keeps these promises — while at the same time forcing other promises to remain unfulfilled.

You see, for every time I found myself nodding in agreement with something he pledged, there have been other times he’s made me want to pull my hair out, including his support of:

*** So-called “Campaign Finance” Laws, which could effectively BAN groups like Campaign for Liberty from even bringing up a candidate’s record during election years without handing over the names and addresses of our donors.

The IRS must be salivating at the thought of President Trump delivering the very information on C4L’s donors they’ve been seeking for three years now!

*** Further erosion of the Fourth Amendment through intensified domestic spying.

President-elect Trump has time and again vowed to continue, and even expand, unconstitutional and ineffective government spying programs which catalogue and store all sorts of private information on the American people. With this information, how long until government bureaucrats try to run our lives for us?

*** House Speaker Paul Ryan’s rush to bring “compromise” gun control legislation to the floor.

Fortunately, this attempt has so far stalled — but quite frankly, I’m worried that Trump’s pledged support for the Second Amendment during his campaign is out of line with his past support for the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban.”

Mr. Trump has also promised spending increases that would dramatically grow our already unstable national debt.

And on immigration, an issue that’s virtually sure to come to a head in the new Congress, BOTH parties will be pressing hard for a National ID card/database, which can be used to store information on American citizens — including gun ownership, political persuasion and religious beliefs.

But I’m afraid that’s not all you and I have to be concerned about.

You and I can’t forget that virtually everyone in Washington, D.C. knows that President-elect Trump views himself “a dealmaker.”

They’re going to be quick to test just how committed he is to the promises he made to the American people — and quick to offer big “wins” to stroke his ego if he’ll just make peace with Big Government.

And with the press likely to ditch overt hostilities for flattery should Donald Trump prove willing to “compromise” in Washington, D.C., all bets could be off.

That’s why your renewed support of Campaign for Liberty for 2017 is so crucial.


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