Book Review: A.D. After Disclosure (2012)

When the government finally reveals the truth about alien contact
by Richard M. Dolan and Bryce Zabel

Originally posted, May 2013.

A few years ago I had been made aware, from someone further ‘out on the edge’ of the truth movement, of something called the Disclosure Project and a gentleman named Dr. Steven Greer. I checked out the Project’s Website back when, and made a mental note to follow up in a few years. At first, it was a little too much for me—seeming to challenge on the one hand the law of conservation of energy (systems that produce more energy than they consume) and on the other the existence of intelligent beings besides humans. I went about my business, founded this Coffee Coaster Website, did some writing, and generally promoted the liberty and truth causes, leaving the whole realm of government secrecy about energy and about other beings to Greer and the Disclosure minions.

Until six months ago a 9/11 truther friend gave me a DVD of Richard Dolan’s presentation to an international conference in Amsterdam, which speculated on the existence of a secret space program along with a breakaway civilization. After that, let’s just say I was no longer sitting on the fence wrt other intelligent beings (OIBs)[1]. Dolan made three strong points: Continue reading