Brian’s Column: Allah, Truth Meet ‘n’ Greet in Detroit

Yer intrepid reporter visits Nation of Islam, 9/11 Forum, Saviours’ Day 2017
By Brian R. Wright

As Rudy Dent, 9/11 truth-hero FDNY firefighter ⇒, who was present at the gathering, said to me, “This very well may be a pivotal point in world history.”  And yours truly, being the perennial optimist—despite being toppled more times than roly-poly toy—agreed. It makes me think of the proverb my dad would tirelessly cite:

One man with courage makes a majority.
— Charles Lindbergh

With another line I’m adding to befit the occasion:

Two men with courage mean imminent victory.  

Yes sir, I noticed the phenomenon first when taking political science classes at my alma mater, Wayne State University— just up the road a few miles from Cobo Center and Joe Louis Arena where I am this weekend. In those days at Wayne, forty years ago now, I had recently become familiar with the heroic individualist (and libertarian) works of Ayn Rand… et al. We were early adopters of man against the state collective. Consequently, vastly outnumbered in poli sci or any other liberal arts classroom.

I did the best I could, occasionally raising my hand to challenge the worst strains of socialism and communism. But it was hopeless; teacher would reply snidely and his classbots would hoot and holler me down en masse; the silent majority didn’t care. That is, until one day a Randian friend with a scholarly bent joined me in audit mode: A couple of well-placed inquiries had the instructor stammering and left his puppy dog cheerleaders with no bone to chew on. I’ll never forget the lesson. When you work as a team, even so small as a couple of persons, bullies run away from you like the plague.

This is a good message to receive from the new symbiotic relationship between Nation of Islam (Nation) and the 9/11 Truth movement. Apparently, Nation leader Minister Louis Farrakhan has long felt the federal government to be lying about who conceived, orchestrated, and executed the attacks of 9/11… which justified vilifying Muslims and invading Arab Muslim countries around the world. It was he who directed his event planners to invite the best of the best leaders in the 9/11 Truth movement to Detroit to speak, all expenses paid.

The perfect image for Nation and 9/11 Truth is the great prize fighter, Joe Louis, shown on the right. We are embattled, but as ‘Two Men’ with courage, victory is imminent. The (corrected, updated) video of the presentations, which went out livestream worldwide to millions, is located here. It was spectacular, undeniable, and, I suspect, the best overall argument for proceeding to 9/11 justice we shall ever see. Also click on The Joe figure; it will knock your socks off!

Day 1: 9/11 Revisited Plenary Session

February 18, 10:00 to Noon. Covered the essentials in my previous column. Three bona fide and certifiable champions of the 9/11 Truth movement, indeed, THE top 9/11 Truth scholar (Dr. Kevin Barrett), THE top 9/11 Truth architect/engineer (Richard Gage), and THE top 9/11 Truth international journalist (Christopher Bollyn) spoke in that order to an assembly of 3,500 or so Nation brothers and sisters joined by a considerable number of outside academics, journalists, public officials, etc., from outside the NOI community.

The majority were devotees of the Nation of Islam. My impressions of them: Wow! They are exceptionally well dressed, polite, very few obese, virtually all the children in tow are similarly well-attired, well-behaved, and, well, happy. Eight out of ten of the men are tall—I should say they stand and walk with such good posture that they seem tall—wearing dark suits perfectly tailored. The women are also in their top threads, most sporting brown wraparound dresses with head coverings, modest yet elegant and comfortable-looking.

I have no idea of the dress types, or the customs, why some women wear blue, some white, etc., etc. All I can say is these are literally beautiful people who dress to project self-respect and high ethics—consequently, a respect for well-meaning others. Before the session then afterward as I manned a 911 literature table, I was treated seriously and amiably by everyone to whom I spoke or with whom I made eye contact. Later, Dr. Barrett, who had to leave early, remarked to me: “This is what it’s all about for Muslims, getting together and sharing the love.”

Without reservation I would welcome all such people as neighbors, anytime, anyplace. [Though on further review of information about Nation, official doctrine proposes separation from white society.][1]

When I left the event I felt a contact high lasting well into the evening, I felt embraced by a “cosmic group hug.” Moreover, the NOI participants who came back to the literature tables were universally curious about the 9/11 crime, and how they could spread the good word… especially to open up a legitimate criminal investigation [via PRIME grand jury(s)?] and obtain JUSTICE. After all these years.

Day 2: Louis Farrakhan Speaks at Joe Louis Arena

JUSTICE is a big facet of the Nation of Islam, whose belief system and way of life was founded by a man, Fard Muhammad, who came from Mecca to America and “revealed himself” in 1930. Saviours’ Day is the annual celebration of his birth, February 26, 1877. I’m not going to pretend to educate the reader on the history of Nation of Islam, only that in the 1930s Master Fard Muhammad became the teacher of whom we know as Elijah Muhammad of Detroit, known as Nation of Islam’s Messiah. I picked up the news magazine, The Final Call, from a young man as I was walking to the arena on Sunday.

Please click on the image above for more information.

Perspective on the Association between Nation and 9/11 Truth

So for Day 2, let’s just say the buzz I caught from Day 1 diminished a bit. I felt the need to actually hear Min. Farrakhan address the faithful, particularly given that the title of his talk was “Have No Fear for the Future: The Future is Ours.” That feeling of being a welcome addition to the pursuit of truth and justice (from yesterday’s “9/11 Revisited” plenary session) seemed weakened in this crowd today of true believers coming to the Big Tent in ‘onward Muslim soldiers’ for their maximum leader.

I was expecting perhaps to run into our small truth contingent some of whom mentioned that they would also be assembling literature tables at the Farrakhan speech today. NOT. All right, so instead of maybe half a dozen white people among the throngs it would be closer to one, me. As I pay $20 for the cheap seats’ ticket and do the long climb up to the stadium entrance, I surmise many are saying to themselves, “Doesn’t whitie know that the Red Wings played yesterday?” But because I’ve put on a nice suit, they may suspect I’m here as a journalist to do a mainstream hit piece.

The program is for two hours. I’m up in the nosebleed section, but can see and hear what’s going on down on the stage thanks to the high-tech audio visuals. Supposed to be 30,000 in the house? I estimate two-thirds of that number, maybe 20K. The first hour is consumed by 8-10 personalities and officials—including Nation member Brenda Jones, president of the Detroit City Council—promoting Honorable Min. Farrakhan and appealing to the faithful on behalf of cause and the cash registers… reminiscent of Televangelism 101.

FINALLY, the good minister (83)(!) arrives, with fanfare, at the podium. I’m hearing the Neil Diamond “Love Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show,” as Rev. Farrakhan “starts out soft and slow, like a small earthquake, then when he lets go…” Only today, he seems to dwell more on matters of dogma instead of what I had hoped would be a positive message of the future… where we all chip in together and root out the bad guys. This is the problem with old-time hierarchical religion, in my humble opinion: one so easily gets stuck in the conceptions, prejudices, and quirks of the founders. A previous and hard- to-reverse investment trap.

You can go here to read a brief history of the Nation of Islam.

[Another thing that gives me a double-take is his ‘Obama is a Righteous Black Man’ line. Doesn’t he realize that the former HMFWIC is a pure pseudo-person hand picked and nourished by the same (white-Zionist) power masters he decries?!]

Enough said. [All from my libertarian-Randian-Tolleian-Christian-truther perspective.]

The bigger point is that Nation—with its encouragement of personal integrity, high professional standards, cleanliness, sexual responsibility, self-reliance, productive work, appreciation of the arts, and so on—fosters the finest people you’re likely to run into. They believe in peace and the nonaggression principle. Elijah Muhammad and his associates went to the mat for religious freedom, refusal of the draft (esp. WWII), and the right to educate their own children without interference from the State of Michigan. His followers still do… go to the mat against the state.

And this weekend the Nation went to the mat for 9/11 truth and justice worldwide. Praise Allah.

Final Inspiration: Stand Up, Stand Up, for Truth and Justice

And that means me, and that means you. Living as an individual human person means that in order to dwell in a sane society free of rampant corruption and lies, one MUST have the courage to look at the facts of reality and bear witness to them. [Intellectual courage.] One MUST also act according to one’s independent judgment. [Moral courage.] The 9/11 Official Story is the Biggest Lie in history, an obvious baldfaced one, at that—like the Emperor’s New Suit.

“The false narrative of what happened on 9/11 can no longer be supported or sustained by any reasonable person.”
— Christopher Bollyn in his open letter to Pope Francis, March 25, 2014

I’m going to put this to the men of my society: Are you a reasonable person? Or are you refusing to look at reality because way down deep you realize that when it comes to facing facts and taking an unpopular stand for them you just don’t have the gumption? Don’t worry, you don’t have to remain forever a CAKEr (chickens*** a**-kissing evader), especially since it’s a near certainty that HARDLY ANYBODY will believe the 9/11 Big Lie inside a few more months. Why not get a head start?

Now’s the perfect time to take an honest look and man up.

The presentations by Barrett, Gage, and Bollyn are ironclad proof that the Official Story is a cruel hoax, that insiders—primarily in the deep terror state of Zionist Israel working in concert with the neoconservatives in the American deep state (and other subordinate states of the Western Cabal)—are responsible for the 9/11 Attacks and the ongoing War of Terror atrocities that the attacks were designed to inflict on humanity.

We’ll only get to the exact details when the people empanel their own independent grand jury(s) or perhaps an international independent grand jury(s) to investigate, subpoena, and bring indictments of reasonable suspects and masterminds of the Crime of the Century. This is quite straightforward: one need only read Christopher Bollyn’s book, Solving 9/11, with a set of more broadly known perpetrating suspects compiled in Kevin Ryan’s little book, Another 19 Suspects. Think of these two books as a righteous ‘starter kit.’ We are taking the killers down. Then proceeding to all the other high-crime assaults of the Men of the Power Sickness.

Let me end with a few key thoughts:

  • First an easy to digest list of childishly obvious contradictions to the 9/11 Official Story that I compiled a couple of years ago.
  • I want to thank Nation of Islam for inviting the 9/11 truth movement to their 2017 Saviours’ Day, particularly Minister Farrakhan, Dr. Wesley Muhammed, and others who made it happen.
  • Thanks to our presenters for their magnificent contributions to ending the 9/11 Big Lie and bringing justice to the victims and the perpetrators of 9/11.
  • Thank to the local leaders of 9/11 Truth: Dick Kennedy, Chris Mark, Mark Farris, Rudy List, and more, who helped out with the logistics and lit tables.
  • Let me send out a plug for my own 9/11 truth book, After 9/11 Truth, and to my recent truth-justice-and-liberty-focused novel, The Truman Prophecy.
  • Special snaps to those who fight for truth, justice, and liberty at all levels and all circumstances… even when it costs them friends, family… and often more.
  • Special privilege to meet Mr. Rudy Dent a bona fide hero of the truth revolution; an honor, sir. We shall definitely overcome in the near future.

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[1] It’s not as outlandish as it sounds to many white ears. Think of any culture damaged or destroyed by a largely white, corrupt power-structure of our society—consider the American Indians of my Spirit Brother Russell Means, for instance. Living inside that same society whose ruling classes have subverted and controlled your whole world would feel completely unnatural. [In my judgment, only if the main culture were to individualize itself, per, say, my philosophy of Trumanism, would any hope exist for integration. And most people have yet to learn the ways of independent consciousness… certainly not if they are absorbed by collective oriented religion.]

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