Brian’s Column: Form Grand Jury on the FBI Killing

We need an independent grand jury to investigate the FBI shooting of LaVoy Finicum… here’s how…

2d_revolutionAccording to several reputable media sources:

Mr. LaVoy Finicum (one of the individuals who occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge) was shot and killed illegally—he had surrendered and his hands were in the air—while being taken into custody by FBI agents on January 26, 2016. Several witnesses report that the FBI blockaded then ambushed the two vehicles, one vehicle in which Mr. Finicum was riding. The FBI fired “100 shots” at the vehicles. No shots were fired by any of the vehicle occupants.

What appear below are two letters that, if their recommendations are followed, I am convinced will bring a solution:

  1. Letter to Grand Jury Foreman of US District Court in Pendleton, Oregon
  2. Letter to my own Congressman in the 11th Congressional District, Michigan

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