Guest Column: Prop 1 as an Insult to Intelligence

Be nice to your grandmother by raising her taxes
by John Worster

Granny_LetterHey Brian. Sorry I have been off the grid lately. Survival has been tough recently and I have found the depression of both jobs keeping me in a catatonic recluse state. However,I had to open the curtains to share this with you.

I am not as skilled as you on the knowledge of proposal one but here is what I do know. First,when I read an article it says they even admit it is a flawed plan but they have no backup and the roads will never be fixed if we don’t acquiesce to their plan.

I really don’t respond well to threats,especially ignorant ones but in layman’s terms I think they are saying we all have to eat gruel made of liver because they have no way of going back and making macaroni and cheese. Pure nonsense. So I can do a piss pore job of putting up racking during construction using all the wrong measurements and then tell the client I have no way to fix it? I will now only be working two hours a day and charge full price with this new formula!!!!!

I guess there is a bright side. I am rambling as usual but here is the real reason I am e-mailing. I have enclosed a picture of a letter I received in the mail. I hope you are able to read it. I took it with my phone but hope you can enlarge it. It is a letter from allegedly an 81 year old woman using scare tactics to try to get me to vote yes.

The fact the envelope was addressed to John or current resident gave me the heads up it might be fake. Who would fall for such senseless drivel. Even if it was a good plan I might vote no due to the insult on my intelligence. I wondered if you had received the same nonsense. Just thought it was funny and had to share. Since I have the morning off I have returned from the gym and now go back to hiding under the covers in my room. Hope all is well.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.

[reference to the principal character in the teen classic The Outsiders (1983)]

PS: Good to hear from you. Be sure to add that people who fall for the scare tactic are also the ones still mailing chain letters and actually think their AT&T U-verse television will actually stay at 29.99 a month forever. I wish i could cash in on this naivete… a fool and his money…

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