Brian’s Column: Leaving Fat City

Leaving Fat City
Maybe Oprah shows us the way out

This is an early column of mine (December 2006) that seems fitting to recycle at this time of year…

Everybody_ReadsIn some of my writings, and in my conversation, I’ve been insensitive and negative toward people who have a glaring weight problem.  Recently, when I came to realize one of my friends is truly suffering from the problem, I felt the need to make amends.

Jack (not his real name) has gotten noticeably larger, too.  He’s a great guy, and I care about him, about his health and longevity.  All he seems to get from his friends, including me, is laughter or offhand comments about fatsos.  My column today is partly an attempt to redeem myself. Continue reading

Book Review: New Pilgrim Chronicles

Twelve steps toward liberation via the Free State
by Brian Wright

2008, Lulu, 138 pages
Reviewed by Logan Brandt

The idea for writing New Pilgrim Chronicles (NPC) stemmed from the author’s commitment as an “Early Mover” to New Hampshire under auspices of theNew Pilgrim Chronicles Free State Project.  He pledged to the Project in June 2004 during the Libertarian Party National Convention in Atlanta, then moved to southern New Hampshire following the Free State Porcupine Festival in summer of 2005.  Brian, a freelance writer and self-described Gonzo journalist[1], has regularly documented modern libertarian events as a participant.  He feels the Free State Project— which encourages migration of an active-resident freedom community to a liberty-friendly state—represents the best hope for achieving freedom in our time… through an ingenious, vital process of popular leverage. Continue reading