Brian’s Column: Meandering Contra Monsanto

Memorial Day Weekend 2014 was upon us. Hearing that a spirited group of people from all political persuasions would be marching in support of the “Agent Orange” Monsanto for its beneficence in altering the genetic composition of such crops formerly known as corn and soybeans, thus to create assorted health challenges for babies and others, I knew I had to check it out. [Darwin and reputable scientists have maintained that selection of the fittest keeps a species on its toes, assuring that only the strong survive. In other words, GMOs are good for you.] So I did. I pointed my vintage Mercury Villager, with the Ron Paul sticker on the front bumper and ‘Snowden-Manning 2016’ on the back, down the road to the environs of Wolverine City. Continue reading

Human Interest: Magic at the Michigan Theater

“People get ready there’s a train a’ comin’…”
Jeff Beck (et al) act brings the magic in Ann Arbor
by David Spencer

Jeff Beck et alA demure woman walks up in this 1950s Barbara Billingsly emerald green dress with her cute little pony tail hanging, in high heels and starts to beller out the old hit Poor Boy. OMG… do I love the dress, do I love the voice… is it because she is sooooooo sultry and soulful… yes, yes and yes!

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