Donut Whole: Asset Preservation, Just in Case We Avoid WW3

My earlier Bitcoin hunch looking more rewarding than ever
by Brian R. Wright

First, we are by no means out of the woods with the New World Order-Slash-Luciferian lunatics running around building cadre for World War Three. My recent column on the subject suggests we now have basically two alternatives to preserve humankind in some semblance of a livable planet: 1) someone high on the inside simply refuses to go along with initiating the brandishment or launch of nuclear weapons and/or 2) benevolent OIBs (other intelligent beings) are in place to prevent nuclear exchange, as they have done on numerous occasions since advent of the Bomb for over 70 years… though on a smaller, individualized scale.

So let’s toss in all the Pollyannish galactic forces we need to see these major whack jobs of history—the Donald having been flipped via blackmail and his own moral flaws—stymied in their plans to destroy Planet Earth tomorrow if not sooner. IOW, cross your fingers and invoke the Great Pumpkin… in this short-term situation there’s not much that we can do, unless we have one of the insiders on speed dial and he is susceptible to your reasoning or perhaps blackmail to expose, say, his man-love for ESPN’s Chris Berman. But whatever you can do, as the Storm Clouds Gathering part of my column insists, now is definitely the time.

Then when a semblance of normalcy returns to society, we can proceed to make honest livings and secure our earnings with a less manipulable currency than the US dollar. That is the message I sent regarding Bitcoin to my entire email list and social networks, roughly a month and a half ago. And I reprint with current comments as follows:

Esteemed personal contact,

Bitcoin is in the news now as an asset preservationist tool against a hopelessly degenerating dollar. I sent this note to a close personal friend, even including my account picture screenshot that shows slightly more than 1 BtC and a handful of Ethereums (ETHs). But since this is a bcc message, I’m going to dispense with showing my account… but convey the rest of the message. [One Bitcoin this afternoon (3/15/17) was going for around $1200, ETH for ~$30.] [Today (5/2/17) one BTC is ~$1450… and the other digital currency Coinbase carries, the Ethereum (ETH), is approximately $80 (up from ~$15 at the end of February 2017]

I’m also linking to a document from Laissez Faire about BitCoin or block chain currencies. [Ethereum is probably the major secondary digital currency today.] It’s been really good for me, I’ve probably put in about $700 or $800 over the past year and a half, maybe… I remember starting to buy small amounts of BTC in 2014 when one BtC was around $300.

[What got me going was when I read that the theoretical maximum number of Bitcoins in the world, like ever, is going to be 26 million. Meaning, if Bitcoin takes off and becomes a substantial medium of exchange for a $multitrillion world economy, that he who holds one BtC will be pretty well off. (Divide, say, $26 trillion by 26 million BtC = 1 million $/Btc.) So I have my 1+ BtC, and I guess I’m recommending to everyone that, if at all possible, they buy at least 1… mainly as a store of value against a dollar that appears to be dying rapidly.]

Finally, here’s an important Tweet from Doug Casey–remember him, from Liberty Magazine et al, international man?–via Dollar Vigilante that advocates the Bitcoin relief buggy. The dollar may very soon be history I feel, and the government may be going to start going after gold and imposing other kinds of currency controls:

This is an important day, 3/15/2017, where the USG will undoubtedly raise its debt ceiling. I’m going to attach Pat Heller’s Liberty Coin Service newsletter [will reference the Weblink here instead], which deals very authoritatively with the problem of US mega debt and what it means for the legal tender simulacrum. I guess it boils down to this: what it looks like is fundamentally Bitcoin is a powerful solution and Hulk Hogan body slam to irrational monetary policy. While I agree there is some prospect that US economic policy will become more rational, I also believe in the concept of insurance.

So please, just take it for what it’s worth. Only as a friendly advisory, someone with minimal econ knowledge, of what I would do.

If rationality returns to some extent and Bitcoin loses value, then I really haven’t lost that much. It’s directly convertible to dollars high or low. Just saying it might be a good time to bone up on BtC then open an account. If you go with (which I understand does the most business) I do get a $10 stipend for each new account holder who buys or sells more than $100, and the new account holder also gets $10, so please tell them I sent you [Brian R. Wright].

[PS: Since 3/15/17, BTC has gone from $1257 to $1466 and ETH has gone from $33 to $78. At the very least I would entertain the notion of entering this market and reading up on it from people more knowledgeable than I am. The Dollar Vigilante and Liberty Coin Service mentioned above are reputable people you can trust to know what they’re talking about.]

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