Movie Review: Atlas Shrugged, Who is John Galt?

Near perfect rendition of the Ayn Rand iconosphere__9.5/10

GaltSure, I know what you’re thinking, I’m just like a sports’ homey praising his pedestrian quarterback for a performance that gets the job done, but lacks the glittering brilliance of the Hall of Fame QB of a bygone era. Exactly! Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, the movie’s final installment, subtitled ‘Who is John Galt?,’ is not truly a masterpiece, but it is as inspired and imaginative a treatment of the literary-philosophical giant Ayn Rand’s magnum opus as can likely be created under practical contemporary constraints of budget… or realistic access to a full spectrum of creative talent who can convincingly present the essence of what Rand stands for, on film. Continue reading

Movie Review: Atlas Shrugged the Movie: Part 1 (2011)

Perfect transition from book to screen __ 10/10
Review by Brian Wright
Atlas Shrugged

Dr. Potter (of the State Science Institute): Why do you want to struggle for years, squeezing out your gains in the form of pennies per ton, rather than accept a fortune—in immediate government money—for Rearden Metal (to keep it off the market)? Why?
Rearden: Because it’s mine. Do you understand the word? Continue reading