Guest Column: Swamp Things in Chantilly

Trump to send his CFR reps to the Bilderberg meeting
By Bob Livingston, Personal Liberty [Original column here]

President Donald Trump, his agenda and his recent chiding of Angela Merkel and NATO members are sure to be leading conversation topics at the annual Bilderberg meeting that kicks off tomorrow at Chantilly, Virginia.

The three-day summit of billionaires, politicos, royalty, media moguls and establishment/ globalist types convenes each year behind walls of security guards, bricks and specially-planted flora to discuss opening borders, printing money, starting wars and to set in motion world events for their benefit. And since Trump has – seemingly, at least – upset their apple cart, he’s sure to be topic No. 1.

But don’t worry. He sent along members of his team who will be right at home smoozing with the collectivist bigwigs; cabinet members incluiding Council on Foreign Relations members H.R. McMaster and Christopher Liddell. McMaster doubles as Trump’s National Security Advisor and Liddell as White House Director of Strategic Initiatives. These are just two of the swamp creatures Trump’s employed to “drain it.”

There are thoughts in some camps that McMaster and Lidell will be “encouraged” at the conference to “advise” Trump off his America-first agenda and that Trump can be taught a lesson in “how the world really works” in order to get him to capitulate so as to remain in office. That’s for those who think Trump is really in Washington to “drain the swamp.”

We don’t buy it, given Trump’s Goldman Sachs cabinet, GOP establishment underlings he hired, and his recent sit-down with Bilderberger-in-chief and war criminal Henry Kissinger. More likely, Trump is the Bilderberger’s controlled opposition, put in place to crash the system and deflect the blame onto his nationalist “conservative” policies. Our own Brandon Smith has described this scenario in recently articles like “The Trump collapse scapegoat narrative has now been launched” and “The real reasons why Trump has flipped on his campaign promises,” among others.

Never forget that the elites are long-range planners and they control both sides of all world conflicts in order to make events unfold for their benefit.

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