Brian’s Column: Interlode: The Turning of Analyst Smith

Evidence of the deep, transformational power of Independent Being
Public officials change sides…

Godwithin10This column is one of the several one-page ‘interlodes’ included in my novel, The Truman Prophecy, set to reach the Amazon bookstore—unless ‘banned’ by some executive there [for exposing criminal conspiracies of state (like the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook)]— on or about February 8th of this year. — bw


What she didn’t tell Mr. Sally was that she had reached a personal breaking point with this Homeland Security business. Ana had come on board in 2012 with a mixture of hero-worship and strange desire for the then-secretary of DHS, Janet Napolitano. They were close to the same age.

Ana identified with Nappy’s pluck, becoming attorney general (top state law enforcement henchperson) then governor (top state mob boss) of Arizona and inserting herself as she did, at the highest level, into the male-dominated world of America-(.AND. for chrissakes, Israel!)-Über-Alles state security. Lord knows the Divine Ms. N. didn’t get to the top of her profession of beating the peons into submission by sleeping her way there. Moreover, Ana deeply admired Janet for standing tall against those ugly rumors of same-sex orientation. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Visitor (2007)

Low-key, anti-Prison-Planet film will shake you

The VisitorProfessor Walter Vale: [Upon learning Tarek has been deported… from the facility in Queens]
: He is no longer with us.
Walter: Was he moved to another facility, to another state?
Guard: All I know.
Walter: Would you please find someone who does know?
Guard: Hold on.
Walter: Appreciate it. Thank you, thank you very much.
Guard: He’s been removed.
Walter: Removed to where?
Guard: Deported.
Walter: Deported when?
Guard: Deported this morning.
Walter: No, how can that be? Is there uh, um, any way that I can contact him?
Guard: I don’t think so.
Walter: You don’t think so. What kind of an answer is that?
Guard: I’m sorry, sir, that’s all the information I have. Now, please step away from the window. You can contact IC if you want to, number’s on the wall.  Now, step away from the window. Sir, for the last time, step away from the window.
Walter: [Walking away, then slowly coming back, tremor in his voice, tears of anger and pain in his eyes] You can’t just take people away like that, do you hear me? He was a good man. A good person. It’s not fair. We are not just helpless children. He had a life. Do you hear me? I mean, do you hear me? What’s the matter with you? Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Homeland Security Bulletin

Fantasy Football[1] terrorists captured in Michigan
by Brian Wright

Originally posted December 2010. Oddly enough, when the manure of blind nationalist faith hits the fan, the wildest imaginative fiction cannot touch the frightening strangeness of the truth. The following conversation could realistically happen in United States Bizarro World 2010 as we know it. Indeed, for all I know, it may have actually occurred! The idea came to me based on a charge of collusion made several years ago by a short-time member of my own fantasy football league (MPACT) in the Detroit, Michigan, area. [Note: collusion is a negligible occurrence in contests where the winner(s) make peanuts in prize money.] Continue reading

Guest Column: ‘Expose and Expunge’ Illegal Records on Citizens

Take action now to erase the DHS spy files
by Partnership for Civil Justice

Partnership Civil JusticeMost people are not aware that silently, but constantly, the government is now watching, recording your everyday travels and storing years of your activities in massive data warehouses that can be quickly “mined” to find out when and where you have been, whom you’ve visited, meetings you’ve attended, and activities you’ve taken part in…. This column comes from a mailing of Partnership for Civil Justice that fights the Grid, specifically the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its vast indiscriminate ‘spy files’ on American citizens. Continue reading