The Joy Spot

Catalyst of Global Spring that can yield the Deep Quiet right now
By Brian R. Wright

What follows is the introductory chapter of a 35-45 page booklet I’m writing called The Joy Spot. My bad, too, not to have wrapped up by now what is a very straightforward job. Especially when I consider how the world is going. The problem lies in my habit of (or addiction to) taking part in noble causes of a political nature; I write and I act for these rather than step up what I’m convinced of late is my true calling.

Fact is, adding my weight to this political project or that one, while necessary and just, does not solve the underlying problem… which is a spiritual one. My aim is that by having millions find and dwell in the Joy Spot the human Independents’ movement shall rise to detoxify us of all the old ways of dominance and submission, leading to enlightenment.


1: The ‘Move’

Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now, recounts that in the weeks after his intense cathartic ‘awakening’ experience, others would note the amazing tranquility and bliss he constantly radiated:

“They would come up to me and say, ‘I want what you have. Can you give it to me, or show me how to get it?’ And I would say, ‘You have it already. You just can’t feel it because your mind is making too much noise.’”

That observation led to Mr. Tolle’s successful struggle to become one of the most esteemed spiritual teachers of our time. And, hoping I can help (to dispel the noise), launches my journey of this book.

Joy, Ease, and Lightness (JEL)…

Who wants to feel these constantly? Almost everyone. Many seek inner peace in a world that seems to tumble daily into ever more chaos. Why don’t more of us take the time to seek and find this calm?

Dilemma of the Bicycle

A man runs frantically to avoid being devoured by a mythic beast. A bicycle would help him escape. But when he sees one on the roadside, he fears to take the time to mount it, feeling the monster will pounce.

The analogy to the modern Rat Race[1] is clear. People have no time. Certainly, they perceive they have none. In what’s left of the American WASP[2] middle-class mainstream, adult children of Baby Boomers work twice as hard to earn half as much.

They also have to deal with a constant feeling of panic. One mistake—piss off a boss, make a silly comment, miss a milestone—and you can become dust in the corporate wind. Out on your butt: no college for the kids, cancel the knee operation, and put your bailout accountant on speed dial.

Another American Dream re-ject-ed.

How do you JEL—find joy, ease, and lightness (climb on the bicycle)—when the bill collectors are a half step behind you or when the Rockos and Guidos of the political Mob are breathing down your neck?



Most of us, those of us right now reading this book, aren’t facing an imminent Bicycle Dilemma. We have the time to maybe kick the tires and determine whether to jump on the bike.

The aim of this booklet is to persuade people to take the time to understand and then practice a shortcut for quieting the mind—analogous to quickly, easily boarding a ‘bicycle’ freeing you from the Rat Race.

I call my shortcut the Spiritual ‘Magic Move.’[3]


One night I noticed my sleeping cat and was transported into her utter stillness. I stayed in this Deep Quiet for several minutes before going on to bed.

In the morning, I awoke completely refreshed—with a free flow of inner energy lasting the entire day. So I decided to try to reverse-engineer the process to come up with a simple technique that anyone can use to find this place, or ‘spot.’

The Spiritual Magic Move (the Move)

The Breathe-Watch-Be cultivation practice takes anywhere from 1-5 minutes in the midst of one’s day, 5-15 minutes before your night’s sleep or before rising for the day. [The following is the basic two-minute technique (MiniMove); simply increase or decrease the number of breath cycles to your desired time.]


… deeply into your diaphragm, taking five-second inhales and exhales, three times. Feel each breath filling your center, and your center of awareness, your ‘you,’ shifting into your body’s center at the same time. ~30 sec.

Start from full-centered awareness of your whole body, head thru extremities; direct ‘inner body’ to completely relax (one breath), repeat (one breath), then merge and relax inner body w/ centered ‘you’ (one breath). ~30 sec.


The For the next three breaths, let ‘Mind’ go where it will in a rapid sequence of ‘thoughts,’ discharge its nervous energy. Unlike normal narrative, do not let Mind dwell on any one thought more than an instant. ~30 sec.


Now let this whole ‘you’-centered inner body simply be, with each breath, at one with the core of the universe—the Deep Quiet or Infinite Eternal—for three full breaths. Reside there until you have to get going. ~30 sec.

That’s It!

Keep this page open, and just start practicing the Move. You will quiet the mind. Go ahead, right now. If you’re really busy, try the MicroMove version: 10 secs. per phase, or 30 sec. total:

  • Breathe phase: (breathe) in 5 secs., out 5 secs.
  • Watch phase: in 5 secs., out 5 secs.
  • Be phase: in 5 secs., out 5 secs.

How do you feel?

Yes! You’ve just touched the Joy Spot.

As we proceed I’ll go into some enhancements and other ideas to more deeply live in and from the ‘Spot’ constantly. For now simply know you’ve mounted the bike and put the beast out of catchup range. 🙂

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[1]  A phrase popularized in the 1950s.

[2]  White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

[3]  The term ‘Magic Move’ comes from golf. It is a simple motion sequence that famous teacher Harvey Penick proposed for recreational golfers to produce a successful full swing.

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