Book Review: Crossfire

The plot that killed Kennedy
by Jim Marrs
Review by Brian Wright

Crossfire by Jim MarrsSo why spend any time on a crime of state that occurred 48 years ago, November? For the same reason we continue to pursue the syndicate who orchestrated and executed the ‘Crime of the 21st Century‘ ten years ago—9/11/2001. Justice never sleeps. Personally, I find the work of James Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable, along with a lesser known work by Dr. Martin Schotz, History Will Not Absolve Us, to be more compelling and readable—Douglass’s for the peace angle and Schotz’s for the psychological blind-obedience-to-authority angle—than this still extraordinary book by Jim Marrs.

But Crossfire adds the dimension of a huge body of digestible evidence from the street and from the corridors of power. Evidence that at a bare minimum shows the official ‘Lone Nut’ story of the JFK assassination is as gruesome and absurd a children’s fairy tale as the official ‘Crazed Arab’ story of the 9/11 attacks.

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The Special Value of Crossfire

The evidence as a whole, i.e. at its maximum, provides substantial missing-link data to generate a credible picture of a reasonable alternative theory of who killed JFK and why. Marrs leaves no doubt that the sine qua non of the assassination lay in the bowels of the military-industrial complex, particularly the national security establishment: CIA, FBI, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), the National Security Agency (NSA) and its precursors/associates. What the author makes exceptionally clear, however, is that the assassination plot likely had many higher-level willing participants outside of the state security establishment, specifically:

  • Organized crime
  • Anti-Castro Cubans
  • LBJ and Tricky Dick
  • Big Oil and the Banking Cartel
  • Prowar construction corporations
  • J. Edgar Hoover

Each of these players, and a handful of pure Redneck, ‘Strangelovian’ whack jobs,[1] all had motive—they despised the president. Marrs presents connective fact after connective fact, scenario after scenario, for each of the above entities. For example, I was particularly unaware of the connections going way back between the federal government and the Mob, notably the CIA and the Mob. Marrs provides a history of organized crime in America and how from one angle you can view the federal government as having been taken over by Mobsters in various degrees and from time to time. [Of course as libertarians we’re aware of the federal government as being nothing more nor less than a vast criminal enterprise. What Crossfire points out is that in many cases, the persons actually working the levers in the gubbmint are and have been connected to organized crime families going back to the Black Hand.]

Then what of the LBJ and Nixon connections? LBJ certainly hated the Kennedys and was one of the most craven, sleazy, and moneygrubbing political figures in history. A few indications of his connection to the plot:

  • Within 72 hours of Kennedy’s death, at Johnson’s order, the presidential limousine SX-100, which carried Kennedy through Dallas, was shipped to Detroit where the body was replaced and the interior completely refurbished. In any other case, this would have been destruction of evidence, since bullet marks on the windshield and blood traces could have provided essential clues to the number and direction of shots.
  • On November 20, 1963, Kennedy had approved an Accelerated Withdrawal Program, designed to end American military presence in Vietnam by the end of 1965. The withdrawal plan ended two days after Kennedy’s assassination when President Johnson signed National Security Action Memorandum (NSAM) No. 273 which cancelled the troop withdrawal. The NSAM also subtly changed the US objective in Vietnam from simply assisting the government of S. Vietnam to assisting them ‘to win’ vs. the Communists and to expand the war into North Vietnam.
  • One of Johnson’s actions that caused researchers of the assassination no end of problems was Executive Order #11652, which locked an immense amount of assassination evidence and documents in the National Archives away from the American public until the year 2039!

Interestingly—as Crossfire points out—later, LBJ expressed doubts about the ‘Lone Nut’ official story, and even voiced suspicion that the CIA had a hand in the assassination. All these later confidences were kept from the public, and Johnson on a couple of occasions tried to retract them.

So, the LBJ connection I had not fully grasped until now. But what about Nixon? The former vice-president—he was VP under Dwight Eisenhower 1952-1960—arrived in Dallas, Wednesday, November 20, to attend a board meeting of the Pepsi Cola Company, which was represented by Nixon’s New York law firm. He left Dallas on Friday morning, the day of the assassination, returning to New York on American Airlines Flight 82.[2] Nixon during his career had extensive affiliations with organized crime—Mickey Cohen, Meyer Lansky, Jimmy Hoffa, Carlos Marcello, and so on… even Dallas hood Jack Ruby (originally Rubinstein… who had worked for Nixon’s campaign committee). Lansky was one of the mobsters kicked out of Cuba via the Castro uprising. So Tricky Dick fits as a convenient enabler for the Mob/anti-Castro element of any would-be assassination project.

Fascinating stuff. You will learn a lot you never realized.

One special item that almost no one, even dedicated citizens and journalists in the conspiracy research community, brings to our attention is what JFK did to annoy the Western central/international banking cartel: he issued an executive order to begin to return the United States currency to lawful, Constitutional money:

Kennedy apparently reasoned that by returning to the Constitution, which states that only Congress shall coin and regulate money, the soaring national debt could be reduced by not paying interest to the bankers of the Federal Reserve System, who print paper money and loan it to the government at interest.

He moved in that area on June 4, 1963, by signing Executive Order 11,110 which called for the issuance of more than $4 billion (American) in US Notes through the United States Treasury rather than the traditional Federal Reserve System. That same day, Kennedy signed a bill changing the backing of one- and two-dollar bills from silver to gold, adding strength to the weakened US currency. — page 275

Mystery solved. Golden Rule: “He who has the gold makes the rules.” Today we continue to use Federal Reserve Notes and the deficit is unsustainable. Those whose nose Kennedy tweaked certainly had the motive—Kennedy’s blowing the whistle on their legal counterfeiting scheme—, the means—billions of dollars held by close-in corporate and finance gangsters, much of it dedicated to internal spookworks—, and opportunity—buying off corrupt, sleazy politicians, mobsters, and murderous whack jobs—to do in the president. Without the financial motive, the Kennedy assassination does not make (as much) sense. Watch this fab little recent-vintage video on fiat money; draw your own conclusions.

So much more, well-written. I’m sure Marrs’ recent, authoritative, New York Times best-selling, The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy, is worth checking out, too.

[1] Learn about the so-called Miami Prophet, Joseph A. Milteer, a wealthy right-wing extremist who led the National States Rights Party and was a high member of the Congress of Freedom and the White Citizen’s Council of Atlanta. Milteer predicted the Dallas assassination with great specificity to a police agency (Miami) via an informant; the FBI interviewed Milteer on 11/27/63 following the killing (11/22/1963) and passed its questioning to the Warren Commission; the Warren Commission does not mention Milteer in any of its 26 volumes. So a) how did Milteer know about the plot and b) why didn’t the Miami police agency pass along its credible evidence of a threat to Secret Service or up to the FBI hierarchy?

[2] Nixon dissembled about his whereabouts on 11/22/63, until a 1967 interview with Jules Witcover, when Nixon noted indirectly that he had left Dallas the morning of the assassination, a couple of hours before the shooting.

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