Book Review: Classified Woman (2012)

The Sibel Edmonds Story—a memoir
by Sibel Edmonds
Review by Brian Wright

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds. — Samuel Adams

classified_womanMy admiration and respect for the author—for the battles she’s chosen, the pain she’s endured, and her raw determination to never give up in the pursuit of ‘truth, justice, and the American Way’—is practically boundless. I first heard of Sibel Edmonds sometime in 2005 when I became a 9/11 Official Story skeptic. In these early days of the 9/11 Truth Movement—some people were on to the Official Story scam immediately, but it’s my sense that the truth movement in the US took off in 2004 with the publication of Dr. David Ray Griffin’s 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions and The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11—I would read regularly about an FBI woman, Sibel Edmonds, who had inside information that the government was trying to suppress. Continue reading

Guest Column: I Miss America

From the February 16, 2015, post of Mike Adams of Natural News

ThriveThis just expresses with common sense eloquence how real Americans feel and function… and what they wish for: Yet, I’m not so wistful about it. I believe we’re on the threshold of ‘authentic swing’ consciousness world wide and the best of America will be restored thereby. Will excerpt most of it, but you should go to the original for the full whammy:

  • I miss the America where surveillance efforts were focused on foreign enemies rather than domestic citizens.
  • I miss the America where children weren’t routinely kidnapped by hospitals and CPS officials because their parents wanted a second medical opinion or refused to poison their children with chemotherapy.
  • I miss the America where citizens respected local cops as “peace officers” and local cops existed to “protect and serve.”
  • I miss the America where veterans were honored and celebrated rather than condemned and medically neglected.
  • I miss the America where openly pledging your allegiance to the United States Constitution did not result in your name being added to the FBI watch list.
  • I miss the America that won World War II and beat back a tyrannical fascist government in the name of freedom and democracy. Today, the occupied American government has become the very same tyrannical fascist bully it once sought to defeat.
  • I miss the America where doctors actually tried to help people prevent disease rather than taking kickbacks from drug companies to put more patients on more medications.
  • I miss the America where health insurance was affordable… and voluntary.
  • I miss the America where brain-damaged vaccine fanatics weren’t dominating the news, calling for the arrest and imprisonment of informed parents who wisely choose to avoid injecting their children with vaccine poisons such as mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde.
  • I miss the America where television news actually resembled the truth and wasn’t just a White House propaganda racket disguised as news.

Continue reading

Guest Column: We Are Not Your Enemy

An Open Letter to the World from an American
by Chuck Smith

Chuck_SmithThis video and manifesto by a Texan named Chuck Smith—whom I had never heard of until two days ago—can save the world if it breaks thru to millions of people. It’s the most succinct, precise, and heartfelt illumination of the enormous central problem Americans and humanity face today. Continue reading

Guest Column: Free Don Siegelman… Still

Mr. Obama: Please restore justice, pardon my dad!
by Dana Siegelman

Free DonThis column is a direct copy of Dana’s heartfelt appeal for her father—former governor of Alabama Don Siegelman—who is doing hard time for a (non) ‘crime’ that was maliciously and wrongfully prosecuted basically by evil ‘friends of Karl Rove.’ [One of the tragic ironies of our demented era that the vicious little mass-murdering turd blossom Rove remains at large, while a good man languishes behind bars.] Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Panarchy Papers, Pt. 3

First cut on a modern declaration of independence
by Brian Wright

Link to Panarchy Papers, Pt. 2

So what’s this all about? First, I have come upon the concept of panarchy[1], thanks to this Website I visited a few weeks ago. The fundamental idea of panarchy is free choice of government. The government we Americans have come to know and loathe was set up by the founding fathers based on “implied” consent, and as Lysander Spooner questioned in No Treason, why should a man be bound to a contract he never signed? Panarchy resolves that question: a man should not be bound to any contract except those he explicitly makes. This is the advance we have been looking for: government by full consent, government by contract. Such a full-agreement form of government may not have been possible in the late 1700s (when the Divine Right of Kings had only just been challenged). But it makes sense now. Continue reading

Guest Column: GOTUS Declares War on Americans

U.S. citizens now primary target of war on terror
Paul Joseph Watson, Friday, February 10, 2012

Drones AttackEditor’s Note: This column of Mr. Watson’s, due to its urgency, I am taking the liberty of posting in its entirety as a guest column through the Coffee Coaster. Please visit the infowars site and make it a favorite: it is the best source of useful news about the ‘Controllers’ that afflict humankind at this juncture of history. Knowing the truth about this deep social malignancy is the first step in freeing our minds and establishing a New Paradigm of peace and liberty worldwide. Continue reading