Brian’s Column: Letting Go of ‘The Noise,’ Part 1

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” in a world often seeming Hellbound in a handbasket

Part 1 of 2

No, this isn’t a Norman Vincent Peale rave about the power of positive thinking… or extolling the so-called Secret where wishing makes it so (or at least much more likely). Rather an attempt at some constructive cognition on how we as psych-ologically independent individuals can put our minds to rest, and thereby, in the long run, bring a semblance of sanity to the social environment that has become so overwhelming.

I’m addressing the column to Americans, mainly. ‘We the people’ still have a window of time available—a few months, a year, not much more than that—to put our own Humpty Dumpty back together… before the newly imposed US king and king’s men visit our homeboy “USA! USA! USA!” masses with the same acts of kindness bestowed upon Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and all the other ungrateful countries of the world during the former emperor’s eight-year term… and the elite redneck dictator’s regime before that… and the slick pedophile’s one before that… and…. We need to act fast, though.

I’ll get to the direct political cures in Part 2 of this post. They’re simple, yet require modest courage… on a wide scale. Many hands make light work.

The Spiritual Discovery

First, however, I’m going to propose what may not be intuitively obvious to the casual observer: namely, that each of us who is genuinely motivated to eliminate the devastating lies and aggressions of the ruling families [spearheaded, by the way, by a Donald Trump .OR. a Hillary Clinton .OR. all any of the rest of the sock monkeys filling high public office these days] has to connect with his or her own Deep Quiet, Infinite Eternal, Source, Life Force, Being, ‘God.’ What?! That’s right. No solutions in the public square are possible without the combined, deep spiritual power of freethinking, independent individuals.

  “The only way this world makes any sense is in our understanding that humanity is suffering from a spiritual affliction. People are lost and are blindly consuming things and meaningless programming to fill the void.
“It is time to wake up.
“Our leaders won’t fix the world for us. It is on us. Each and every one of us needs to step up and be an agent of change in our own lives. We need to wake up to our potential and act like everything is at stake—because it is.” — from Pedram Shojal (The Urban Monk)

Yes, the need for a giant spiritual connection leads to a string of thoughts that exceed the time allotted to me. I am working elsewhere on a shortcut to such liberating inner peace to share forward. Mainly, it’s in a booklet entitled The Joy Spot, for which I’ve produced a promotional brochure that may be printed from this pdf file. For now, the brochure (and book) reveals a straightforward technique for quieting the mind (the Spiritual Magic Move) that I believe anyone will find immediately helpful—for example when you absolutely, positively have to get to sleep on a Sunday night. 🙂  Book due early spring ’17.

One Key Observation, Briefly

The central problem: Noise. I don’t mean jackhammers on main street, rather the inner cacophony of images and feelings, cravings and addictions, compulsions and obsessions, and, today, the incessant barrage of television, cyberchatter, and govern-ment-media propaganda. On this subject, Eckhart Tolle, author of the bestseller, The Power of Now, recounts that in the weeks after his intense cathartic ‘awakening’ experience, others would note the amazing tranquility and bliss he constantly radiated:

“They would come up to me and say, ‘I want what you have. Can you give it to me, or show me how to get it?’ And I would say, ‘You have it already. You just can’t feel it because your mind is making too much noise.’”

This observation is key to the universal problem we humans all face, by virtue of acquiring language and the conceptual faculty. As impressive a tool for survival and achievement the mind is, the other edge of the sword is that because of that power, Mind readily becomes compulsive and seeks to take ‘you’ over—’you’ meaning your essence, your living, breath- ing being. When that happens, ‘Mind’ stands in the way of all the things that truly matter; it takes on a life of its own and protects itself through a barrier cloud of inner clutter: words, labels, judgments, false needs, mental and emotional claptrap… i.e. Noise.

Most men never break through the barrier but reach a truce over time, where they retain a modicum of natural feeling and sense of their own precious, and quiet, humanity: these are a) the generally good productive individuals of the world who practice good morals and the nonaggression principle and b) ‘the ballast’ who are easily led astray by those who manipulate them. A minority of men succumb entirely to ‘Mind’ noise, morphing it into an obsession to control others: the top echelon of these are what I call the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) [aka New World Order (NWO), Old World Order, whatever].[1]

Finally, and thus far, a relative tiny few break free from ‘Mind’ noise to full consciousness—signified by The Joy Spot. These are the core of Independent consciousnesses who can and will lead the—more-so a) and less-so b)—above to break thru, as well. Thus leaving the MOPS to their own devices, that is, to perish on their own petard.

The key is this: the MOPS are masters of control, they realize that ‘Mind’ has an immense potential to control. So they have consciously developed highly sophisticated mind-control media systems to saturate the public with overwhelming amounts of image-feeling “noise.” [For example, architecting and staging mass-murder hoaxes or real events, falsely associating them with Arab-Muslims and/or gun-wielding loners: e.g., 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston, ‘overseas,’ impossible to keep up with them all, ref. False-Flag-Weekly-News.]

How to counter?

Start by eliminating the noise. Abandon the controlled media of the NWO NOW! Television everywhere is NOISE! Discard it, or if you can’t do that, ignore it. Then judiciously acquire your news from a mix of alternative sources, over which you exercise fully independent judgment employing logic and reason. Use the Spiritual Magic Move identified above. Read The Power of Now. And then continue your spiritual journey of discovery along these lines.

It’s very important for those of us who pay attention to public affairs, and who take the battle for truth, justice, and liberty seriously, to find peace… and not to be emotionally battered from pillar to post by one little piece of bad news or good news. In other words, to rise above The Noise. Realize that noise generation—and our succumbing to it—is part of the MOPS’  Master Plan: we become so enfeebled by all the anxiety, anger, reactive-mind response to every little piece of an attack or counterattack, disinformation or information, that we collapse from mental and emotional exhaustion.

Stay the course, find and reside in your Place of Peace. Secure your spiritual haven. Then and only then, move outward. When you do, stay focused on what’s practical and doable, what political actions will actually break the Achilles Heel of the powersick ones. Believe it or not, these actions have already been set forth with the Independents Rising movement, blueprinted in the Trumanist Philosophy.

On to the direct political cures in Part 2. [Part 2 here.]

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[1] Please access my book, The Barrier Cloud, to learn more about the foundational nature of the MOPS.







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