Book Review: Nonaggression Faith: SNaP Module #7

Turning the SNaP into a winning spiritual practice
by Brian Wright

Nonaggression FaithThis review represents the final module in my so-called Liberation Technology User’s Guide series (of seven): Nonaggression Faith. In this short book I lay down the foundations in creed, doctrine, and general requirements for a ‘religion’ and ‘church.’ Note the quotation marks around the two terms, necessitated by so many negative reactions to the unbracketed words. By religion I mean:

… an integrated system of belief in, reverence for, and practice of a supreme universal principle or idea, intended to bring spiritual fulfillment. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: FLOW

Fellowship for the Liberation of our World
by Brian Wright

Taking this opportunity to plug my new ‘religion’ and ‘church.’ It’s all in a special three-fold brochure entitled FLOW, which can be accessed as a PDF file at this location. I’m presenting at the 2011 Free State Project Porcfest in Lancaster, New Hampshire, on June 24. The title of my presentation there is Liberty as a Spiritual Practice: Practical Lessons and Urgent Opportunities of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP). I’m taking this opportunity to make it my June 20 column, then I’ll probably be taking a Coffee Coaster vacation until after the festival. Continue reading