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Join the multitudes[1] recovering their property due to the Hendrickson Discovery
… and share it forward, esp. to key libertarian and alt-media op leaders
Source material: Pete Hendrickson []

Editor’s note: The following guest column is a composite of three columns by Mr. Hendrickson on his site, which I cannot give you an unambiguous forever page reference to—but these columns are currently occupying the front page of the newsletter on the losthorizons home page. In any case, this is VERY IMPORTANT INFOR-MATION he’s conveying, and everyone in the CtC Patriot community must[2] spread the word. [Emphasis on Tweeting and/or emailing to the list of ‘key libertarian and alt-media’ journalists that Pete provides at the bottom.]


The U.S. Income Tax: An Excise On The Profitable Exploitation Of Federal Privilege
The U.S. Ignorance Tax: The Profitable Exploitation of Confusion About The Income Tax

So, The First 2016 Victories Are In!

AS IN EACH of the last 13 years at around this time, I’m very pleased to post the first of the new year’s government admissions of the correctness of CtC. On each of these occasions I recall with ever-greater amusement the smug expressions of skeptics over the years to the effect that, “These ‘victories’ you tout are just mistakes that slipped through the cracks. This won’t go on long…”


I trust I don’t need to comment at any length on how continued denial– or even just distancing oneself from the truth– is a shameful intellectual dishonesty. Perhaps I DO need to observe one point on this subject though: It is only the “alt-media’s” intellectually-dishonest refusal to acknowledge and help spread the liberating truth about the tax uniquely revealed in CtC that has kept that truth from sweeping across America.

Were the spread of this information to be made a cause of the “alt-media”, this country would be transformed in a matter of months from an increasingly bankrupt and looted wreck of a police state back into the shining city on a hill left for us by the Founders. What stoppers up the mouths of these folks is an abiding mystery to me, and an abiding tragedy for America.

ANYWAY, ENOUGH ABOUT lies and denials (unless you want to help end them, in which case go here). The ‘here‘ is provided by Pete’s next article on notifying our as yet liberty and alt-media truth holdouts:

Media Evasion of CtC Must End Now!
Time, unfortunately, is on the side of the well-funded disinformation specialists

OVER THE YEARS, I HAVE DEMONSTRATED FAR BEYOND RATIONAL DOUBT OR HONEST DISPUTE that for the last 75 years the income tax has been systematically misadministered so as to capture far more revenue and from far more earners than it should and would were its actual statutory limits more broadly understood. I have further shown that this is not because of some quirk in the law being exploited by the IRS but solely because of the ignorance of the Americans to whom it ends up being misapplied.

Click on the flow chart for a full-sized pdf image.

People’s ignorance is certainly being exploited by the IRS, of course. But as written, and as interpreted by the courts and the tax agency itself, the law is perfectly clear and entirely on the side of most Americans. Even while corrupt elements in the government have engaged in strenuous efforts to create a facade of opposition to what CtC reveals and thus shore up the ignorance regime, and even while some folks are unfortunately targeted for annoying and sometimes protracted resistance to their claims before they are honored, nearly every person who simply learns how to stop the tax from being misapplied in his or her own case and acts accordingly has been enjoying proper acknowledgement and capitulation to the truth by federal and state tax agencies since 2003.

At the same time, I’ve also plainly shown that the collapse of the rule of law and metastasizing of the rogue State now threatening the well-being of every American (and possibly the entire world) coincides with, and results directly and exclusively from, the onset of the misapplication of the income tax in the early 1940s.

In short, I’ve shown the nature of the problem about which every non-state-coopted pundit steadily warns, and the nature of the solution to that problem. What’s more, I introduce, highlight, and celebrate the tens of thousands of other American men and women who have also learned these facts and are leading the way down the only path to that solution.

NEARLY EVERY WEEK FOR NINE YEARS, I have shared my posts about all these things with all of you. For the last three years, I have copied those folks in the (purportedly) non-state-coopted media whose email addresses I believe I have.

At the same time, week after week the well-financed and much more influential enemies of the state-restraining, liberty-enhancing truth have steadily injected more and more noise into the ether in an attempt to drown out my signal. This means that the window of opportunity in which the liberating truth has a realistic chance to do its good work– which it can only do by becoming widely known– is finite and narrowing.

And yet every week the acknowledgements and desperately-needed signal-amplification offered by the purportedly-non-coopted media amount to… nada. Zero, zilch, radio silence.

This won’t do. It also makes no sense– unless my emails to these folks simply aren’t getting through.

Editor’s Note: This ‘spread the word’ column from Pete is addressed mainly to the body of CtC-educated filers who have basically taken the money and run, i.e. recovered their piece of the pie, thanks to his noble discovery… and then done nothing to share the good word. So all y’all in CtC, get off the dime. NOW! [Pete’s column also has extremely incisive and informative material for the general reader who is considering the nature of the income tax and what to do about it for liberty.]

There are several reasons why my emails may not be making it. Some are as mundane as the possibility that they are being spam-filtered away from these folks’ inboxes. It is known to me that, for instance, anyone on a pacbell, swbell or optonline server often won’t receive my emails—these servers systematically (and apparently automatically, for reasons known only to their programmers) reject my emails as spam. There may be others that do the same without doing bounce-backs to me to let me know.

Then there are darker possibilities. As was posted here a few months ago in a letter from an educated American who works for the City of Los Angeles, while no other websites that might be described as “outside the box” are known to be so treated, access to is blocked on the city’s internet-capable computers. Wikipedia won’t allow links to documents posted on Recent additions to the ongoing treasure-trove of revelations from the heroic Edward Snowden have awakened us all to the possibility of other nobblings of the same sort on a grander scale. It’s also possible that some of these folks may simply have closed their own minds.

IN RESPONSE TO THIS PROBLEM, I am going to ask for everyone’s help. Following is a short list of publicly-available alt-media-pundit email addresses which I have accumulated.

Because my emails do not seem to be making it through to these folks, I’d be grateful if you were to see if yours do. Compose your own thoughtful, courteous but plain-spoken entreaties and admonishments to these folks making clear to them that patriotic, activist and educated Americans are wondering why they are not contributing their voices on the side of the angels in this critically-important contest between State-serving myths and corruption and the liberating truth. Forward my emails to them, as well.

EXPECT RESISTANCE FROM THESE FOLKS! All of them are likely to think they already know all about the income tax, and will have opinions based on either some theories of their own or from the “tax honesty” community. Or they will be standard victims of “ignorance tax” mythologies.

Some of these folks will even reflexively resort to the troll sites and other noise generators maintained by the IRS and DOJ on the internet and fall prey to the fallacious notion that since I have been attacked by the government what I say must somehow be wrong, despite all the unambiguous evidence to the contrary.

Note: Refusing to consider what someone is saying because the government has attacked him is as crazy as concluding that because John Kirkiaou and Chelsea Manning are in prison, and the government is salivating over the prospect of getting its prosecutorial hands on Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and Kangarooing them in as well, all the state crimes these folks revealed must not really have happened. But believe it or not, people can be that thoroughly conditioned to worship the State. [Variation of the ad hominem fallacy.)

None of these folks will know a tenth of what you know about the tax. None of them will know a hundredth of what you know about CtC, its history, and the ferocious campaign to keep people like them from knowing the truth about it. Many if not most of them will have been primed to reflexively imagine anything challenging the common understanding of the income tax to be just another version of the mistaken notions promoted by Irwin Schiff, SEDM, the “861” crowd, the “There is no law!” crowd and the “Section 83” kooks (or any of the other scams and misunderstandings discussed and debunked here).

For one reason or another, I am unable to deal with this problem myself; your help will be greatly appreciated and may do much good. By the by, if you have any other addresses of the same sort, please share them with me for addition to this list.

Find these people on Twitter and Tweet to them, too. If nothing more than the url of this Coffee Coaster column or the Hendrickson Discovery introduction page here. Be polite and complimentary of these individuals’ own work, but not fawning. Also be concise and make a point with impact. Do it NOW. The curtain of absolute tyranny is coming down, we may truly only have months to save and restore the republic. Denying Leviathan its lifeblood is the best way to kill it.

[Editor’s Note: In addition to the above, for my own first round of getting out the word via Twitter, I found a number of important libertarian and alt-media persons’ Twitter addresses and will continue to build my network with them, eventually finding their email addresses, as well. Here is my initial Twitter list you may append to Pete’s above: I left it in MS Word format so you can download and use as source material for your own list. It has about 75 names, which I contacted with the Tweet below. Very straightforward process, and quick.]

[Editor’s note: Here are my own email and Tweet templates:]


Dear <esteemed recipient>:

Over the years I have enjoyed your <individual excellence that they have been providing>. Your courage and insights are an inspiration to me.

Please consider a magnificent catalyst to Planet Liberty that the so-called Hendrickson Discovery represents: Since 2003, more than 200,000 individuals have recovered a total of $2.1 billion of incorrectly assessed ‘income’ taxes. If Americans paid only what they truly owed by law, the federal government would forgo ~$3 trillion per year… and the mischief that goes with it.

The problem is relatively few educated, responsible Americans are aware of the Discovery or of Pete Hendrickson’s illuminating source, Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America.

That’s where an opinion leader like you can have a vital role in investigating, then spreading the good word to the liberty community:

“I have just run across a basically zero-risk activity that most of us can do to strike at the root of tyranny… while at the same boosting your personal bottom line!”

Then tell them in your own words your newfound understanding.

What we have here, <name>, is a wonderfully Convenient Truth. You owe it to yourself and to those who respect your views to share it forward. Thanks. A summary of the Discovery is located here.


Brian R. Wright

[A variation on note #1 below.]
[Network the Tweet to others you recognize/admire as you go.]

2003-Now, >200K people retrieved >$2.1 billion incorrectly paid fed taxes. #crackingthecode

Final Editor’s Note:

Believe me, as one who posted his first victories last year (2015), and who wrote up the experience, everyone has a little anxiety about filing educated. But 200K individuals have done so, over the past decade, and the number keeps growing. I can’t tell you how GOOD it feels to get your hard-earned property back to you and to your family where it legally belongs… and taking a swipe at corrupt/criminal government at the same time. I am totally geeked this second year of filing, because I’m recovering roughly four times what I recovered last year.

[Coffee Coaster Original Column]

Brian R. Wright

[1] Conservative estimate (performed August 2015) since ‘educated’ filings started in 2003, more than 200,000 individuals have recovered more than $2.1 billion aggregated total.

[2] Don’t make me come over there.






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