Donut Whole: Asset Preservation, Just in Case We Avoid WW3

My earlier Bitcoin hunch looking more rewarding than ever
by Brian R. Wright

First, we are by no means out of the woods with the New World Order-Slash-Luciferian lunatics running around building cadre for World War Three. My recent column on the subject suggests we now have basically two alternatives to preserve humankind in some semblance of a livable planet: 1) someone high on the inside simply refuses to go along with initiating the brandishment or launch of nuclear weapons and/or 2) benevolent OIBs (other intelligent beings) are in place to prevent nuclear exchange, as they have done on numerous occasions since advent of the Bomb for over 70 years… though on a smaller, individualized scale.

So let’s toss in all the Pollyannish galactic forces we need to see these major whack jobs of history—the Donald having been flipped via blackmail and his own moral flaws—stymied in their plans to destroy Planet Earth tomorrow if not sooner. IOW, cross your fingers and invoke the Great Pumpkin… in this short-term situation there’s not much that we can do, unless we have one of the insiders on speed dial and he is susceptible to your reasoning or perhaps blackmail to expose, say, his man-love for ESPN’s Chris Berman. But whatever you can do, as the Storm Clouds Gathering part of my column insists, now is definitely the time.

Then when a semblance of normalcy returns to society, we can proceed to make honest livings and secure our earnings with a less manipulable currency than the US dollar. That is the message I sent regarding Bitcoin to my entire email list and social networks, roughly a month and a half ago. And I reprint with current comments as follows: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Organic Marketing, What Would Jesus Do?

New Picture (14)Approach your market as a gardener grows a plant

As it happens, I’ve been associated as editor and publisher, even author, with some astounding books of nonfiction that advance crucial ideas or simply tell inspiring stories. [You may go to my Free Man Publishing site for a listing of these books and authors.] As inherently interesting, professionally composed, well-written, and utilitarian as many of these authors’ works are, the sad reality is none has broached anything like a mass-market appeal, much less a mini-mass-market appeal (say, sales in the low thousands). Why? This column wrestles with imaginative spreading of creative seeds of thought that more than a few people will find likable to the point of buying. Continue reading