Guest Column: Economy, Key Issues

An incisive look from two experienced analysts
Initiated by Kay Augustin with followup by Pat Heller of Liberty Coin Service

Kay Augustin

RefugeeLast October I was in Hungary walking the beautiful rolling hills and roaming their centuries old town squares. The people were very friendly and everything pristine. They endured  invasions by the Turks for centuries. I wince at the images of the refugees marching past their peaceful farms and homes. The answer in my mind [to the problem of mass movements of people] is to stop ravaging countries. Most true refugees do not wish to leave their homelands. No winners except for countries wishing destabilization.

… initial thoughts:

Our US elections are ignoring a major fact–Immigration is a World Wide Problem fueled by US military action to wipe out Shiite and other heretical Muslim sects for the Saudis. For now, Israel is siding with the Saudis. Legalizing Marijuana will lessen violence in Mexico and people fleeing to relative safety.

China is pushing for inclusion of its currency in SDR’s.  That would be a major step toward dethroning the US$.  This would make higher interest rates in the US necessary to stem the outflow of $ because of its relatively low return.

Inevitable major economic shifts always take longer than anticipated but when the force is there, things plummet rapidly. Surprise allows insiders to profit.

The US is reinventing Russia as the enemy. Low oil and gas prices depress their income and influence over Europe.  The US was maneuvering to establish a Navy base in Crimea but was outsmarted by Putin. (A map says who has the most natural interest). Russia helps control the Right Wing nonthinkers and the continued buildup of wasteful military spending.

Prestigious monetary groups advocate the seizing of resident bank accounts above xxxx amount as was done in Cyprus to reduce government funding problems. Anti terrorist laws put the burden of proof on citizens to “justify” bank transactions or lose their money.

The US has declared war on its citizens except for the most compliant:

  • Tea party supporters are terrorists.
  • Anti vaccinators are spreading deadly diseases.
  • College kids need to be on prescribed drugs to reduce stress.
  • The government has the duty to redistribute money as they see fit.
  • School systems must use federal tax books, tests and standards.

Companies earning government contracts are thriving and their shares soaring.

Kay_TextboxThe rest of the world’s large cities are lined with luxury retail stores and their middle class homes put ours to shame. The US has lost its WWII devastation advantage. American exceptionalism was easier to sell when other countries were bombed out. Bretton Woods (US$ reserve status) is outmoded. Class mobility in other countries exceeds our own.

Revolutions happen when classes other than the very rich start to achieve wealth. Aspiration, not destitution, leads to riots. I don’t remember so much turmoil since the 1960’s and only some movements were successful.

Your thoughts?

Editor’s Note: Jon Rappoport has posted an illuminating column on the important subject of ‘why immigration?’ here.

Pat Heller

AlongsideKay thinks a lot along the same lines as I do.  I have some other things that I can add, but I don’t disagree with anything she lists.  The one thing I have not studied enough to agree or disagree has to do with vaccinations. [Interesting new column has weighed in from Thrive.]

The US will fail from within, though external pressures will hasten that day and deepen the result.  The student loans and auto loans categories have a lot more debt on default than is prudent financial practice.

Most people don’t realize it but the governments of Argentina, Hungary, Poland, Spain, and Ireland have all seized some or all assets from private retirement accounts.  That establishes a practice that the US government could easily follow by simply saying that others have already done it.  In Poland’s situation, the balances seized were then considered to be obligations of the government, so people could believe that they didn’t really “lose” their retirement.

I have to think that the US military took into account that the Russian Navy’s Mediterranean fleet has their headquarters base in Syria. That is a major reason why it was and is so difficult to oust that country’s leader.

The US domination of the IMF led it to turn down the Chinese yuan from being added to the Special Drawing Rights this year.  Supposedly the promise is to add it in the fall of 2016.  This may have infuriated the Chinese enough that they were more willing to upset world financial markets over the past couple of weeks than they otherwise would have.

I am really concerned that the developing episodes of killing police officers could blossom into widespread civil unrest. Civil unrest is not necessarily a bad thing, but what I see is an attitude of destruction and killing for no reason other than to do just that with no rational reasons to support such behavior. This will lead to further destruction of civilized behavior.

The supplies of physical gold and silver are falling so quickly that there is a real possibility that jewelry manufacturers will not be able to acquire sufficient raw materials to fabricate sufficient product to fill retailers orders. When the general public has it rubbed in their face that a physical supply shortage exists, all the games played with the paper markets will be become much less influential.

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