Guest Column: Reminiscence: Dale Haviland (1929-2015) VIP, RIP

Early leader in the founding of the modern liberty movement dies
“… a light along the path toward a better way.”
Kay Augustin, et al

[Dale’s liberty archives presented to the Bentley Historical Library, Ann Arbor, MI]

HAV_Toned1greyHAVILAND, DALE ARMOND, age 86, passed away on Saturday, December 19, 2015 at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ypsilanti. Born on September 11, 1929 in Pontiac to D.A. and Jessie (Prosser) Haviland. Dale was the youngest of 3 brothers (Harold and Gerald). He graduated valedictorian from Hartland High School in 1947 and later received a B.A. degree from Michigan State University.

Dale served in the United States Army during the Korean War. In 1957 he married his beloved wife of 57 years Nancy (Newberry) Haviland who passed away in January of 2013. In his early years he worked for General Motors and Bendix Corporations, but is best known as the owner/operator of Haviland Printing and Graphics, which he founded in 1973 and retired from in 2013. Continue reading

Guest Column: Economy, Key Issues

An incisive look from two experienced analysts
Initiated by Kay Augustin with followup by Pat Heller of Liberty Coin Service

Kay Augustin

RefugeeLast October I was in Hungary walking the beautiful rolling hills and roaming their centuries old town squares. The people were very friendly and everything pristine. They endured  invasions by the Turks for centuries. I wince at the images of the refugees marching past their peaceful farms and homes. The answer in my mind [to the problem of mass movements of people] is to stop ravaging countries. Most true refugees do not wish to leave their homelands. No winners except for countries wishing destabilization.

… initial thoughts:

Our US elections are ignoring a major fact–Immigration is a World Wide Problem fueled by US military action to wipe out Shiite and other heretical Muslim sects for the Saudis. For now, Israel is siding with the Saudis. Legalizing Marijuana will lessen violence in Mexico and people fleeing to relative safety. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Robert Ettinger Takes a Nap

Cryonics founder begins his cold deep nap
by Brian Wright, w/comments by Pat Heller

Robert EttingerThough we are not precisely contemporaries, Robert Ettinger—author of The Prospect of Immortality and Man into Superman, founder of the cryonics movement and the Cryonics Institute (CI)—and I inhabited the same milieu of SE Michigan in the days when liberty and life extension became primetime, iconic ideas in society (roughly the late 1960s and into the early 1980s).[1] Mr. Ettinger ‘deanimated’ a week ago at his home in Clinton Township, Michigan, where he was perfused and ‘frozen'[2] in a chamber of liquid nitrogen at the CI facility, also in Clinton Township. The Washington Post, and several other periodicals, mostly respectful, carried the story of his passing… passing from a state with heartbeat and respiration into essential biostasis.

So the leader of a great techno-philosophical movement takes his hoped-for temporary leave by practicing what he preaches: taking a prepared respite from life, until the time medical knowledge catches up to reanimate and rejuvenate him. That is the plan. The Wikipedia article on Robert Ettinger is accurate and, again, respectful, no doubt written by those with a personal knowledge of the man and the vastness of the ‘idea-prise’ he created.[3] Here are some comments from Pat Heller, one of the early adopters of cryonics, and a perennial officer of CI: Continue reading