Brian’s Column: Breaking the Spell

A free society first requires we “snap out of it”
by Brian Wright

Body SnatchersWatching the events surrounding Boston Massacre II on April 15 unfold and then the news and the news of those events, I’m struck once again by the patently absurd official story as the government and media keep the masses woefully entrained and infotained inside the Barrier Cloud du jour. The talking heads don’t even pretend to straighten out the facts or answer the obvious questions any (home-schooled) five-year-old would ask. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Invasion of the Mind Snatchers

Groking Kevin McCarthy in classic sci-fi horror flick
by Brian Wright

Truth is sometimes so like fiction to be equally scary. Watching the recent MOPS[1] mind-control exercises—in which Obamasan foists on the mainstream minions a) an astoundingly sophomoric birth-certificate forgery and b) an incredibly bizarre operation that supposedly kills a known-to-be-long-dead Osama bin Laden—then seeing that an astounding number of my otherwise intelligent, critically thinking friends and acquaintances actually believing the official stories [DESPITE THE PATENTLY OBVIOUS EVIDENCE OF THEIR FALSEHOOD] sets my mind a reelin’. Continue reading