Book Review: The Terror Conspiracy (2006)

Deception, 9/11, and the loss of liberty… by Jim Marrs
Review by Brian Wright

terror_conspiracyA highly informative book but as with all such exposés, you need to be prepared for your ‘Tory’ friends to pooh pooh the central argument and the mountainous evidence adduced for it. [Which to those of us in the Truth and Freedom Movement is grist to the mill of our demonstration of mind control by those in power.] What distinguishes The Terror Conspiracy from other tracts concerned about 9/11 and the crimes of the Ownership Class is the more general theme that 9/11 was a key part of a broader conspiracy of false-flag terror designed to put the world, and Americans, in particular, under the heel of that would-be tyrannical global financial oligarchy.

Jim Marrs is the author of Crossfire, reviewed in the Coffee Coaster a few weeks ago. That book shows that JFK was certainly not murdered by a lone assassin, based on evidence found and evidence destroyed or corrupted. Rather by a conspiracy of some number of men and agencies who had reason to kill the president. These men/agencies sat at the peak of the military/intelligence power apparatus… and still do.

Crossfire and The Terror Conspiracy (TTC)—my edition was the first (2006), so readers should definitely upgrade to the more recent edition (2011)—are vital links in the knowledge chain that will one day bring down the insidious ‘Unspeakable’ written about so cleanly by James Douglass, also in connection with the JFK assassination. TTC does focus on the Big Mama of crimes against humanity, 9/11, and lays out what has come to be the elemental consensus in the Truth community about the problems with the official conspiracy theory:[1] Continue reading

Guest Column: Another Fake Bin Laden Story

Another Fake Bin Laden Story

Full column here by Paul Craig Roberts

RobertsRT, one of my favorite news sources, has fallen for a fake story put out by the Pentagon to support the fantasy story that a SEAL team killed Osama bin Laden, who died a second time in Abbottabad, Pakistan, a decade after his first death from illness and disease.

This fake story together with the fake movie and the fake book by an alleged SEAL team member is the way the fake story of bin Laden’s murder is perpetrated. Bin Laden’s alleged demise at the hands of a SEAL team was a propaganda orchestration, the purpose of which was to give Obama a hero’s laurels and deep six Democratic talk of challenging his nomination for a second term. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Invasion of the Mind Snatchers

Groking Kevin McCarthy in classic sci-fi horror flick
by Brian Wright

Truth is sometimes so like fiction to be equally scary. Watching the recent MOPS[1] mind-control exercises—in which Obamasan foists on the mainstream minions a) an astoundingly sophomoric birth-certificate forgery and b) an incredibly bizarre operation that supposedly kills a known-to-be-long-dead Osama bin Laden—then seeing that an astounding number of my otherwise intelligent, critically thinking friends and acquaintances actually believing the official stories [DESPITE THE PATENTLY OBVIOUS EVIDENCE OF THEIR FALSEHOOD] sets my mind a reelin’. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Osama Death-Hoax Anniversary

On the first anniversary here’s the inside skinny on bin Laden
by Brian Wright

Yes, commemorating the Osama bin Laden event is cause for celebration… for our imminent deliverance from the mind-control media and starting to take major steps down the path of independent mind.  I’ve been thinking about a heartfelt inquiry from someone dear to me. It inspired me to put together a guest column, then the following response, which I sent to all my Coffee Coaster subscribers one year ago: Continue reading