Guest Column: Are You Libertarian Enough?

Time to man up for the Freedom Philosophy
Anthony Gregory

So-called political compromise is upheld as a high virtue. To be an ideologue is a great vice. The old mantra that the problem in American politics is everyone is an extremist and no one is willing to meet halfway persists, despite its transparent inapplicability in the real world. The distance between the two political parties is small enough to smother a gnat.

For many libertarians there is no worse a sin than to stick stubbornly to purity of principle, to make the perfect the enemy of the good. We never get anywhere because we refuse to budge. We want the whole loaf. This is an old theme. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Insufferable Acts

Vote, educate, nullify, boycott, or sever?
by Brian Wright

NullificationNote I did not include ‘flee’ or ‘submit,’ as reasonable options. In either case, whether you leave the country—not really an alternative for most of us—or crouch down to lick the hand that feeds you, the Insufferable Acts[1] do not go away. The question is truly what is the best strategy/tactic for eliminating these violations of human liberty? Okay, enough suspense. My choice, as of this five minutes, of the best single tactic is ‘nullify,’ and I shall tell you why in a moment. Having spilt the beans, let me state, as well, that all of the responses listed are vital implements in the liberty toolbox, and each individual must decide which is the best and most effective for his/her own situation. My personal order of preference now: Continue reading