Guest Column: Prop 1 as an Insult to Intelligence

Be nice to your grandmother by raising her taxes
by John Worster

Granny_LetterHey Brian. Sorry I have been off the grid lately. Survival has been tough recently and I have found the depression of both jobs keeping me in a catatonic recluse state. However,I had to open the curtains to share this with you. Continue reading

Guest Column: Motor City Rambles

Dunkin’ Donuts, Shots, Old Drivers, Christian Dating
by John Worster

Picking up where we’ve left off with my good friend John Worster, former mixologist and Detroit-area working man, entrepreneur, and, lately, social critic. I always look forward to JW’s rapid-fire take on things absurd or out of sorts in our neck of the universe. The acronym ROFLMAO had to originate in his imagination. I hope one day he will write a book, because it will be therapeutic to be its editor. In this column John responds to my own bit of daily-grind observations about the famous Dunkin’ Donuts enterprise and its foibles. Continue reading