Guest Column: What Would the CDC Whistleblower Say Under Oath?

Real reason for the Ebola ‘phenom’: distract our attention from a medical atrocity?
Excerpted from Jon Rappoport’s October 27, 2014, column

DissolvingEditor’s Note: More Rappoport on the high crime that seems to have been totally blanked out by the mainstream media… which makes sense. Because the media who have been covering up the crime and those who committed the crime have a lot at stake. Mercury-laden vaccines cause autism and brain damage, especially in children. It’s a clinical fact. A fact for which indisputable evidence exists that insiders of the CDC (Center for Disease Creation) intentionally have attempted to conceal from the American public. Those responsible for this conspiracy—of knowingly causing great bodily harm–and its coverup are going to go to jail for a very long time. As they should.

Everything I’m reading and viewing demonstrates clearly that vaccines in general are (and have always been) a massive fraud perpetrated on a gullible, unsuspecting public–causing immeasurable harm, especially to the young–for the obscene profits and perpetuation of the medical cartel. Ref. Suzanne Humphries, Dissolving Illusions. I don’t believe I’m overstating the case. Please do your own research.

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