Book Review: Nullification (2010)

How to resist federal tyranny in the 21st century
by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

WoodsOne of the main points of view from my dear ol’ mom, before she left us, was: “We need to take power out of the hands of the federal government and put it back to the states and the people.” A lifelong teacher—and sadly a holdout for government action to provide basic education—she nonetheless saw the transfer of wealth and control of the system to the Leviathan of the federal government as the source of all its main problems. So, too, with virtually every public issue: crime, civil liberties, war, economics, urban deterioration, the whole enchilada.

Further, she was talking like this probably a decade before the modern Nullification movement came into prevalence. Mainly via the Tenth Amendment Center, and scholars such as Tom Woods. Woods, a fellow with the Ludwig von Mises Institute, has a number of books to his credit, including a treatise on how the Catholic Church built Western civilization (! sic). But I remember his incisive point and counterpoint in favor of Dr. Ron Paul during the 2012 presidential bid. Good stuff for sure. And I’m glad he’s on our side in this stellar movement to tell the federal government where it can stick its unconstitutional edicts. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Firewalling Tyranny the American Way

Interlode in The Truman Prophecy on Nullification

NullificationNullification: The Rightful Remedy

Sean was beginning to appreciate the Big Picture, Hiram Chance style. At the same time, he had already become one of Michigan’s leading young liberty activists—nom de guerre Shane Trejo—by focusing his energy on projects that produced nearer-term tangible successes. This was nowhere more true than in the nationwide effort to uphold the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights via an individual-state legislative process called Nullification.

Interestingly, again as if destiny were taking a hand, Chance’s mother had passed along to Chance her uncanny political wisdom that federal tyranny—the publicized and rampant domestic evils, anyway—prudently were stopped by the states just saying “we’re not doin’ it.”

The 10th plank in the Bill of Rights is exceptionally clear: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: A New Strategy for Libertarians?

The first Michigan Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) convention

RLC_MICommerce Township, December 5, 2015. Roughly 50 members of the recently rejuvenated Michigan RLC met at its first convention today to elect a board of pro liberty directors and pass key resolutions. The stated mission of the organization: “to further the principles of limited government, individual liberty, and free markets within the Republican Party and throughout America.”

The following two resolutions also passed unanimously:

Resolution: Defending the 4th Amendment and Privacy Rights

Whereas: Our privacy rights should never under any circumstances be violated by the NSA or any other rogue spying agency operating lawlessly in Washington D.C., and it is unacceptable that Big Brother Republicans are shamefully complicit with these violations of our freedom.

Whereas: The state of Michigan must disavow any partnership or association with the NSA or any other federal agency working to facilitate the destruction of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution and the development of Big Brother and the national police state. Continue reading

Guest Column: Michigan Legislature’s Latest Attack

Lansing’s War on the Constitution Intensifies
By Shane Trejo


We are under attack. We are at war, and it is hard to keep up with the many ways that the vipers in Lansing are screwing us. It’s coming from every angle.

SB306 is one of the latest cons that they are trying to pull on us. This legislation creates a non- governmental lobbying organization to lobby for an Article V Convention, paid for by Michigan tax dollars.

To make matters worse, SB306 would ensure that all of your tax dollars will go to lobbyists in other states. Michigan has already passed the call to convention, meaning there is no need to lobby in our state. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Shakabuku 9-1-1

Shakabuku 9-1-1
A Truth Paradigm… “if you can keep it”
by Brian Wright

FlowThis is a complementary column to my piece roughly a month ago about how we can leverage the recent imminence of nuclear holocaust [following the White House proposed attack on Syria for—of all black kettle things—war crimes. :) ] That previous column was entitled, “New Paradigm Rising… over the 900# gorilla,” and it was a good one. Nineteen Likes grace its Facebook icon. But far too analytical and long for the average Internet user to take time for. Consequently, I decided to create a new form of column or article: I call it a syllograph. Continue reading

Guest Column: Constitution Day

Celebrate by enforcing via Nullification
by Michael Boldin

Constitution DayWhen I think of a “Constitution Day” speech, three things pop into my head.

First, I expect to hear a speech about the greatness of the Constitution and the wisdom of the Founding Fathers.

Second, that speech will likely cover the many ways that today’s Federal government is nothing close to the Founders’ constitutional vision.  I’d hear about some of the ways the supreme court has flipped the constitution on its head, and how politicians from both major political parties only care about the constitution when it fits their political goals.  They ignore or violate it with impunity when it doesn’t. Continue reading

Guest Column: The Feds vs. the Fourth

Future of Freedom perspective
by Jacob Hornburger

Bill of Rights RedactedThe right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. Continue reading