Brian’s Column: Liberty Dollar Original

Federales fear Honest Money
First Published December 01, 2006

Liberty_dollarLive free and flourish!

Part of the noble equation of liberty is honest money.  Fortunately the National Organization to Repeal the Federal Reserve Act (NORFED) has given us the Liberty Dollar system to help us achieve just that.

Created by former Hawaiian Mintmaster Bernard von NotHaus, the Liberty Dollar is one ounce of silver embodied in one of the most beautiful pieces you’ll ever see.  It has a face value of $20, with other denominations available—i.e. you also have pieces and scrip of $10 and $5, which are 1/2 oz and 1/4 oz respectively. Continue reading

Guest Column: Sip Java, Write Judge

Take a Folger’s Moment to help free Bernie-von
by Perry Willis

Free BernieBernard von NotHaus (68) faces many years in prison. What was his crime? Von NotHaus dared to compete with the Federal Reserve monopoly to provide people with an alternative form of money based on gold and silver. His customers were happy with his service.

But the federal gangsters were not happy. (If you think I’m wrong to call them gangsters please see my counter-argument below). The feds hate it when their legalized counterfeiting has to compete with money having real value. So… Continue reading