Guest Column: The Real State of the Union

“People’s Protection-Manual” on life support
by John Galt

Obama burns USCInstead of the traditional Republicon versus Demoliar debate which ensues for theatrics on cable news, I thought a more prudent analysis of the State of the Union after Obama’s first term is much more appropriate and realistic as to where our nation is going in the future.

Thus I present the following commentary on the State of the Union for the United States of America by analyzing our Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution and their status as of tonight.

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Movie Review: Atlas Shrugged the Movie: Part 1 (2011)

Perfect transition from book to screen __ 10/10
Review by Brian Wright
Atlas Shrugged

Dr. Potter (of the State Science Institute): Why do you want to struggle for years, squeezing out your gains in the form of pennies per ton, rather than accept a fortune—in immediate government money—for Rearden Metal (to keep it off the market)? Why?
Rearden: Because it’s mine. Do you understand the word? Continue reading